Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Vine

I just spent my evening writing discussions and a paper for my summer English course.
Which is why my blog post is lacking for today ;)
I've used up my writing skills for one day.

So instead of a long lovey dovey 6 days post,
you get this...which is still pretty good!!

The vine.
Have you heard of it?
If not...You should totally look into it!!

It probably took me like an hour to actually understand the concept.
You hold your finger down on the screen when you want to record,
then lift it up when you're done...then repeat until you have a cool choppy video.

It's crazy cool, but will definitely take practice.

Let's just say this will be one of the
ways i'll share fun videos when Tom arrives :)

May even record us meeting for the first time...
OH how magical that will be ;)

So step 1 - download the App in's F.R.E.E :)
Step 2 - Follow me so you can squeal with equal excitement when i post
videos of Tom arriving in America!! :)
{I'm registered through Twitter, so if you follow me on Twitter i'll be easy to find on Vine}
Step 3 - Have an awesome Thursday!!




  1. Oops, I just posted on your other post without seeing this one!

    I'll follow you on vine :)

    1. haha it's all good :) Yippee, i can't wait to start using it!! :)