Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yosemite and Tomily

You know that guy Tom that i've been talking about for the past 8 months...
well...he's amazing, like AMAZING.

He's sweet
and he's everything i have ever wanted!!!

We've been on this trip for 5 days,
i think it's safe to say if you can travel together and
still like each other by the end...then you're a pretty good pair.
So far so good, we're still having a blast together and i don't think that's going to change.

Yesterday we went to Yosemite National park and it was so amazing.
It's such different scenery than we've had the past 4 days.

Driving through mountains and seeing all of Gods beauty 
around us is simply inspiring.

Hope you're all having a fabulous saturday.
We're headed to San Francisco and i'm so pumped!!!

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Catch y'all later

Friday, June 28, 2013

Past Two Days

I've never had a real beach day.
I've never soaked in that sun the way we did on wednesday.
I've never really gone into the ocean and enjoyed it like i did wednesday.
I've never played fun beach games, or strolled along the boardwalk at sunset.
Well I can say i've done that now.

Tom showed me a true blue beach day and it was amazing!! 
We got breakfast and headed up the street to Santa Monica Beach for a relaxing day.
We have been on the hunt for a soccer ball since we got here,
we finally found one after walking down to Venice Beach.

So we had beach towels, sunscreen, soccer ball and bat and ball.
bat a ball is like ping pong with no table ;)

We had such an amazing day just lazing on the beach.
We're both a bit tan/burned but it feels good.

Yesterday we left Santa Monica which was a little bitter sweet.
We've become comfortable in this little beach town,
we have our favorite restaurants and we know where to shop.
So when we realized it was time to go it was a little sad.
BUT there were more adventures ahead, like YOSEMITE.

We headed back to the airport to RENT A CAR!!!
When did i get old enough to rent a car???
This is cray!!

But we did it and here's our little spicy nugget.
His name is Carlos and we love him!!

The drive towards Yosemite was GORGEOUS as you can see :)
But it was also HOT.

It was a bit shocking to go from low 70's to 108.
Tom was happy though...he loves that heat.
I was a little whiny ;)

We made it to where we are staying for the night and it's such a beautiful community. 
It's like a little ski resort and it's so nice!! :)

Well we're off, a day at Yosemite awaits us.
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!! :)


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lost in the Hollywood Hills

Yesterday was a LONG DAY.
Long in the best way....but still long.
We started out our day eating at this place called The Coffee Bean.
And it was {delish}

After breakfast we loaded up and headed off to find our bus that would
take us from Santa Monica to Hollywood.
This was a bit of a struggle but we made it in the end.

Along the way we took a few photos :)
This one i liked the best....i mean look at us, how cute are we ;)

After a while Hollywood started to bore us a bit.
Well i think it was more that we couldn't walk two feet without being asked 
if we wanted to go clubbing or go on bus tours.

In fact this one woman, an older woman, actually walked with us for a while
and explained to us the importance of her bus tour,
We said no thank you and went on our way....then about 30 seconds later we hear...
and she's chasing after us....
she gave us 50% off her tour bus and we still said no.
Then she gave up on us ;)

We got some yummy lunch 
at the California Pizza Kitchen.

After Lunch we walked around, found Capitol Records
and some other cool buildings.

By this time we were about ready to get out of Hollywood,
so we headed towards the Griffith Observatory.
You know...the big white observatory in the Hollywood Hills.
All the way at the top of the hills to be precise which is 
why we hunted down a Taxi to do our bidding.

Let me just say that the Observatory is AMAZING!!!
It was only $7 for one of the coolest planetarium shows i've ever seen.
Like i'll have dreams about how good it was ;)
We had a blast here but soon it was time to go...

But there is a problem...
We took a taxi to the how do we get down??
Well hike of course...Ok not that's true
we had to hike down the hill.

When the guy gave us instructions on where to go...we thought we had listened pretty well.
That was until we were literally off roading it...
twisting our way around trees and bushes and walking down steep hills.

About 5 minutes in we realized we'd gone the HARD route ;)
and we turned around and took the longer/easier one.
Easier was great but we ended up a little confused here and there
and pretty much thought we might end up spending the night nestled beneath a little tree...

But luckily we made it out and back to hollywood.
We had some dinner and headed back for the night.

It was such an adventure and we were completely exhausted by the time we made it back.
We've decided to make today a lazy beach day.
Renting Tandems, eating bad {bud delicious foods}
and tanning the back of my legs to equal out the awkward sunburn I have ;)

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!! :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{Cali Day One}

Woke up at 5am.
My parents drove us to the airport.
And we were off for such an amazing adventure.

The flight was so smooth.
We left at 7:30 and got to LAX at 8:45 
which is weird because it's a 3 hour flight...thank you time change.

