Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adventure awaits

Tom will be here in Texas on Monday!!
I feel like i'm holding my breath waiting for him to get here.
I love and miss him and I'm so ready for our next adventure.

It's probably my favorite word.
There's so many things that go through
my head when I think of adventure.

I think of Tom.
He's been such an adventure.
Over the past (almost) two years
I've been on so many adventures with him.

Some of those adventures were when we actually traveled.
Travel adventures are theeeee best!!
Seeing knew places, it's my favorite thing!!

Other adventures were just learning about each other.
Falling for someone is a serious adventure.
A wonderful, magical adventure.

So with Tom in Texas on the horizon
I can't help but think of all of the adventures
that are to come over the next month and a half.

I've actually been thinking of some adventures
that will be happening next year.

About a year ago Tom and I talked about this year
and how we wanted to be able to somehow, someway spend
the entire year together.

Well we did pretty good, 
we are going to have six and a half months
under our belts for this year.

So why not aim higher for next year??
Well I can tell you that we are definitely aiming higher.

I went out with some friends from high school the other day
and we were all able to catch up and it was just the greatest!!
I love friends that stick with you through the years, they're the best!!

Anyways one of my good friends Mariah was telling
me that she really wants to go to Australia.

Weird, so do we!!
Like we really want to go!!

This blog post is coming full circle..

This whole Australia thing has been on my mind non stop lately.

I just think it's such a great opportunity.
I don't like letting opportunity go to waste.

So if money is there and Tom is on board
I say we go to Australia, or NZ.
Final destination hasn't been decided. Ha!

Plus knowing that a friend of mine from
way way back might also be over there
is more than enough for me to be on board!!

I mean does anyone else want in on this
because it would be crazy cool to have
a group going over.

Like a traveling community of people ;)
Would that be weird??? Maybe...
I think I'm trying to make myself a gypsy.
I need to take a little step back. haha

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh heeyyy, you so crafty!!!

I've been doing crafty projects for about 5 years now.
It's something that started as a little hobby and
it's just turned into something much bigger.

I've now got a pretty successful Etsy shop.
I just celebrated 100 sales just the other day.
100 sales, i just can't believe it!! 

I am so happy that my prints are doing so well,
and that my shop has really started booming.

So you know, since one thing is going well
why not try and shake things up by starting up another biz??

So that's exactly what i've done.

The other day I sat down and spent a few hours
running through the logistics of my new venture.
And after those few hours I decided to Launch that venture.

I'm a mover and a shaker, what can I say? ;)

So I've already made this announcement on fb and instagram
but since my blog is going to be the hub of the business I knew
that I needed to also announce it on here.

So without further adieu...

I am so excited about this!
So so so excited!!

I'm excited because I love teaching other
people how to find their own creativity.

I hear people all the time talk about how they wish
that they could do that or make that but they're
just not creative enough to do it.

Well Pish Posh.
Is that a British thing??
Ehh i don't know..
Anyways that's just silly!!

I know that everyone has creativity.
And everyone has talent.

And I'm just wanting to help people recognize the talents
that they have that maybe they don't realize they have.

So this fall I'm going to be teaching some crafty classes.

The first one is a canvas class, the second one
is a tassel garland class and the third one is a bike restoration class.

I'm planning on adding even more classes to the list.
For example, letter decorating, burlap wreath class, and some holiday craft classes.

There's so many popular DIY ideas out there that people want to do
but they can't get all of the stuff together to do it.

So I'm kind of just trying to make it all a bit easier
and put it in a class setting so that you can watch me do it
and then do it yourself, for yourself so that you'll know how
to do these things in the future.

Plus i'll be providing all of the necessary items for the craft.
So all you have to do is show up, it's so easy!!

So every other Thursday this fall through the end of the year
 I plan on hosting a class or two for anyone in the DFW area
that would like to learn how to make some of this stuff.

There is more info in the tab titled 'You so crafty classes'
at the top of the page!! :)


Sunday, July 27, 2014


You guyysss!!!
In one week I will be on my way to the 
airport to pick up Tom!!!

I am SO excited!!
I can't even express how happy I am.
I just am absolutely positively ecstatic!!!!

The next 6 weeks are going to be amazing.
First of all we just have so much catching up to do.
I've missed him like crazy!!

Then we've got tons of plans.
Things to do, places to go, people to seeee...
I mean so much to do in so little time.

