Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer Essentials {Sandals}!!

Ok, so i've found the PERFECT summer sandal.
Please, once you've read this go out and buy them before they are gone.
They are from Target and are a Whopping $16.00...
Yeeeeaaaaaa, hop on this sandal train while it's in the station!!!

They are seriously THE MOST comfortable target sandals ever!!
I normally wear an 8.5 but i got the 8 and it fits perfectly!!

Also, a shout out to Sarah Tucker who led me to these gems!!
My feeties are going to be so happy and fun this summer!
I actually think this sandal is starting it's own revolution...
I can't even tell you how many blogs i've read that are featuring this shoe!!
get it while you can, or spend more than $100 on the J-crew version ;)


Monday, April 29, 2013

My rectangle boyfriend

When Tom and I started writing letters....it was last December.
The rules were simple, must be handwritten, must draw something and there must be a trinket.
5 months later i have a box full of letters, drawings and trinkets.
It's so much fun to write letters back and forth with Tom.

From day 1 my drawing has always been Tom in the shape of a long rectangle,
and myself in the shape of a smaller triangle.
Why are we shapes?? I have no idea, i just like this better than stick figures.
I'm not an artist, this is the best i can do ;) 

One thing about these pictures is i've always drawn a little red bow in my hair.
Tom even started drawing us in the same way...
still giving me my little red bow in my hair. 

This is my most recent letter, i haven't sent it yet soooo i had to blur out the words ;)
Well....i probably would have blurred the words anyways haha

I've had to do a lot of thinking about picking Tom up at the airport...
You know girly thinking...like what will i wear, stuff like that!!
I've been online shopping for the perfect airport outfit for the past 2 weeks.
sounds silly...i know, but this is serious business...
I mean i know Tom will just be happy to see me, but i want to look nice.
I can happily say i've found the perfect outfit, and it's red, just like my bow.
Which is what i was trying to do...get something to match the red bow that will be in my hair :)
Come on...how cute is that!!!!

I'm so excited!!!
Only 50 more days to wait.

I'm now going to leave you with some of the sweetest words spoken by Tom.
This was after we skyped on Saturday, right before he went to bed.
I apologize in advance if this embarrasses you Tom ;)

"Well I need to tear myself away now for some dang sleep,
I really enjoyed our skate tonight, it was just perfect as always.
I know i stared at you a lot, but I seriously think you're the most beautiful girl
i've ever seen, i really do and i can't wait to see you again"

Mmkaaayyy....Someone needs to resuscitate me ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Conversations With Tom #3

E: Soooooo I was online shopping today.
T: Nice Em, what did you get?
E: First of all i'm glad you're so invested in my shopping habits,
that's like serious points in your favor.
Oh and I bought a mans shirt from JCrew
T: hmmmmm....a mans shirt huh?? 
E: Yea, i mean that's not weird right???
because it's just a t-shirt, like i can lounge in it
and it was on sale
and it's just a t-shirt...
i know it's for guys but....
i just really liked it...
It's not like a bought a whole outfit...
Here look at it...
{I then shared my screen on Skype}
T: That will look so good on you Em.
E: Oh....good, I'm glad you think so..
T: I mean i have some shirts i was thinking of throwing away...
you can go through them...
haha ;)

T: What are you doing tonight Em?
E: Oh you know just going to hear a speaker.
T: Oh who's speaking?
E: Oh it's just the King of Wal-Mart...{Wal-Mart CEO}
T: What thats amazing, i want to be King of Wal-Mart
E: Well...challenge him to a dual???
T: Ok, you set it up...
E: Alright, then when you beat him we will be Wal-Mart royalty
T: yea, and we can live in Wal-Mart
E: ooh, and people can visit us and bring us gifts..
T: we'll be set for life...
E: We really do have the best life goals..
T: It's so true!!