Once we landed we hopped onto our bus and headed to Santa Monica.
It's always amazing to me how simple it is to travel via public transport.

Once we were all settled we headed out towards Santa Monica Beach.
It's literally down the street from where we're staying and it's AMAZING!!!
We had such a blast today just exploring around the town.

We walked down the beach and then sat in the sand for a while just taking it all in..
and by all i mean the legs look like lobsters...
Worth it...but painful...

I'm dying over the food here.

We just walked down the main street and found this little cafe for lunch.
I had pasta and Tom had tuna, and it was lick your plate clean good!!!

For dinner we decided to hit up the same area and we found this burger place called The Counter.
It was like Which Wich but for Burgers...and just better than Which Wich overall ;)
  We made some seriously excellent food choices today which makes me excited 
about what's in store for us tomorrow when we go deeper into LA.

 So it's been an excellent first day.
I can't wait to share more of our adventures tomorrow!! :)


Sunday, June 23, 2013


Yesterday was an amazing day.
One of my best friends Lauren was in town to meet Tom
so i decided to take them both out to Fort Worth and show them the sights.

We saw the Water Gardens and the Stockyards.
I mean the much more Texan/Cowboy can you get??

We also ate at our local Food Truck Park.
And i'd be lying if i said i didn't get some serious butterflies
when the lady we ordered our food from called out
Tom and Emily when she was ready for us to grab our order.

Tom and Emily
girly siggghhhh :) :) :)

My Parents have been working SO HARD putting our
backyard together for this summer.

It's probably the coolest backyard ever...
Like EVER!!

We put down new grass, and made a little patio.
Then we put a patio set out there.
AND THEN we strung lights from the trees
which is sooo magical!!!

My mom also came up with the idea of a backyard movie screen.
So my dad brought it to life for her.
And we used it for the first time last night and it was awesome.
We watched the Lion King of course ;)

Last night was the BBQ, and all of my family came to see the house and meet Tom.
It was probably a bit nerve-racking at the time having to meet my entire family.
But Tom did so well, everyone loved him and everyone was so sweet!
It was really the perfect way to end his first weekend here.

I am beyond excited.

Tom and I have only grown closer in the past three days and i'm 
just the luckiest girl in the world!!!
He's everything i imagined!!! :)

Hope y'all have a great Sunday!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day

Let's just put it this way...
Skype vs. real life = So Different

It's funny, our first Skype date was really awkward.
Our first phone call was really awkward.
And our first meeting in the real world...was pretty awkward.
Which i was prepared for...because let's face it...we're awkward people.

I think we both expected it to be a little weird.
But we did what we do best, we took the weirdness and ran with it.
And we're now getting into a more comfortable place with each other.
This sort of thing takes time, getting to know someone for real.

My mom always told me that it would be different and she was right.
It's pretty different.

It's the best kind of different.
I have my best friend here with me.
And it's amazing!!
He's amazing!!
Just as amazing as i always knew he'd be.

AND he gets along with my family SO WELL!!
I was worried it might be a little weird but it's not weird at all.
He fits in so perfectly.

Yesterday was his first full day in America,
so of course i took him to Target and Walmart.
We had a blast in both places.
Silly but true ;)

Today I'm taking him to the Omni theater at the Fort Worth Museum.
It's just a fun little thing to do here, 
and if you know what an Omni theater is..
then you know it's awesome!!

So we're about to go do that, then we'll come home and do a
little labor in the back yard for the BBQ that's tomorrow.

We're also waiting on one of my best friends Lauren 
who's also staying with us this weekend. 

So BBQ tomorrow
Church Sunday
and California Monday.
That's when things really get exciting!!!

I'm sorry if you're waiting for pictures.
We've been a bit pre-occupied just getting used to each other.
I think i'll get the camera out more today so you can see us together a bit more ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tom is HERE!!! :)

finally together ;)
we've waited so long for this, it's amazing that he's here!!

I have to be honest, i kept saying how i wasn't nervous...or i wouldn't be nervous...
Like pee your pants nervous...

It hit right when i was standing at the baggage claim station.
I realized then and there that this guy...this human...that Tom was going to walk towards me...
and i knew i was going to have to make some sort of contact with him haha
Obviously i knew this was coming, but i'm not sure i prepared myself well enough for it.

First i thought i was going to be sick...
then i thought i was going to pass out...
Tom actually found me leaning against a wall because i couldn't stand on my own.
I was a nervous wreck and it showed...

Then i presumed to be totally awkward which is normal for me.
And you couldn't have been more perfect.

Tom is in Texas, he's asleep in the room down the hall,
and i couldn't be happier!!