THEN we have 2 whole weeks in the Caribbean!!
I mean I'm freaking out just thinking about it.

So many exciting things are happening!!

This picture of Tom displays how exciting all of this is...

so exciting!
I'm freaking out!

I can't wait for him to be here!!!

You remember a year or so ago
when I was freaking out for other reasons.

Freaking out that i'd pee my pants out of
pure terror at meeting this guy for the first time.

Almost fainting in the baggage area
waiting for him to come through the doors...
ohhhhh yea, good times for sure ;)

I wrote a blog the week following up to 
meeting Tom for the first time.

i described my emotions like this...

I'm feeling...
















And well i still feel the exact same way one year later!!
Chirpy is my favorite one ;)

Hope you're all having a great day!! :)


Friday, July 25, 2014


Reminder that i'm selling about 30 items
from my closet on instagram today through Sunday night.

All Items are in perfect condition, worn once or twice
or a few times but that are still looking great.

This is a bidding sale
so all you have to do is bid
higher than the highest bid by .50 cents or more.
It's eaaassssyyyy!!

So head over to instagram and
search for my closet sale at

You'll find everything you need to know
in the information image found at the bottom of the feed!!

I hope you'll check it out because
some of these items are a steal!!

Here's a few items that you
will find over at the sale!!

Happy shopping :)


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Closet Sale

I've seen lots of people use instagram as
a garage sale of sorts to sell their clothing that
they don't wear anymore.

I mean GENIUS!!
It's genius for two reasons.
Reason 1 - You get to declutterfy!!
Reason 2 - You make back some money you spent.
And that's kind of what's so great about it.

I like to sell and donate.
I donate clothing quite often,
in fact when I left England I basically donated
all of my clothes before I left to make room for 
all of the other fun stuff i was bringing home with me.

So while i'm selling some clothes, i've got another bag full
that's headed to donation station tomorrow! :)

A lot of the items i'm selling in my instagram closet sale
are either name brand, H&M, JCrew, Gap, target name brand??
If not it probably should be, i loovvee target!!
The other stuff i'm selling is stuff i've picked up overseas.
I've got lots of scarves from England and one OXFORD sweatshirt
that is from OXFORD, UK...OXFORD deserves to be in all CAPS.

I know i'm crazy, selling an OXFORD sweatshirt, how dare I...
But listen, the ladies don't really have room in that sweatshirt soooo...
It's got to go ;)

I've got skirts, T's, scarves galore and some other stuff.
It's not like hundreds of things, I think I'll have like 30 items at the most.

The coooool part of this little sale is it's a bidding sale.

So you know that OXFORD sweatshirt?
Bidding starts at $5. FIVE BUCKS!!
So if you're the only one that bids on that
you've got yoself an OXFORD sweatshirt basically for free ;)

It's pretty awesome.

All of my scarves start at $1.
So you might snatch yourself up some
scarves and not even spend that much on them.

To be honest most items in the sale start at $1.
So it would be great to have more than one person bid on everything...
If only one person bids then that person is getting lots of stuff for pennies..pennies I say!!

It's really cool..really really cool!!

The bidding will begin on July 25th at 7:00am.
That's this FRIDAY!!

The bidding will conclude on July 31st
at 11:59PM that's the following Thursday.

So bidding will be up for a couple of days.
It's kind of like a massive eBay sale.

All you have to do to bid on an item is
comment on the item and put a price higher than
the highest price.

To be specific, put a price that is .50 cents or more over the last highest price.

If you win the item then
I'll contact you via instagram and
ask for an email that I can send an invoice to.

If the sale falls through then the
next highest bidder will win the item.

It's so simple :)

My Instagram name is @emsclosetsale
ALSO Follow me so you'll get an update when the sale begins.

There are clearer images and item info on instagram.

Please don't bid on anything until Friday at 7:00am.

I'll delete any bidding that starts before then. :)

There's also an information photo in the feed
where you can read some more about the sale :)

Have a great day you guys!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Restoring Old Bikes

The first time Tom and I rode bikes together
was in San Francisco last summer.

We rented bikes are peddled our
way over to the Golden Gate Bridge.
It is one of my absolute favorite memories.

My personal bike is an old, 
dusty bike from the early 2000's that's been
sitting in our barn for the past 12 or so years.

It's not a bad looking bike but it's definitely not
what I'd want to ride around on these days.

