Monday, September 30, 2013

Countdown Update

7 days till 11 months with Tom
30 days till Halloween
36 days till its been 1 YEAR with Tom
51 days till i fly away to England
73 days till graduation
85 days till Christmas...
But not to worry you can already buy all of your
Christmas goodies at Walmart/Target&Hobby Lobby.

So many exciting things coming up.
Especially the whole flying to England part.
I can't believe there is only 50 days left till i'm in the air
and on my way over to see Tom!!!

I'll probably sing "Reunited and it feels soooo gooooood"
When i'm in the air....the whole time...hope you don't sit next to me ;)

Breaking bad....No no i'm not talking about the Finale.
I'm the girl who just started watching it because she was jealous
of all of the people who were having life changing TV watching moments.
Soooo I'm watching it now... I'm on Season 2 Episode 3 soooo please don't spoil anything.

I was hooked from the beginning, and now i cant stop.
I'm in marathon mode...

However i can only watch it up till season 5 because
i promised Tom that we'd finish it together once i'm over there.
He's only to like season 3 or 4 so now its a couple thing ;)

Siiggghhh...I'm in such a good mood today!!
OH also, have you heard of Poshmark??? It's an App and you should get it.
It's like a mobile device garage sale for and upscale.
But you'll always ALWAYS pay less than you would anywhere else.
I sold some Lilly Pulitzer shorts for $40 :)

So yea, check that out!!
And have a great start to your week!!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall TV will be the death of me

So I was wondering why I've been so
productive over the last few weeks....
Now I know....
It's because all of my fall TV shows have been on tv vacation.
And now they're coming back on and i'm
a little scared because I've watched like 8 new shows
in the past 12 hours...
That doesn't include the shows i'm still waiting for...
Bye bye productivity...It was nice knowing you...
my grade point average is about to tank ;)

Grey's Anatomy
New Girl
The Voice
X factor
Amazing Race
Agents of the Shield
Modern Family
Michael J Fox Show
Once Upon a time
Vampire Diaries

See what I mean...
I need to get this under control
or else my computer is going to overheat
within the next month....

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fifty-Five Days & Paris

Only 55 days till i get to see this guy :)
I am so so so excited to fly over in November.
But it's so weird to think that i'll be back over on 
that side of the pond again.

When i got home from Paris i thought that 
would be the last time i would be over there for a long time.
And now less than 2 years later i'm headed back over.
And I get to scope out Liverpool, the town I might
be living in for a few months next year :) :) :)

I'm SO excited...
Did i already say that??
Oh, i did...
well...i am ;)


In other news
i'll be buying french treats and making
a French flag garland for the booth
i'll be working tomorrow...
Trying to get more people to go to Paris..
It really shouldn't be this hard to get people to go 
to the most beautiful city in the world.
I hope we get some more people tomorrow..
We shall see :)

Hope y'all have a great thursday.

Just for smiles! :)


Kind of speaks for itself ;)
Also i'm going to teach my future babies to sing with me!!!
Have a good wednesday everyone!! :)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Graduation T-Minus 81 days

I have been in school every year since 1995.
It's now 2013 and i'm about to be released like
a newly hatched chick into the "big girl world"
I just looked over my degree evaluation.
And I read the words Overall Program requirements "MET"
MET...holy mean I did it ALL???
When you're a little freshman taking 12 hours
your first semester the idea of graduating with 128 hours
under your belt seems a little out of reach.
Yet, here I am with 132 hours under my belt..
Over achiever...yea ;)
I'm starting to feel really sappy and sentimental
toward my college experience.
That lump is forming in my throat as I write this
because I know that in December my life is changing forever.
I will no longer be a student at this amazing
university that I have called home for the past four years.
Ok, so freshman year I drove home to Texas every weekend...
Because I hated this place with a passion.
That was until I looked for other schools and
realized that they were all dull in comparison.
I had found my little home whether I liked it or not.
And I did soon grow to like it as I made my best friends,
traveled the world and learned to live life as it comes.
4 years have flown by.
I'm going to miss this place.
But I still have a few more months to soak it
in before I have to leave...or I guess I don't have to leave
but I probably should ;)
I know my family is thinking..
Wow, this crazy girl has changed so much in 4 years ;)


Monday, September 23, 2013

Love List

1. I love blogging, in fact this is my 200th post.
Not a bad way to come back from a little blogger break.

2. I love Fall, and the first day of Fall was yesterday.
I am SO excited for crisp cool air and big comfy sweaters and boots.