E: Hey Tom do you drink lemonade?
T: hmm no i don't really like it.
E: What?? How do you not like it?
T: Well it's like fizzy, it has carbonation.
E: What kind of lemonade are you drinking??
T: Regular lemonade....
E: hmmm no, lemonade isn't carbonated.
T: Well ours is...
E: well yours is weird...
T: hmmmmmmm maybe..
E: Ok did you ever have a lemonade stand when you were little??
T: No, because i wasn't raised in 1950's America...
E: Whhoooaaa...somebody sounds jealous ;)

Ahh i love conversations with Tom!!

Also we've figured out some of the things we will be doing in Texas.
Like going to the Perot Museum in Dallas.
Going to the Dallas Aquarium.
Going to the Ft.Worth Zoo.
Going to the stockyards.
Six flags.

We have so much planned!!
I am so so excited!!

Remember to check out the summer hints I've been giving
And here's Hint number 4 for our "Bigger" summer plans.
 - Long Red Bridge -

ok ok and i'll be working and being semi-productive ;) 
But for real, school is almost out for summer.
Never have i ever been more ready in my life!!!!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

100 followers and the GFC crash!!

I love this little blog of mine.
My goal in the first year of blogging was to reach 100 followers.
I mean i get excited when people are excited about my blog.
Nothing wrong with that.

So i currently have 86 followers Via GFC
and 21 Via Bloglovin.
Which totals 107!!!!!!
I reached over 100 followers
in my first three and a half months blogging!!
I like to call that sweet success.

Apparently GFC is going kaput :(
Which is sad because that's a way a lot of blogs
are able to show their following.

Sooooo my plea to you is this...
if you like my blog enough to follow it
please consider following me on bloglovin...
It's super easy and you can actually connect through Facebook or email.
Which you may actually like more than google friend connect!
I really really hope you like my blog enough to keep up with me :)

you can follow me here :)
Follow on Bloglovin

Have a great thursday!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Becoming an Ex-Expat

A year ago today i was waking up in America for the first time in 3 months.
My trip to Europe was officially over.

I was no longer able to walk down to Glacière metro station,
and hop on the metro to go over to the Eiffel Tower.

We saw the eiffel tower so much that we joked it was becoming Blasé...
I didn't realize how much i would truly miss seeing it so often.
I'd do anything to walk under it's shadow again.

I remember the first week i was home,
I was a mess, sleeping all the time, eating after midnight.
My body was not letting me adjust back to USA standards.

I remember being sad that it was over,
but excited to be back home and get back into a routine.
Soon that routine became Blasé and i was missing Paris desperately.
I still am.

It became my second home, the only other place i've ever lived.
And i truly love it with all my heart.

My wish for everyone would be,
that you could experience Paris at some point in your life.

I love this quote so much and it really just sums it up.

You can find this painting here 

So for now i will just focus on getting back to Paris next spring :)
I'm showing my video in Chapel on thursday, i'll post it on here as soon as i can!
Hopefully it's a BIG BIG recruiting week!!! 

ALSO...this has nothing to do with traveling...
I'm doing the 30 day squat challenge...and it's KILLER!!!!
It makes me cry!!!!!
getting ready for day 3 tomorrow ;) 
i'm a wimpy baby!!!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Surprise Box from Tom

So a few weeks ago Tom said something about a letter.
Which got me super excited!!
I mean who doesn't like getting letters.
I know i LOVE getting letters.
Especially when they're from your cute British boyfriend!!!
So when i got an email yesterday telling me i had a package to pick up...
I thought it was just one of my many online shopping endeavors
finally showing up for me to enjoy.
I get to the post office and give them my little yellow slip,
they go around this corner and bring back a little box.
A BOX???? I was not expecting this at all.
I was expecting a letter, but i got a box instead.
It didn't take me long to rip into it....literally i was tearing it apart
while walking back to my apartment....
walking and opening a package is a pretty impressive talent!!
Soooooooo look what i got!!!!! eeeeeeeeep!!!
A few weeks ago I was telling Tom that i didn't get anything for Easter...
because i'm in school and i missed ALL of the festivities.
Tom told me about all of the fun things he got...
you know like chocolate eggs and fun stuff like that..
I may have said how jealous i was,
I'm happy i did because he sent me some..
I also got my wonderful letter and a fun British Flag pen :)
OH and he sent me a kitkat bar....Which he knows is my favorite candy.
You may not know this but KitKats from England/Europe are
soooooo much better than US kitkats....not sure why but they are...
and i basically cried tears of happiness while eating devouring it!!!
I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!!
siiighhhhhhh ;)

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Big One!!!