Well the other day I was thinking that it
would be fun to get some of our old bikes
out and see if we can spruce them up a bit.

I really wanted some bikes for when Tom is in town.

So I went out and investigated our bike sitch.
We have 5 working bikes, but they all looked terrible.

That's due to the fact that they haven't been touched in a decade.

Spider webs, dirt, dirt and more dirt was all I was seeing.
So I found mine, and I found a bigger bike that we
got from a friend a while back and I took them
over to the water hose and gave them a well deserved bath.

Mine is on the left, Toms in on the right

After getting the two bikes clean I went to walmart and bought
glossy spray paint in white and black.

I bought white and black but you can buy any color,
I would just get glossy so the bike is shiny.

Once I got home I got to work.

Work = Covering the areas of the bike that
you don't want to get paint on with tape and grocery bags...

I also put a paint tarp up on the wall and underneath the bikes
so that I kept the paint contained.

This is the bike I painted for Tom.
I asked Tom what he wanted his bike to look like
and he said black with two white stripes on the lower bar.
So I painted the whole thing black and then let it dry.
I then went back and painted two white stripes on the bike.

It really turned out SO good!!
Simple but cool!

And it just totally transformed the bike!!

Now onto my bike.
I wanted my bike to be white with black spots.
Kind of like a Dalmatian.

I just had this vision in my head and I knew it would look cool.

So I too my bike and spray painted it white.
Then I took some black paint that I already had
and took a fine tipped paint brush and started putting
spots all over the bike.

That part was so fun.
I wasn't making them all look the same, 
I thought they looked better some being big and some small.

I finished the spots and well, I was already in love.
But I didn't stop there.

I have always wanted a cute wicker basket on my bike.
So me and my mom went to our goodwill in town and found
a perfect little wicker basket that was only $3.00.
We didn't want the basket to have handles so
we cut the handles off and were left with the perfect little bike basket!!

We attached the basket with zip ties and then covered them with ribbon.

Once the basket was on it just really completed the whole look!!

I am in love with both of these bikes!!

They were so easy to spruce up.
I did get really sweaty and gross and covered in paint
but it was so worth it.

Why buy a new bike when you have perfectly good ones already.
All they need is a coat of paint and a little creativity and Voila, new bikes!!

It was only $3.99 to fix up Toms bike.
(All we bought was spray paint)

It was $7.00 to fix up my bike.
(Spray paint - $3.99, Basket - $3.00)

So In all I spent $11.00 restoring two bikes.
Had I gone out and bought them I would have spent a fortune.

So I hope this project motivates you to go get that old bike
that's been sitting in the garage for yeeaarrss and spruce it up a bit.

It's easy and affordable, the best combo ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed this project post!!
Have a good day everyone!!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Brickyard Buffalo

Hello everyone!!
I just wanted to share some exciting news!

My prints are now live on Brickyard Buffalo!!

Go check them out, they are only .75cents each!!
It's a steal, I'm basically giving them away ;)


Friday, July 18, 2014

Perks of traveling while single or as a couple!!

I got my first passport ever in October of 2011
right before I left for my study abroad program in Paris.

Before that I never needed a passport because
my family liked to travel in the USofA.

Well that passport has taken me to some really
amazing places over the past 2 years
and i just don't know what i'd do without it.

I even try bringing it with me when I'm just
traveling in America, i feel like i need it and
i'll get in trouble if i'm caught without it.

In fact I probably have my passport on me more
than my drivers license...I need to work on that ;)

Anywaysss I wanted to do a post on traveling as a single person
and then contrast it with traveling as a couple.

This isn't one of those "why you should be single in your 20's posts"
or "why you should get a boyfriend/get married so you can travel with a partner post."

This is simply my personal experiences :)
I don't have beef with either side :)

The BIGGEST perk of traveling when you're single
is that YOU and only you get to decide on the trip.
You don't have to talk to your significant other and see
if the trip works for them, you can just go, and you get
to pick the destination without any one else's approval.

Now i guess that's really only true if you're one of those
brave people to travel by yourself.

Traveling by yourself, while i've never done it,
I imagine to be an eye opening experience.

Here's one perk of traveling when you're single.
Let's just say you're in England and a cute brit catches your eye..
heyy, go and inquire and have fun getting to know him/her.

Use your common sense though, don't get into
a creeper situation because creepers are out there
and they will creep the crap outta you!!