This image is my inspiration for this fall.

Via Pinterest

I'm also loving the idea of dressing up sweaters with semi chunky necklaces.
I found this one on Very Jane for about $6.00,
and i can't wait to pair it with my pretty old navy grey sweater.

3. I love rain! We finally got a full day of amazing rain
this past Friday and it was incredibly needed.
PLUS i got to test out my new hunter wellies :)
I am so in love with them, they are comfy and stylish
and they come up far enough that i can hop in any water
puddle and still stay dry :)

4. I love get togethers with my HIP group.
We had 9 students go to Paris when i went in 2012 and
a few of us still come together on a weekly basis.
We have such a good group dynamic to this day so its
such a blessing to still have my wonderful group around me.
On sunday nights we go over to our group parents house for dinner
and the Amazing race which starts up again next week.
Our group parents are more than just parents, we're all really good friends
and so to go over every sunday night for food and a fun travel show is the best.
PLUS now we're bringing brackets into the mix which is really exciting.

5. I love the 50's.
No not the decade but the number of days till England!!!
We're officially in the 50's on our countdown to a Thanksgiving in England.
58 days to be precise and it's just SO exciting!!!
I can't wait to see Tom and meet his family.

6. I love the number 175.
That's the number of Skype dates I've had with Tom.
I remember counting the first couple of skypes or {skates}
on the blog back in January of this year.
So to be at 175 is pretty crazy...
especially since i never thought anything of Skype before this year.
Now i've used it almost 200 times :)

7. I love you people.
You people = Family, Friends, blog readers, all of you!
Because i was having a pretty crummy week last week.
Well it was a crummy tuesday - wednesday ;)
But i did need to take a little time away to just be.
You're all incredible people who i am blessed to have in my life.

Thank you for being amazing.

8. And I love Tom.
haha ok ok you all knew it was coming.'s something you might not have expected to hear...
We're not perfect, far from it actually.
I know i make it sound like i have this fairytale romance happening
right under my nose and well...I's true.

But just because it's fairytale doesn't mean it's always perfect.
And i know Tom won't mind me putting that out there because it's true.
Not only for us but for all couples out there.

We're just really really good at staying positive when the going gets tough.
Like....strangely good considering we've never been this deep with someone before.
I think...I know that is because we truly and genuinely love each other.

We're working on some things right now and it's been a little tough
but if i know one thing its that this incredible guy that i have in my life
is the most amazing person that i have ever met.
And i am SO happy to be on this journey with him!!

And that concludes my love list.

Have a great Monday :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Personal days

Going to take a few days off from blogging to focus 
on my personal life :) be back soon xxx



Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dear Tom

Dear Tom,
You're Hot.
No really it's true.
And look how good you look in those Texas Shorts.
**whistle whistle**
Thanks for being so funny.
And handsome, you're real handsome...however I guess I cant
really thank you for thank you Sue and Dave ;)
Is that weird to thank your parents for your looks?
I don't really think so....
Thanks for telling me I'm beautiful.
It's one of the sweetest things you say to me
and you say it often and it makes my heart flutter.
For real, like I can feel it fluttering...
Is that a girly thing to say??
Too bad  because you're stuck with this
girly girl Fooorrreeeeevvvveeerrrrrrrrr...
Thanks for telling me I have the BEST
British accent that you've ever heard.
I know it was hard to say that mine was better
than yours but well...we all know it is...
Sooo....just keep working on it babe ;)
I love when you get sassy.
Or maybe we can call it...sarcassy...
you're super sarcassy and I love it.
I love that you can keep up with my sass.
We are such a sassy couple...
Back to the funny thing though.
You're hilarious.
You're sooooo silly ;)
Sometimes I laugh so hard I snort laugh
which I now know is your goal.
But you think it's cute when I snort laugh
so maybe I've relaxed a lot and I let the snorts
flow a little more naturally...
I love that you love pet names.
Bug is my favorite...or beautiful....or love
They're just really cute....
just like you!!