Today is my big...huge...terrifying business presentation.
If you've ever been a business student or know someone who is,
then you've probably heard of Capsim Business Simulation.
What you do is...
You're given a company, and you have to maintain it.
You have to keep it afloat...
Now that the semester is coming to an end,
we have to present our business to our teachers AND to the Dean.
We have a 10 minute presentation...30 minutes of intense Q&A,
and 10 minutes of feedback...
It's always nice to remember that....
hmmm.....like this project?????
May 9th May 9th May 9th

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A blog about Tom....

We started out as friends.
We only started talking because of him.
He was contemplating sending me a message.
Finally he did.

We talked for a few hours that night or early morning for him.
We finally said our goodnights and promised to talk again the next day.
Little did we know we'd be speaking every single day over the next 6 months.
Little did we know that he'd be buying a plane ticket to come see me.
Little did I know that he would become so important to me.
I'm so glad he has!

I've gotten to the point where i don't remember a time without Tom.
I don't want to remember a time without him.
I'm just glad i have him now.

I could be having the worst day ever,
then Tom swoops in and makes me laugh and i forget all about it.

He really is an amazing guy.
An amazing guy that will be here in 59 days.

I was talking to my good friend Lauren today.
She always makes me laugh, she's amazing!!!
she was like...."yea at first i thought this was a little weird.
You know....dating online....and so far away!!
Then he bought a ticket and met your family
and you met his family and like whoa....this is really real,
and it's awesome, It's so fun."

It's funny, i think most people at first are like...uhhhhh this is weird.
What are you doing Emily??? You're soooooooo crazy!!!

Then they read the blog, or talk to me about Tom
OR talk to Tom and then they just....get it!!

It's funny because as soon as people see how Tom and I are together
they instantly get why it's working so well.

Because we really fit together, in an amazing way!!
I'm just so excited to have this opportunity with him...I can't wait for you
all to see us together in real pictures where our faces aren't in Skype boxes!!
I literally don't think i can contain my excitement!!!!
59 daaaayyyyyyyssssss!!!!!!

I kind of like talking about him....have you noticed???? ;)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tom&Emily Dates!!

I was talking to Tom yesterday...
He was telling me that Texas was on the news in England.
Sadly the news wasn't the kind of news anyone wants to see.
My thoughts and prayers are with the people of West, Texas.
I hope that they can find a way to heal and build up again after this horrible disaster.
Prayers are also with Boston as they continue to piece together that awful tragedy.
It has been one really really bad week!!!


So yesterday Tom told me he has never EVER had a cookie straight out of the oven...
He's never enjoyed the delectable oooey gooeyness of a nice warm choco-chip cookie!!!
Due to his his lack of cookie experience, we now have a cookie date planned.
Yes, a cookie date.

A date that will consist of baking cookies from scratch in my momma's kitchen.
He THINKS he will just be reaping the benefits of my baking...
but what he doesn't realize is i'll probably make him do most of the work!!
I mean the boys gotta learn to bake some cookies...ahem...biscuits!

Dates are a fun topic of discussion with Tom.
Obviously our dates consist of a computer screen in between us.
It's not ideal, but it's all we can have at the moment.

We're technically "dating" each other...we're just unable to actually go anywhere.
So you can imagine when he gets here we will be going on LOTS of dates.
Starting with a Birthday Dinner Date for Tom
since he'll be turning 23 right before he gets here!! :)

I officially only have to wait another 2 months for Tom to get here.
How crazy is that??? I feel like time is flying by.
My only hope is that is slows down starting June 19th
so we can really take in the short 3 weeks we will have together.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Springy spring-time!!!

