Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh heeyyy, you so crafty!!!

I've been doing crafty projects for about 5 years now.
It's something that started as a little hobby and
it's just turned into something much bigger.

I've now got a pretty successful Etsy shop.
I just celebrated 100 sales just the other day.
100 sales, i just can't believe it!! 

I am so happy that my prints are doing so well,
and that my shop has really started booming.

So you know, since one thing is going well
why not try and shake things up by starting up another biz??

So that's exactly what i've done.

The other day I sat down and spent a few hours
running through the logistics of my new venture.
And after those few hours I decided to Launch that venture.

I'm a mover and a shaker, what can I say? ;)

So I've already made this announcement on fb and instagram
but since my blog is going to be the hub of the business I knew
that I needed to also announce it on here.

So without further adieu...

I am so excited about this!
So so so excited!!

I'm excited because I love teaching other
people how to find their own creativity.

I hear people all the time talk about how they wish
that they could do that or make that but they're
just not creative enough to do it.

Well Pish Posh.
Is that a British thing??
Ehh i don't know..
Anyways that's just silly!!

I know that everyone has creativity.
And everyone has talent.

And I'm just wanting to help people recognize the talents
that they have that maybe they don't realize they have.

So this fall I'm going to be teaching some crafty classes.

The first one is a canvas class, the second one
is a tassel garland class and the third one is a bike restoration class.

I'm planning on adding even more classes to the list.
For example, letter decorating, burlap wreath class, and some holiday craft classes.

There's so many popular DIY ideas out there that people want to do
but they can't get all of the stuff together to do it.

So I'm kind of just trying to make it all a bit easier
and put it in a class setting so that you can watch me do it
and then do it yourself, for yourself so that you'll know how
to do these things in the future.

Plus i'll be providing all of the necessary items for the craft.
So all you have to do is show up, it's so easy!!

So every other Thursday this fall through the end of the year
 I plan on hosting a class or two for anyone in the DFW area
that would like to learn how to make some of this stuff.

There is more info in the tab titled 'You so crafty classes'
at the top of the page!! :)


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