Thursday, June 11, 2015

The thousand year journey

I'd like to believe that all humans have the ability to be adventurers.
Some adventurers are hanging out on top of mountains while others are
Dangling their feet in shark infested waters. Then there's the adventurer
Like myself who just likes to get gelato in Italy while taking in the sights of
The gorgeous coast line. I would be a bad mountain climber because
I'm clumsy and have zero wouldn't end well. 

There are so many adventurous avenues to take in life
But travel has to be near the top of the adventure list.

It's hard for me to put into words how much I love to travel.
If I could do it as a career then I would be set. And who says I can't? 
We'll no one, which is why it's still possible.
It would be quite the adventure.

I stumbled upon Jedidiah Jenkins because of my obsession with breaking bad. 
Jessie Pinkman was and is my all time favorite character. So while following/stalking Aaron Paul
On Instagram I found his friend Jedidiah. I looked over at Jedidiahs Instagram and
Was blown away by his images of his amazing trip from Oregon to Patagonia ON A BICYCLE!!!! 

He quit a job he loved to shake up his world on this amazing journey.
He saw our world in a way I've never seen it before and I hope to one day
Get to see and experience some of what he did amazing!!!

Jedidiah had some friends follow him for a month or so and document a short
Film of why he decided to take this trip!! 

His answer is incredible, inspiring and potentially life changing
To those who may feel trapped in the daily grind of routine!!

I would highly suggest taking a look at the short film.
You'll feel all the feels!!! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oh hi there

Hi bloggy, it's been a long time...
I feel like this is an awkward exchange between
friends who haven't spoken in some time ;)

I guess this space is due for a post, a little update on life.
So here you go!!

 -Tom is still here even though my lack of instagram pics might
make you wonder his existence at all.

He/we aren't fond of the selfie these days and the only time
we really like taking them is when we're actually doing something
more extravagant than watching netflix...

I mean if you want netflix selfies then I can give that a go but....
chances are you don't so we'll leave that alone!

- It's June already which feels so weird and crazy because June means
that Tom leaves next month and I'm already tearing up just thinking about it.
So I won't think about it ;)

- We've been talking about our next step for a while now and
there are still so many things up in the air that could navigate our path.
So we're being as patient as can be while we figure
a few things out before PLANS are made.

- We have three plans that are in the works.
Plan 1 is our Grand Canyon road trip that is hopefully happening in a few weeks.
Plan 2 is my return to Liverpool in a few months.
Plan 3 is Jamaica in April of Next year.
So we've got some plans in the works which is great!
Things to look forward to and things to keep our minds off
of more time apart in the coming months.

-Sunday is Tom's 25th Birthday!!!!
So we're looking at going on a little trippy this weekend
to celebrate such a monumental occasion!!

- I made a big tech move this past week.

I sorta like my iphone but it's a 4s and it's slow
so my love for it has dwindled over time.
Plus I don't like the hefty monthly bill.

Sooo I'm pulling the plug on having an Iphone.

Instead I bought an unlocked Ipad mini 2 and I'm going to
find the best data deal out there to have some data on that device
for texting/web surfing and app usage.
I'll use it mostly on wifi but it will be nice to have some data.

My phone is going to be a sparkly new tracphone/pay as you go phone.
&&& I'm looking into a social camera, like the Samsung Galaxy Camera.
That way I'm able to take pictures and still post them directly to social media if I wish.
So I'm getting rid of my iphone and replacing it with THREE devices..
I know it might be craazzyyy but the monthly bill is cheaper, there are no
contracts and I'll have better working devices than my current Iphone.
Plus I'm selling some of my other techy things to make room and make money
for these new toys coming my way so tt's like one big trade.

So yea, I'll let you know how it goes.
I may be kicking myself in a month but I doubt it.
I'm pretty pumped about this!!
-I just recently got my hands on some essential oils
and I'm excited about some of the benefits that I'm already seeing.
I'm not sure about all of it but I like what I see so far.
- I also ordered some of THIS facewash+toner+oil+mask annndd I can't
say enough nice things about it!! My skin is transforming before my very eyes
and I'm loving it, plus it's made by a fellow bloggers sister which is fun.
I'm always happy to support small businesses! :)
So I think that's about it for now.
I promise to come back around and let
you know how the new tech switch is working out.
I'm sure there will also be news soon on future Tomily plans
which is always exciting...I think ;)

Hope y'all are having a good week!