Spring is officially here!!!
I know this because it's supposed to be 90 degrees in Texas this week...
Ok so that's more like summer weather, but i don't hear anyone complaining!!
The cold has moved it's way out and the warm sun-shiny-ness is here to stay!
I always end up in quite the pickle around this time of the year.
My winter clothes are no longer acceptable, and my spring clothes
from the previous spring are a little worn&torn.
Sooooo basically, i need to do some shopping,
and i've found quite a few peices that i'd love to see in my closet this spring!

 Images found here:
Basically i would love to have all of this in my closet....now ;)
If only the things you pinned magically appeared in your wardrobe!!!
That would be the life ;)

Also I just purchased some 5'' Chino shorts from J.Crew for $20.00
Yeeeessssssss please!!!
AND they're bright red, which i loovvvee!!!
Super excited about them if you can't tell...i just love a sale!!!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Study Abroad!!!!

I knew about study abroad programs way before i even
stepped foot on my universities campus.
And yet i told myself multiple times that i would NEVER go on one.
Why was i so closed minded?? I'm not really sure.
I think it was a fear of the unknown.
I had a hard enough time settling into College without having to
think about doing it 4,000 miles away from home.
The more comfortable i got in school, the more i got curious about the programs.
I was still telling myself that it would never happen.
I was completely ready to stick to the status quo of how things were going.
Then something changed.
One day in Chapel I heard from a group of students who had studied abroad.
It literally changed my mind instantly. I knew that it was something i needed to look into.
I then told myself to wait for a sign...now i don't normally rely on signs.
But when you ask for a sign and are given one in the same day...you should probably listen up!
The same day i asked for that sign, there was a Chapel announcement about Paris.
It consisted of Blynn standing up in front of everyone and telling us
10 reasons to study abroad in Paris in the Spring.
He said things like the Eiffel Tower and Crepes...and then he said discount.
That's when my ears perked up and i really started listening.
The discount was $1789...the trip would be discounted by that amount.
That amount is actually the year the French Revolution began...
clever, i know!!
Right after we were dismissed from Chapel i called my dad.
I asked him if it would be ok for me to look into this a little bit more.
He said yes, thank goodness!!
So i went to a meeting...that meeting led to an application..
that application led to a lot of other meetings...
and then on February 1st I landed in Paris, France.
It should be known that i signed up to go to Paris in October of 2011,
and was in Paris in February of 2012.
It was a whirlwind!
We're getting close to the Year anniversary of when we left Europe
and our trip was officially over.
This time last year i was sleeping in a hostel in Scotland.
Studying abroad means different things to different people.
To me it meant adventure, and an eye opening experience
to what is out there in this amazing world!
I'd do it all over again if i could...
Oh wait, i might get to!! ;)
If you get the opportunity to study abroad, TAKE IT!!!
It's such an amazing experience that you will hold dear to your heart for the rest of your life!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My thoughts and prayers are with Boston.
 "This world is not my home, I'm just passing through"
and i'm thankful for that!

Those words always  run through my mind during these troubleing times,
they bring comfort and peace.

I don't think there is an answer for why things like this happen.
For why groups of people or individuals feel the need to attack anyone.
It's senseless and frustrating.

I stole this quote from a friend of mine, Ashley Alexander.
"The only thing evil deeds prove, is the strength of the human spirit,
and the inability of anything to separate us from the love of God."

No matter where you are in the world, keep Boston in your prayers.
We don't just need to come together as a nation,
in times like these we need to come together as people.
And we are all people.


Monday, April 15, 2013

{50} SKYPE DATES!!!!!!

It all started with an awkward 45 minute Skype call.
I remember being really really nervous about it, 
I even made a little agenda of things we could discuss 
just in case we ran out of things to say...

The agenda consisted of jokes and some questions about how he pronounced things.
The call only lasted 45 minutes because I had planned it that way.
I wanted it to be short and sweet because i knew I was going to be awkward!!
I wanted to save him having to look at an overly awkward Emily for another hour.

I honestly wasn't sure how it had gone..I knew i wanted to see him again,
but you never know how the other person is feeling.
Not to worry, obviously we continued to Skype each other.
It was pretty soon after the first one that we both decided there needed to be another one!
Apparently, even though we were both super awkward that first Skype,
we both enjoyed it enough to do it again...and again...and well...again!!