Thanks to everyone who's following along on this journey,
I'm  so excited to share more with y'all while he's here.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well....what can i say???
After waiting and waiting for 7 months...It's TIME!!!
I'm going to pick up Tom from the airport later today.
In fact Tom is in the air right this second :) :) :)

It's still a bit unreal, i don't think i'll really comprehend it till he's in the car with me.
I'm so so so so excited!!!!

We've been counting down for so long.
from 100 days to 1 day left.

This has so far been an incredible adventure, i can not wait for this next step!!

Wish me luck ;)
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AND follow me on the vine because i'll post little videos on there!!!
Real pictures coming TOMORROW!!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TOMorrow ;) {see what i did there??}

The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun! 

You see, tomorrow is the big day.
The day Tom arrives in America/Texas.
The day we've been waiting for.
It's HERE!!

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none! 

7 months have come and gone.
Once things between us started getting more serious,
the time we had to wait got more difficult.

When I'm stuck a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,

BUT now, Tom will be on his way shortly.
Like on his more talking, no more waiting.
The time is here and i am so EXCITED!!!

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way! 

This song always makes me so happy ;)
And now it will be stuck in my head all day long.

We've been busy here at the house getting everything prepared for this saturday.
This saturday is the Barbecue where my family and friends will all come over
to meet Tom and see the house all remodeled.

We've been turning our backyard into a little oasis.
We're actually building an outdoor movie theater.
I can't wait to share final pictures on here when it's all done.

In other news...
I drove our truck about 20 miles today with a huge pallet of new grass
in the back that wasn't tied down...It was a bit terrifying.
My mother was in the passenger seat and i thought she was going to have a heart attack!!
But we made it home and I'm now a qualified grass shipping machine which is great for a resume ;)

Well Tomorrow is officially the BIG DAY!!!
I'm so glad it's finally here! 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

This week {Tom is coming}

Well it's monday...and what a FANTASTIC monday it is!!
I'm not sure if you're aware but....Tom is coming this week...THIS WEEK!!!

More specifically....In 2 days!!!
I'm feeling...

Ok so I may have typed happy/excited into the online thesaurus ;)
But for real...this is SO exciting!!!

I'll be going to pick up this guy...this amazing amazing guy on wednesday.
Is this real life??? Am i dreaming???

And to all of my beautiful blog readers...
y'all have been so amazing, you've given me so much joy with your 
comments about how excited you are for this adventure.
It means the world to me!!
You're all awesome!!

I can't wait for thursday so i can share with y'all a little
blip of how everything goes down meeting at the airport.
And get ready for a REAL picture together ;)

This blog is seriously about to get so exciting!!
I'm so excited to share it with all of you!!
Thanks for following along :)

& if you're not worries you can fix that now if you like ;)

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Statement Necklace

So I got this necklace in the cute right?
Just wanted to share it and share how i got it.

Seriously Etsy is MAGICAL!!
There are so many wonderful things to buy.
This necklace was only $9.00.
Cheap and Beautiful, that's what i'm talking about.

So go to etsy, search for statement necklaces and thank me later ;)


Friday, June 14, 2013

Fashion Friday & {Finally a reply blogger}

Y'all...this has been a bumpy road.
I've gotten blog comments out the wazoo that say
"why are you a no reply blogger...we hate no reply bloggers"
ummmm sorry? What does that even mean??

So i looked into it and realized what all the hoopla was about...
I was indeed a No-Reply Blogger, and i'm ashamed of this.

People have sent me tutorials about how to fix it but always 
showed tutorials of blogs connected to blogger.
I'm connect to Google+
{I HATE google+} 

SO...after doing some research of my own,
I found this amazing blogger Sarah...who apparently "SAVED MY BLOGS LIFE!!!"
Thank you Sarah, i am forever in your debt.
Now people can chillaxxxx and email me and stuff ;)
And we can all be best friends!!! :)


Now for a little fashion friday post.

I went to Target the other day, not intending to buy anything..HA! Is that a joke?
I think it's pretty much impossible to go in there and leave with nothing.

I'd probably even buy a small piece of chocolate or a water,
just so i wouldn't have to feel like a defeated Target shopper.

Normally when i shop in Target, I hit up the clothes first.
And you know sometimes Target clothes fail to impress...
and then other times its like you hit the Target jackpot!!

I feel as though i hit that jackpot this week. 

I found these T-shirt dresses, like literally a long stretchy t-shirt.
I got mine in a larger size so it would be a loose fit that i could add a belt to.
PLUS it's in like 10 different colors!!
Then i hit up the scarves and found this patriotic gem!!
Simple, comfy summer outfit.

I've also been a bit obsessed with the tribal print for a while.
I found this tank at Target for $16.00...not to shabby.

Also while in Target, hit up the shoe section.
There are so many cute summer sandals right now.

Have a wonderful weekend
Next time you hear from me...there will be 2 days till TOM gets here!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)