I can say from personal experience that keeping a journal
or writing blog posts is something you should really try to do.

And try to make it really personal, talk about your feelings towards experiences.
The things that really really got your attention are going to be the things
you'll want to read about and remember in the days to come.

Now obviously you don't have to be single to do any of this
but if you are take it as a chance to really get to know yourself.

Just have fun though, use it as a "this is for me"
experience and try to learn about yourself while you're abroad.
You really learn so much about yourself while you're traveling
and sometimes it's great to travel while you're single the first time or
two so that you know how you are likely to act when traveling with
your future significant other ;)

Do you get hangry when you don't get an afternoon snack??
I do, i'm glad i found that out before traveling with Tom ;)

Tom actually did a solo trip around Europe after he graduated.
Which was great because he was able to help us plan our trips
better because of some of the things he learned when he traveled as a solo traveler.

So Tom took his solo knowledge and applied it to our couple travels
especially when we traveled in Italy this past May.

It's really fun to travel as a couple.
It's fun to travel as a single as well
but traveling as a couple is a bit different.

You do have to compromise with someone else about
where you would like to go on a trip.

I know when Tom and I were trying to figure out
where we wanted to go on a trip we spent days and even weeks
just researching places and then talking about the pros and the cons
of each place we found that we liked.

The great thing about research is that you don't have to go
on that trip right now but you'll have some info on it
for trips down the road that you want to take.

Compromise might be hard if you and your Significant other
don't have the same taste.

Tom and I don't really have that problem since
we're both just really laid back with just about everything.

So once you get the destination pegged everything after that is pretty easy.

It's fun traveling as a couple because for one you know
you're always going to have someone with you.

And i hope that your someone is as fun as my someone.
Tom and I have had a blast every time we've traveled together
and I can't really imagine going anywhere without him.

When you travel as a couple you have to take the other person into consideration.
This is actually a perk in my opinion because I love making sure Tom
is good and that we both have everything we need.

Another perk is having someone else there in case
something bad happens and you need backup.

When Tom and I were in Cali my Debit Card was compromised
and if I Had been by myself I would have been in a lot of trouble
but since Tom was with me he just sugar daddied me the rest of the time.
He's a catch y'all, for real!!

There are obviously hundreds of perks
for each situation whether single or dating
but now that i've got Tom i'm obviously biased
towards traveling with him.

But I really truly believe that traveling while you're single
is an incredible opportunity to really learn about yourself. 

So whether your a solo traveler or you travel as a couple
I think both sides are doing it right because you've decided
to make adventure a part of your life.

This world is so grand and so beautiful that
it would be a shame to miss out on it!!

So travel, single or as a couple, just travel!!


Hope you're all having a great weekend!!


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Ahh the fuuttuuurreee....
That's going to be the topic of today's post.
Not futuristic things like flying cars and hover boards
but futuristic things like where will Tomily be next year.

So, where will we be next year??

We have four options.
Options are good!
Options are solid!

Options make me feel less crazy
because i'd rather have them than not have them.

Option 1 - Tom applies for internship in America.

 Option 2 - Emily Applies for internship in England.

Option 3 - Tom and Emily apply for working holiday visa in Australia.

Option 4 - Tom and Emily apply for working holiday visa in New Zealand.

Tom could intern in America for up to one year on that visa.
I could intern in England for up to 6 months.
We can both work and live in AUS or NZ for up to one year.

Option 1&2 are great because we'd be close to family
and we'd have room and board and hot meals and family fun.

But options 3&4 are so so exciting and we love adventure
and this is the perfect time to go do something while neither of us
are sucked into those wonderful career jobs...

We both looked into working in Australia and I found numerous
Au Pair jobs that would be perfect for me and Tom saw a few jobs
that he really liked the look of as well.

When we searched for internships that Tom could have in America
the list was tiny and not really inspiring.

So Australia, once again, looks really attractive.
Except for the fact that it's like a million miles away.

There's also New Zealand.
The top perk of NZ is that the visa application is F.R.E.E!!!!
You just have to apply then take it with you on your travels.
We don't know as much about NZ as we do Australia...
So that one is less likely to happen.

I don't know, what do you guys think??
Would you ever move to Australia or NZ?

Let me know because we need some inspiration!!

America and England are GREAT but if we get
an opportunity to go explore the world and be together
and work and earn some money shouldn't we seriously
consider that option??? I think so!!