Recently Tom and I decided to count up all of our dates to see how many we had done.
I counted them off and he took a tally, one by one they started adding up.
When i had finally finished going through our Skype history, he counted them.
We were both pretty amazed to see that we had exceeded our expectations.
We have officially had 50 Skype dates.

Some of them have lasted an hour and some have lasted 5 hours.
We've had Skype dates that involved jokes, and magic tricks and ridiculous pictures. 
At one point during these dates he decided it was time to book a flight.
We've become incredibly close during this crazy and amazing adventure.

I can't wait for him to get here, i can't wait for people to meet him!!
I can't wait for people to see us together, and to see how we are around each other.
I know it can be hard to understand something that starts online.
I just personally don't find anything wrong with it, and i've been lucky enough to find
this amazing guy who totally gets me and my quirky self.
PLUS he's british, cherry on top my friends!!!

To finish this post off i think a nice little summer Tomily {Tom&Emily} hint is appropriate;
Hint #1 is here
Hint #2 is here 
hint #3 - "Stars and Signs" 

Have a great monday everyone!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013


You know that feeling you get in your stomach 
when you see that cute boy across the room....or on your computer screen??
Most people call that feeling butterflies...
but we like to call it caterpillars!!

It was a few weeks ago when i was texting Tom,
he said something that probably made me blush and go all giggly.
I was going to text him back with some butterflies 
but i didn't have a butterfly image in my emoji's,
siggghhh....whats a girl to do???

So i texted him a caterpillar instead.
I mean a caterpillar is the first step in becoming a butterfly.
To make a long silly story shorter...
we now call that feeling "getting caterpillars" 
because we're cheeeeesy ;)
and i love it!! 

{life is made up of small pleasures}

Y'all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Skype date number....1,084????

When Tom and I first started Skyping we decided to only Skype once a week.
You know to keep it special, to keep us excited about it.

That kind of went out the window a few weeks ago.
While i was home for spring break, we skyped every single day.
And in the end it spoiled us.
Spoiled us real bad!

So now we get sad when we don't get to see each other everyday,
or even every other day, basically we're sad if we can't see each other at least 3 times a week.
Even 3 times a week isn't enough any more...
Basically, we can't get enough of each other ;)

We're becoming a little bit restless, we're getting more and more 
excited about his arrival in Texas on June 19th. 

We Skype so much that his mum notices when we don't get to Skype.
She'll say stuff like "not skyping with emily tonight?"
Then Tom says "no" with a sad face and goes on his way...
heartbreaking...i know!!!

I am just SO excited for him to get here!!
68 days...68 days....68 days!!!

We already have it planned out that we will be skyping
every single day this summer until he gets here.
Then we will Skype every single day after he leaves...
but i don't want to think about that part :/

I'm just going to focus on the wonderful and amazing 3 weeks i will have with him :)
With this guy, we are such a silly pair, but we're perfect!!
I wouldn't want to be silly with anyone else ;)

girly sigh...
Have a great thursday!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Backpacking Europe {Part 1}

When i studied abroad last spring i had the opportunity to backpack
around Europe for 2 weeks, which isn't very long but still long enough to learn a few things.

We went to the following places;
Italy {Milan, Venice}
Switzerland {Interlaken, Bern}
England {London}
Ireland {Kilkenny, Dublin}
Scotland {Edinburgh}

If i could do it again i'd do it so much better.
I mean honestly we did really well considering we had never
been backpacking before, but there's always things you will learn
that you can use to your advantage the next time you go!

Like how much money you will need.
Yea, that's pretty important as you don't want to become stranded and broke.
You'll need to make sure your bank knows you are leaving the country.
This is important because they will freeze your account 
if they are not aware you are in another country!

You need to know where you're staying in each place.
I would suggest using the following resources..

You need to know how you'll be getting from place to place.
I would suggest getting a Eurail pass for Europe.
If you're in the UK look into a BritRail pass.