Thanks for staying up till the wee hours of the morning just so we can talk.
That silly time difference is such a downer....
I mean lets just be grateful its you on that side of the world and not me.
I'm normally in bed by the latest ;)

I also love our serious talks
you know....those talks...
I love that we're comfortable enough to have them.
It's nice that we can talk silly, sad, ridiculous, and also serious.
We're soooo well that something people say???
Well rounded????
Anyways....You're amazing!!
I'm just sooooooo happy that I have you.
And sometimes I can't hold it in ok, I just have to tell everyone.
And lucky for you I have this super public blog
that lots of people read...or at least I hope they read ;)
64 days bug!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Old Navy

Dear Old Navy,
Thank you!
Thank you for delivering the best clothing
that I have seen so far during this transition into fall.
Remember that one time that you played all
of those REALLY annoying commercials
and you had people singing??
Yea, lets just forget that ever happened...ok??
Moving on...
I'm SO glad Old Navy is back in action.
And by back in action I mean they have TONS
of really cute clothes right now!
It's like JCrew on the cheap.
And it makes my heart SO happy!
I am writing this freely from my own personal experiences.
However if Old Navy finds this post and decides
to thank me {via free clothes} for my free advert ...
Well...I wouldn't say no ;)
But really...I did all of my birthday shopping here,
and I still don't feel like I got everything I could have gotten...
And the prices make me want to cry...
tears of sweet happiness.
So if you're not doing anything right now
then get in your car and find your closest Old Navy
and just run wild and free in there my friends
run wild and free...
And get yourself some really comfy, cute, and AMAZING
clothes on the cheap and transition into fall like you own the season!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

68 days

In 68 days i'll be hopping on a plane
bound for Liverpool, UK!!!

Me and Tom have been joking about
the fact that we basically both have two homes.
He has a home in America and i have a home in the UK.
Not a bad trade if i do say so myself ;)

68 days until we're back together.
It's funny to look at the countdown pictures
when it was around 60 days till we met for the first time.

And then compare it to the countdown of when we meet again in November.

I think there are two very different people in these photos.
In the first you have two love birds who really want to know each other better.
In the latter photo you have two people who have spent 3 solid weeks in each others company.
While 3 weeks may not seem that long to some people it's about the equivalent of
a normal couple dating for a month in a half.

Because lets face it, when you first start dating you're probably not
spending every waking hour with that person.
But that's what we got to do with each other.

We like to think of our relationship as if we were a normal couple.
So the other day we decided to count up all of the hours we've spent 
either talking/texting/skyping over the last ten months.

We didn't really start texting every minute of every day
until January 31st of this year.
So that's where we decided the serious talking started.

Since January 31st we've spent over 2700 hours in constant chit chat with each other.
that consists of about 10 hours a day for over 200 days.

And when i say we talk 10 hours a day that means
we really talk consistently for 10 hours during the day.
From sun-up to sun-down we're talking...
Which sun-up to his sun-down ;)

We figured out that if you divided the number of hours we talk 
by the number of hours we are awake during the day...we've spent about 160 days together.

Which means in the real world of dating
we've spent a little more than 5 months in constant contact.

So if we were a normal couple, and we were dating regularly
then we would have spent 5.3 months physically together 
out of the 10 months we've known each other.
That's like spending the whole day with someone every other day of the week.

Did we get a little carried away by the math?

But i struggle when people downplay the time we've spent together.
Yes we've only been in each others company for three weeks.
But that shouldn't be the estimate of how well we know each other.
because it's not the estimate of how well we know each other.
It's just a number, like all of the other numbers i've thrown at you in this post.

We're taking this more seriously than just numbers.
As much as i love counting the days we've spent together
I know that it does not define our relationship in the slightest.

We've spent almost an entire year in constant communication.
Which is more than some people who have dated the same amount of time can say.

I'm happy with how we're doing after 10 months.
And i'm SO excited to see where this goes when we get to 
spend more time together next year!! :)


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where were you on 9/11

12 years have passed since that day in September.
12 years!!!

It's been easier for those of us who weren't directly impacted by these
events to go about living our day to day lives without thinking of what all happened that day.
But there are almost 3,000 families who still think about it.
Because it effected them personally.
Because they lost family or friends.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.
I was in the fifth grade at Bryson Elementary.
I had just turned 11 years old a few days earlier.
It seemed like a normal day.

I don't remember much from the school day except that
my boyfriend at the time was pulled out of school...
Along with about 200 other students.

Back in that time they would announce students names
over the loud speakers for them to come to the office if they were
being picked up by a parent.

That day i remember the speaker coming on and name after name
after name being called to head home.
So at this point i was just confused.
And a little upset that my name wasn't being called.

The teachers weren't talking but they looked worried.
I remember the kids talking about planes hitting a building but no one knew what that meant.
I wouldn't know exactly what happened that morning until i got home that afternoon.
Once i was home we turned the TV on and channel after channel
talked about what had happened...