Let me know your thoughts :)


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Room Tour

White walls - Check
Hints of pink - Check
Personal touches - Check

Well it took me a little more than a month
but I've finally finished up decorating my bedroom.

I love love love it!!!

All of the furniture is antique except for my desk, that's ikea ;)
My blanket on my bed is from Urban Outfitters.
My pillow covers are from Target and H&M.
Stripey blanket is from Ikea.
Chandelier is from Home Depot.
Maps are from England.
Tassel Garland is from Etsy.
Prints are my own
& the rest is just stuff i've
collected over the years :)

Side Note : H&M and Urban Outfitters have
some really really really cute home stuff that reminds
me of Anthro stuff but at a fraction of the cost.
It's pretty awesome!!

I'm so happy with the way this space came together.
And i'm proud of myself for not over doing it like i normally do.


Hope you're all having a great week!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let's talk random ramblings

It's been a few days blog land, I missed you!!

I've got a few things on my mind so let's get it started with A&S.

1. Remember Alex and Sierra from last seasons X-Factor?? Actually it was literally the last season of
the USA version of the show. Sayonara Simon. Anyhoo, I fell in love with this cute duo the first time i heard their incredible rendition of Toxic. I mean it was loovvee at first site (musically of course). Well they've just come out with their very first music vid and i'd be lyyiinngggg if i said i didn't love it!! I mean when he starts running....heart be still. I love a man who runs to his lady ;) Watch it. Love it. You're welcome!!!

2. 5 words. Orange. Is. The. New. Black!! Uhhhh it's like so good!!! I watched the first episode the day before I left England. It was meant to be background noise to my packing party buuutttt it soon captured my full attention. Sorry Pack Party!! ;) Now i'm almost done with the second season. I'm trying to watch it slowly so I don't have to wait too long for the next season but let's be honest, i'll finish it tonight!! I'd rank this show up there with GOT and BB!!! You heard me!

3. On sunday i did the one thing we all hope and PRAY never happens to us. I ripped my pointer finger nail halfway off thanks to it being too long and also thanks to a stupid belt that i was taking off. I'm pretty sure ripping a nail is one of the worst pains ever. I'd like to rank it up there with childbirth but since i've yet to experience that i'll just stay quiet. But really, if you've had a baby and also ripped a nail off, i'd like to know which one you'd rather do again. Ha!

4. Tom is coming in 20 DAYS!!!!!!! I'M SO SO SO EXCITED!!!! I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! AHH!!

5. I'm so proud of myself, i've been working out 20 minutes every night for the past two weeks!! I've been using the Beach Body 10 minute trainer videos with the resistance band. I've been doing two of the 10 minutes workouts every night and i'm seeing some tiny results already. I've lost a about 2 inches around my waist and bust!! :) Pretty cool now to just keeeeeeep moving!!!

6. Here's some EXCITING news!! Over the past month i've been making prints for my etsy shop. Well one day I decided that i needed to figure out a better marketing strategy. So I googled around until I figured out that my affordable and cute prints would be a perfect item on one of those Vendor boutique sites. Ever heard of or Brickyard Buffalo or Belle Chic??? Well if you have then you'll know what i'm doing. If you haven't heard of these crazy amazing sites then you need to look into them because they are awesome!! Basically it's cute, crafty, boutiquey stuff listed on a site at a majorly discounted price. So i decided to look into getting onto these sites. It was much easier than I ever thought it would be to be featured on these sites. I sent an email here and there, worked with some really really nice ladies and badabingbadaboom i'm a vendor on all three sites. Starting TODAY my prints will be on :) They will be on that site until next tuesday and they are listed for .75 cents!! :) Next week my prints will be on Brickyard Buffalo and the following week they will be on!! :) I'm so excited, I can't wait to see how the sales go, and i hope my wonderful readers will check out the sales and support my small business! :)

That's all for now!
Hope you're all having a great week!

Be sure to check out my prints on Belle Chic! :)


Monday, July 7, 2014

I & Love & You

Here's a snippet of something I haven't shared on this blog before,
the first time we (tom & myself) said those three words.

It's a pretty sweet story, it's also corny and maybe a bit silly.

The day was March 20th, 2013.
Let it be known that by the time this milestone had rolled around
Tom and I had "known" each other for almost 5 months.
We had skyped a couple hundred times and were
fully aware of what was on the horizon.