Make sure you don't show up too early to catch planes/trains.
I know i know, better safe than sorry, but you might get 
stranded at Tours Airport with a serial killer.
Personal Experience....

I would say standard 2 hours before flight and an hour before a train departs.

Research is key!
Don't believe everything you read online about tourist destinations in Europe.
Try to find real reviews on places so you know exactly what you're walking into.

Also look into the politics of the countries you're wanting to visit,
make sure that while you're there, that there isn't any unrest in the country.
Not that thats something you can control...

Don't be afraid to go off the grid a little.
We walked 2 miles down a Scottish road to a castle that we never would
have found if we had stayed in tourist spots.

{see what i mean, you can't beat this}

Same goes for seeking out restaurants.
If you want a real experience with food in another country
go deeper into cities, away from the "Popular" and "Touristy" areas
and you will find cheaper, tastier, more authentic food!!

I hope this helps anyone who's interested in backpacking Europe! :)
I'll be doing a part 2 to this post in a few days about packing
and some more specifics about backpacking Europe!
If you have any questions you'd like for me to address in Part 2
I would love to answer them for you!! :)

Have an awesome Wednesday, I know i will.
I get to skype Tom-tom today, yippee ;)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Summer Tans and Tom!!!

I keep telling myself...only 5 more weeks..
5 more weeks of this awful semester,
5 more weeks till summertime!

5 more weeks and i can focus on more important things like a nice tan
and finding the perfect picnic basket, and planning for Tom's arrival!!

In those 5 weeks is 4 projects, two of them individual and 2 of them in groups.
There will also be tests, quizzes and the lovely books you have to read
because your professors didn't want you to read them till the end of the semester...
5 weeks till summer, 5 weeks till summer, 5 weeks till summer!!!

I haven't even had the chance to Skype Tom since FRIDAY...I know i know
It's a hard life i live, right??? ;) 

Well now that i'm on the topic of Tom, have i told you lately just how fantastic he is??
Well.....he is!!

That guy is becoming a really really important part of my story and that just
makes me such a happy happy girl!!!

He will be here in 70 days.

How about another Hint at what we'll be doing while he's here.
If you missed hint #1 you can find it here!

Hint #2 − 4 faces, hard as rock!

Have a great Tuesday :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

{Color}ful fun run!!

On saturday I dragged my family out of bed at 5:45am and we hopped in our super
amazing mini van that still graces our driveway, and we headed to Fair Park in Dallas!
Ok...so they dragged me out of bed, not the other way around.

This was my second Color Run and it was just as amazing as the first.
You show up early, stand around, listen to fun music, get pumped up and get free swag!!
Then they throw you over too the start line where you hit beach balls up in the air, 
dance around to the music and just prepare yourself for what's about to happen!

The Color Run is a 5K fun run, there are 4 color stations in the course.
You get hit with yellow, orange, pink and blue color.
They also had misters out that were spraying you with purple and green, that was new!!

This is pretty much one of the craziest races you can participate in.
I saw all kinds of outfits from tutu's to someone in a wedding dress....

It's such a fun race, the whole family can do it...
In fact we saw a little old grandma being pushed in a wheelchair through the course.
She had multi-colored grey hair at the end of the race! :)

If you're looking for a fun, easy race to get you motivated to exercise this is the one.
You can run, jog, walk, skip, roll through the whole thing.
& it's for a good cause, they pick a local charity to support in each city.
The charity we had was the American Heart Association.
So Check out the Website for the Color Run here.
And see if it's coming to a city near you :)

I hope you all have a great monday....
ok, who am i kidding...I hope your monday is bearable ;) 


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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Skype date + Laundry + Blog renovation!

Yesterday was spent registering at my local community college
so i can take an online English class that i've been putting off for...4 years.
That was more stressful than i had wanted it to be.

So it was nice to come home and open up the computer to Skype Tom.
We talked for almost 5 hours, which is becoming a normal occurrence!!
It's pretty amusing the things we do while we Skype,
Like today he was having his dinner {tea} while I folded my laundry...