They replayed video of the planes hitting the towers
they replayed video of both towers falling.

They showed people running, screaming, covered in dust and ash.
This would be the most traumatic thing i had ever seen 
up until that point in my life.

I was only 11 so i wasn't completely sure what was happening.
I remember crying, being sad that all those people died
but i don't think i fully understood the events of
September 11th until i was a little older. 
You don't really comprehend the idea
of terrorists when you're an 11 year old.

I had soccer practice that afternoon
I remember it happened on a tuesday because
i had practice tuesdays and thursdays.

I remember being at practice and looking up in the sky
and not seeing a single airplane overhead.
And the world just seemed so quiet.
Almost as if everything had just stopped.

It was eerie and it was sad.
And the next few months would be full
of stories of survival and stories of tragedy.
Stories of the brave men and women who risked their
lives or gave their lives to save others.
Stories of the retaliation that would come
because of these acts of terror.

That day flipped my world upside down.
I didn't personally lose anyone but i did lose my
view of the world i thought i lived in.

The world where there is only peace and love and ponies.
The world where people didn't have to be afraid to go to work and school.

Sadly we still live in that world and it's disheartening to think
that terror is still a tactic being used today.
Whether it's flying planes into buildings or guns in's all terror.
World peace may be a cliche beauty pageant term
but lets be real, it's what we'd all like to see.

Keep the families of 9/11 in your thoughts and prayers.
And pray for the families of the service men and women who have fought for our freedom
And hug your loved ones if they are close.
Never Forget!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Embarrassing Emily

If there is one thing i'm good at it's embarrassing myself.
Scratch that it's taking secretive pictures with the flash on...
Which is where the embarrassing part comes in.

Ok so i'll set the scene.
I'm in my car talking on the phone to Tom after a walmart trip.
We're just talking when I decide to get out of the car because it's boiling
inside my tiny little Honda Civic.

So i'm standing outside and i see that the car across from mine
had some shadows on it and one of them looks like an elephant.
So i got excited and told Tom that i had spotted an elephant shadow.
I was WAY too excited about this...

So i tell Tom i'd take a picture of it for him.
So i get my iPhone camera up and running....
and snap and FLASH...
oh dear...that's awkward....
So i take another one with the flash turned off
except this time i hear someone walking towards me
so in a hurry to run away awkwardly
i snap a horrible picture and miss the chance to get the elephant shadow.

I'm walking running away from the scene when i hear
someone shout HEY! at me a few times.
I mean i just pretend not to hear it and then 
she follows me and says HEY!!!'s all over....

Note: I'm still on the phone with Tom.

So i turn around and she says...did you take a picture of my car?
In which i a shy embarrassed voice...
She asked if something was wrong with it and i said...
No i was just talking a picture of a squirrel....
She says if i gave her an adequate excuse.

I run away and put the phone back up to my ear 
and all i hear is a giggly Tom laughing at me
for getting caught and blaming it on a squirrel....

Sigh...can't win em all...

ALSO...unrelated to this story...
Tom doesn't think donuts are for breakfast.
Can you please leave comments explaining to him that
they are indeed a breakfast food!!
Please and thank you ;)


Monday, September 9, 2013

CHEAP {framed prints}

This image above is probably one of my most favorite 
pinterest images of all time!!!

I love everything about it from the gorgeous couch 
to the "everyday i'm hustling" pillow, to the gorgeous prints on the wall.

I've always been so envious of people and their prints.
Of their crisp walls with funny, quirky or inspiring prints hanging at random.
It's been a mission of mine for a while to collect lots of prints
so that i can make myself my very own print wall.

The problem...
It's SO expensive...
Or so i thought.

Etsy is my best friend
I shop with her all the time
so naturally i started looking at prints.

I was seeing prints anywhere between $12.99 and $45.00
some had frames and some were just the print.

I didn't want to spend that much on them,
i gave myself a limit of $7.00 per print.
And through the magic of Etsy i was able to weed
out the prints that were too pricey and find ones in my price range.
That's when i came across Printable Wisdom

Before you click on the link you might want 
to get some sort of payment ready...
Just saying...because it's amazing!!

$5.00 for a downloadable print that you print out 
yourself and then put into your own frame.

And so much cheaper than buying the expensive frames
with the expensive card stock print.

I mean of course if you really want card stock you can 
always print it onto your own ;) 

Then you find some cheap but chic frames
at places like goodwill or hobby lobby or heck even walmart
and there you go, you've got your very own start to a print wall.

