Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where have I been?

Hello little blog.

I haven't even tried to blog since Tom got back into town.
What can I say, we've been busy doing nothing and it's been so amazing!!

I'm still a part time nanny so when I'm at work
Tom is at home hanging out with Winston.

They go for walks and watch netflix
and basically live the dreeaam ;)

Also...look at Winsty!! Ha!

When I'm off work Tom and I try to go out and do
some cheap/free stuff to keep us busy.

We play a lot of tennis, we're getting pretty good too.

We have also started running, not for fun but you know, for hot bods.
If we want to pay to have fun we like to go bowling.
Our bowling alley has a special on where you can bowl
for 2 hours for $8.95 per person.
It's a steal and it's so much fun!

We are trying our best to save money
so most of our dinners are at home.

We go out once or twice a week max.

It's nice though because we get the chance to
do some cooking at home which is always nice.

I love learning new recipes and it's fun
cooking with Tom because he likes to be right
in there with me so it's something we can do together.

After dinner we usually head upstairs
for our nightly netflix party featuring
Parks and Recreation.

We started watching it the second day Tom was here
and we're now on season 5. Ha!
It's so hilarious, Ron and April are my faves!!

It's then around 10:30 that I start
falling asleep on the couch because i'm
such a lame-oh-lady.

So that's basically what's been happening here lately.

It's been nice to take a little blog break,
I've even been slacking over on instagram which
has been equally as nice.

We are seriously enjoying this downtime right now
but there will be more exciting things to come in the near future
like a spring break trip around Texas!! ;)

OH and I've got three sales on coming up
over the next three weeks!!!

These pencils will be on Jane at the end of this month.

I hope you're all having a great February.
I say that in case I'm MIA for the next too weeks ;)

Yay for lovin the peoples you love 365 days a year ;)