Yes i folded laundry in front of him...i mean i needed to do it!
You have to be somewhat productive if you're going to spend 5 hours skyping.
I feel like the laundry took our relationship to a new level ;)


Spring is finally here which means things are about to get really colorful.
As you can see my blog has found spring, and it's pretty, and flowery and wonderful!!
I love my blogs new look, i think it's very...Monet ;)
Hope y'all like it as much as i do!!

I'm doing the color run this morning which is another colorful activity.
I'll post pictures and hopefully a video on monday!! :)

Hope you all have a fab weekend!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cat head on a Tom body!

Two AMAZING things just happened!!

The first amazing thing is...
Remember the other day when i blogged about how frustrated we were
that we didn't get into the apartments we wanted???
Well...that waiting list was shorter than we thought and WE.ARE.IN!
Now i kind of feel like a bratty child who got my way...but i'm ok with that ;)

Did i mention there is a starbucks already in the apartment complex
AND possibly a Panara coming soon...not completely sure about Panara but a girl can dream!!
The second amazing thing that happened yesterday came from Thomas.
We skyped as usual...it was wednesday and it lasted almost 5 hours :)
But before we skyped Tom sent me a selfie,
yea take a look, It's hilarious!!!
His selfie photo fits perfectly to his body in another photo!!
This has spawned more selfie pictures to see how crazy we can make Tom's body look!!
The second picture is Tom's cat Barney...we are taking this to new levels...to CAT levels!!!

Also how sweet is it that he was so excited to see meeeeee :)
Girly sigh!!!

 p.s. I'm going home today, Yippee for Fam time :)
Y'all have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Oh hey guess what??
Only 76 more days till Tom-Tom is here!!
 Whoa..76 days
76 days
did i already say 76 days???

I can remember when we were counting down from like 130 days
so 76 days is pretty exciting!!
I mean i'm single handedly bringing a British guy to Texas...Who does that??
well..apparently I do that ;)

Oh are we pulling the same face?? That's strange...that never happens...{sarcasm} ;)

I'm so excited about our plans while he's here!!
I'm sure you all want to know what we will be up to.
I don't like to just give things away so i've decided to give you hints.
So the plan over the next few weeks is to randomly throw hints at you...like this...
Hint#1 - It's Grand.

I know, don't you wish i'd just spill the beans.
You'll all know soon enough....like in 80 days mwahaha!!
I'm excited!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools

It has been a busy busy week...and it's only Tuesday!
First of all i registered for my FINAL semester in College.
Whoa..where did the time go??
4 years ago i was a gothic, depressed, lonely freshman.
Now i'm graduating, Hallelujah!!!

The only problem was, we ran into a small issue with housing. 
The Apartments we wanted were already full by the time we had our housing appointments!
How does that happen?? 
I'm basically going to be a 23 year old 5th year senior still living in a dorm.
There's an upside, we're on the top of the waiting list so cross your fingers we get in!!!

^^^^ THIS, led to an April Fools Prank...a really mean funny prank :)
Jess our suite mate had her housing meeting first, 
so she went and talked to the lady and got all three of us 
into one of the upper clansmen dorm/apartments.
By the time she came back it was time for Sam and myself to go to our meeting,
just to tell the lady we agree with what Jess chose.

Now at this point we're all riled up because we're so upset we didn't get into the apartments.
So we were stomping around, threatening to break frisbee players frisbees 
and also threatening to push over skateboarders...We are pretty crazy!!
Since we were already in an evil mindset it was easy to come up with this prank.
While walking over i tell Sam that we should prank Jess
by telling her that the two of us got into the new apartments but there wasn't enough room for her.


We went to our meeting, agreed to what Jess had already done.
Then we went back to the dorm room, we walked in and the first thing Sam said was
"this is really awkward"
You could already see panic on Jess' face.
As Sam explained what had happened, she just looked like she had lost everything.
It was heartbreaking and hilarious all at the same time...
I finally called it and we yelled April Fools and all was well.
I'm just impressed that Sam and I even came close to 
fooling her because we were giggling the whole time!!
It was hilarious!

Jess is on the left, Sam is in the middle and I am on the right.

Hope you are all having a great week!!