Here's mine, or at least the beginning of mine.
I think i'll add a few more over time and some little
wall decorations to take up some space as well!!

Most of my frames are goodwill, the center one is Walmart.
Spent $15 on 7 frames and $35 on the individual prints.
That's 7 beautiful prints for $35.
That's only $50 for these beauties!!
That's cheap in print world!!

My printer ran out of black ink so i improvised ;)

And here it is in my Apartment at school...
Can you say AMAZING???
I'm so in love with it!!!

Hope this helps some of you that are looking to update a wall on the cheap!


Friday, September 6, 2013

10 months of Tomily

"There's this guy...
His name is Thomas William Francis Wright III...
but I just call him Tom, Tom-Tom, Tom-cat, 
The Tominator...Hot Tomale....
and other things like devilishly handsome and charming!
He's 22 {my age}.
He's from Liverpool, England.
He's somewhere between 6'3 and 6'4.
He's hilarious.
He's attractive.
He's as sweet as can be.
He likes travel and adventures."

{This quote is from the first blog post I ever wrote about Tom}

I wrote all of that about a guy {Tom} whom i had only 
met {online} less than a month prior to writing this.

So smitten so quickly.
And look at where we are now.
Today is 10 months of Tomily.
Today is our 10 month anniversary.

I called Tom hilarious and attractive and sweet as can be.
And I was right about all of those things.
But he's so much more that that.

The past 10 months have been the most magical months of my life.
I've spent them with Tom whether online or in real life.
We've spent the last 10 months together
and it's been incredible.

We started 4,000 miles apart.

Then we came together..

Then we went back to a 4,000 mile separation.
Is it hard to be away from each other so much??
Yea, it's SO hard :(
I miss this guy so much!!

Even with missing him i still am so blessed to have him in my life.
He makes everyday exciting and fun and an adventure.

We have such a unique bond, i'm just so happy he's in my life.
And i cannot wait to see him in like 77 days ;)

Happy Anniversary Tom ;)
I love you!!!

I hope you all have a great day!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthweek 2.0 {Birthday box from Tom & Going home}

Yesterday was amazing, simply amazing!
Such a great way to start out my 23rd year of life.

Started out with a few classes but after class was done my day took off.
I finally, FINALLY got to open my birthday box from Tom.
It blows my mind at how thoughtful Tom is.

Tom put a lot of thought into my present.
You can tell by the way he wrapped it ;)
It was like one big ball of tape and padding...
he's very thorough with his box protection methods.

I finished one of my classes and headed back to the room for my lunch break.
I sat myself down at the computer and we began to Skype each other.

We were both being pretty sassy...anyways...
I pulled my box over and started tearing that bad boy apart ;)
I had been waiting ever so patiently since yesterday
to get into this little birthday box so i wasnt being gentle...

The box that everything was placed in was a cute decorative box.
I opened it up and found 3 Letters on top.

Two of the letters were just our regular letters
and one of them was my Birthday Letter...
That one told me about all of the fun things inside the box.
I was told to wait till the end to read them so i did.

I kept going and found my Birthday card.
I was kind of just expecting a mushy hallmark card
but when i opened the envelope up i found a personalized card
that had our pictures on the front of it and a sweet message on the inside.
It was so so sweet!!!

I also found something else in the card...
He knows me soooo well ;)

He said he's going to take me shopping 
when i get over there in November!
If i didn't already love him enough ;)

Keep digging through the present and i find Chocolate.
Which is in fact the way to my heart.
I love me some good chocolate.
And he sent some of the best!!

Keep digging and i find a little book.
It's a travel book for Liverpool.
Which is completely needed since i'll be there soon.
So now i can research the places i want to see while i'm there.

It was all so incredible.
Tom makes my heart so happy.
And he knows me so well!
He did so good ;)

I even took a little InstaVid while opening the box...

So much goodness in one box :) :) :)

After skyping away with Tom all day I finished the day going
out to dinner with Sam and Jess, my best friends and roommates.
They took me to Brickoven for some Pizza/Pasta yumminess!!

That was followed by our wednesday night Devo.
And then i went out with another set of friends Lauren and Parker 
who bought me some Birthday Dessert.

I mean i was super spoiled yesterday and i'm ok with that ;)
I'm driving home to Texas today for a Birthday weekend with the Fam.
So the festivities are far from over!!!

I'm soaking up this Birthweek for as long as i can ;)

Y'all have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's my BIRTHDAY!!