I don't remember what we were even talking about
beforehand, all I know is I had just skyped Tom in the Business Building.

Oh yea, sometimes I would reserve a room in the business building
so I could skype with Tom before I had to go to work..(in the same building)
It was easier than going back to the apartment and then coming back.

Now that I think about it, I skyped Tom all over that building.
In hallways, in classrooms, it had good internet...what can I say ;)

Anyways on this specific day Tom and I were skyping in a classroom.

For some reason when I say skyping in a classroom it sounds really scandalous. Ha!

We talked for a while before I went into work.
It was definitely a mushy skype date.
I mean, most of them were.

So after I got into work we started texting..
I know, bad worker, but not really because
I just worked the front desk in a computer lab.

I don't remember it all but I do remember
talking about how much we liked each other.
Like really LIKED each other.

We'd say things like...
"I LIKE you so much"
I really really really LIKE you"

But you know at some point 'like' changed for the both of us
and well, we couldn't hold it back any longer.

Tom said he knew he was in love with me LONG before he actually said it.
Swoon central!! ;)

So there in that computer lab we had a VERY serious text convo
that led to those three very important words.

I remember texting Tom that I was dying to tell him
how I really felt but I didn't want to drop those feels until
I saw him in person because that's like really serious stuff.

He reciprocated the same sentiment.
He wanted to wait to tell me in person.

We both wanted the first time we told each other
that we loved each other to be in person.
Makes sense right??

Well we aren't sensible.

So after a few more minute's
Tom say's, and I quote,
"Emily, I think I love you"

My next text was 
wait you think???"


To which he replied that he "knew" he loved me!!

It was so cute, i mean sure it was over text
but give us a break we're 4,000 miles away from each other.
We have never been a 'regular' couple sooooo it worked out for us.

Tom said he was nervously pacing back in forth before he sent that text.
How freaking cute is that?? 
I love that guy so much!! 

So we said our first "I Love You's" via text.
But trust me it was special the first time we said it on skype,
the first time we said it over the phone and then
the first time we said it in person which was right after
he came out of the twirly door at the airport one year ago.

And we did love each other, we do love each other and
the love will continue for years and years and yeaarrrss.

Oh and I also wrote the occasion in my Calendar right after it happened.

Don't you just love my mushy love posts ;)

Hope you guys are having a great week!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tom booked a flight + Random ramblings

So yesterday after Tom and I skyped our way through
one of the knockout games of the world cup Tom
looks at me...through the camera...and tells me to look at flights.

You see Tom and I have been looking at flights on a daily basis
for months now because those suckers are like SO expensive all of a sudden.

I mean it's never cheap to fly across the world
but we've always been pretty good at making cheap(er) flights happen.
We book pretty far in advance...usually.

So when we started looking at flights for Tom to come
to Texas in August the prices were insane.

Like $1600 insane.
Ummmm no, is there like a fishing barge he can get a ticket on?
Just kidding, i'd never make Tom do that.
It was actually his suggestion.

Anyways Prices have fluctuated, as they usually do
but they have never, not once, gotten below £800.
Which is an absolutely ridiculous price.
I think airline companies are crooks to the maaaxxx.
Why is this same exact flight £400 in September but £900 in August??
Oh because of the summer??
Not an acceptable excuse!!!

Whoops, rant over.

So Tom tells me to look at flights, so I do.
The flight we wanted which was Manchester-Dallas
was still pretty Pricey, in the 700's but still up there.
However Manchester-Houston was cheaper.
Cheaper by like £100.

So Tom bought his flight for £700
which is still just annoyingly expensive but
it wasn't £900 so we were pretty happy about it.

So yay, Tom is almost on his way back to the USA! :)

In other news I've added quite a few new items
to my Etsy shop.

Prints and canvases.
Prints are $1 and will continue to be $1.

I've added some new prints to the shop
and i'll continue to add more as I grow.

I kind of wanted to revamp my canvases a little
so I added a few new additions to the shop and I'm really liking them.

They are customizable, come in 2 different sizes
and are just really cute if I'm being honest :)

I think they're so fun!!
I hope I get to make more of these!!

I've also added a coupon code to the shop
that will probably hang out for a while.

The code is SAVE25
You can save 25% on your entire order
when you spend $10.00 or more.

Just enter it in at checkout and Voila!!

Hope you are all having a great week.
Oh and, HAPPY JULY!!

Tom will be here next month!