Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Surprise Box from Tom

So a few weeks ago Tom said something about a letter.
Which got me super excited!!
I mean who doesn't like getting letters.
I know i LOVE getting letters.
Especially when they're from your cute British boyfriend!!!
So when i got an email yesterday telling me i had a package to pick up...
I thought it was just one of my many online shopping endeavors
finally showing up for me to enjoy.
I get to the post office and give them my little yellow slip,
they go around this corner and bring back a little box.
A BOX???? I was not expecting this at all.
I was expecting a letter, but i got a box instead.
It didn't take me long to rip into it....literally i was tearing it apart
while walking back to my apartment....
walking and opening a package is a pretty impressive talent!!
Soooooooo look what i got!!!!! eeeeeeeeep!!!
A few weeks ago I was telling Tom that i didn't get anything for Easter...
because i'm in school and i missed ALL of the festivities.
Tom told me about all of the fun things he got...
you know like chocolate eggs and fun stuff like that..
I may have said how jealous i was,
I'm happy i did because he sent me some..
I also got my wonderful letter and a fun British Flag pen :)
OH and he sent me a kitkat bar....Which he knows is my favorite candy.
You may not know this but KitKats from England/Europe are
soooooo much better than US kitkats....not sure why but they are...
and i basically cried tears of happiness while eating devouring it!!!
I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!!
siiighhhhhhh ;)


  1. I cannot eat chocolate in the US. Nestlé and Cadbury are so much better. It was our first week in Brighton England (my husbands first time in England ever ) and he had bought a kitkat to split with me. I wasn't even thinking about it being made with chocolate from here so when I but into it My eyes literally lit up as I Reazlizes how much better they taste here.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  2. Seriously. I need a British boyfriend. What is the status of his best friend? Maybe we can all hang out. ;)

  3. Have him send you a twirl bar or a crunchie. They are both delicious! xx