So here I sit as a twenty three year old.
yippeee :) :) :)

Fun story about my birth.
My mom was in labor on Labor Day in 1990.
I mean obviously Labor Day doesn't mean actual labor...but it's still humorous.
That's what i used as my interesting fact all through my school days.
Kids thought I was so cool and fun.
I don't really blame them ;)

I always enjoy revisiting my childhood when i think about my birthday.
It's just fun to see the kinds of things i cared about when
i was a little baby Emily.

Things like stuffing my face with cake...That hasn't changed ;)
Also i look a little terrifying...thank you mom and dad for getting that under control.

 I get overly excited about presents..

More proof of over excitement...i still rip into them like shame!!

More present excitement...I was adorable..ahem..still am...
Pretty sure that is a 90's barbie...AKA the best ones...

A Pocahontas themed party...yes please...let's bring this back!!!

Cheesin so hard!! I was such a 90's child ;)
I wish i still had those polka dot shorts.......sigh

It's so fun to look back and see yourself as just a little kid loving life with no worries.
I should add that I also share my birthday with my Aunt Julie and cousin Shawn.
So happy birthday to you guys as well!!

And Happy Birthday to anyone who shares this super magical day ;)

I've always loved my birthday.
And i LOVE the idea of a surprise party...
I have been known to try to plan surprise parties for myself,
a few months before my birthday i'll hint that i want a surprise party
in hopes that someone will actually throw me one...
Or tell my mom about it and make it seem like it was her idea ;)
It's never actually worked but i think one day i will succeed.
I just really want a surprise party ok!! ;)

I honestly think 23 is going to be the BEST year ever.
And 22 was pretty magical so 23 has a lot to live up to but i'm sure it will.
There are so many exciting things coming up in the next year.
I'm so happy to start this new year with new adventures!

ALSO...Yesterday I received a little Birthday Box in the mail.
It's from Tom and i'm DYING to open it!!

I told him i'd wait till my birthday but when it came in the mail I
tried to get him to give me permission to open it early but he said to wait...
Because it's going to be more magical on my birthday ;)
So i'm waiting...i'll open it Today when i Skype with him.
I can't wait to see what he got me, and of course i'll share it with y'all tomorrow!!
Or just follow me on Instagram and i'll probably post pics of it!!
Insta - emily_hopefulwandering

He called me yesterday when it turned Midnight in Liverpool.
It was officially my birthday over there so he called me and sang Happy Birthday to me ;)
I can't even handle the sweetness!!!

It's going to be such a great day!!
I hope you all have great day as well :)


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fancy Tassel Birthday Princess

Yesterday was day one of my Birthweek Celebration
and it was an awesome awesome day!!!

Reason number one that is was awesome.
I got my TASSELS in the mail from The Flair Exchange!!!!

I went to the mail people and they gave me my Box.
When i opened my box I found another box...A crisp white box.
One of my most favorite things in the whole world is getting a white box 
with a ribbon tied around it, it makes me feel so fancy.

And this box was also accompanied by this fun print
"It's not a party until you're throwing confetti"
Frame worthy??? I think so!!

Then i opened it and saw this magical scene...So much Tassel goodness.

And then i hung them and squealed at how pretty this garland is.
I'm addicted, i want one in every room of the apartment.
They are SO much fun!!

And they're not just for parties, i've hung mine on my 
wall above my bed and desk and it looks amazing!

The fact that this beauty arrived on my birthweek was pure coincidence.
It has definitely added to the festiveness!! 

If you are interested in getting your hands on your
own tassel garland then just go here, it will lead you to Carmen Taylor's Etsy Shop
<<The Flair Exchange>>

DO IT...i mean do it if you wanna...but really you know you wanna...

To add to the birthweek festivities I treated myself to
a strawberry smoothie at Starbucks...I didn't even know they had smoothies.
It was delicious, especially since i paired it with a Lemon Pound Cake.
I mean i was in Birthweek Heaven!!

Then i got back to the Apartment and got to Skype this
handsome brit for a few hours.

We were planning the November trip.
Mostly researched some places to eat.

OH ANNDD we found the perfect spot to have my very first afternoon tea.
It's really romantical and magical and and...i'm so excited.

We are getting a 3 tiered dessert tray with homemade scones
baked cakes, macaroons, biscuits, french fancies and pastries...
I might die of happiness while we're there!!
Did i mention it's on the 34th floor of liverpools tallest building
overlooking the town...girly siiigghhhhh!!!
I can't wait!!

Y'all have a great tuesday!! :)