Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Friday {J.Crew} His&Hers

Ooh La La, what girl doesn't love J.Crew??
AND What girl doesn't love her man in J.Crew??

I've not done anything too special here, just put a few looks together.
I've had a pink and blue obsession for some time now.
I'm not crazy about pink on it's own, but with another color...It almost makes me love it!

And for your man, a nice stripy shirt with shorts is an easy look for any summer day.
I've loved talking to Tom the past few days because he's been showing me
all of his summer clothes he'll be bringing to Texas.

He's got some serious style, and it's so european...girly sigh ;)

Anyways i hope you like some of these images below.
I've linked them all back to J.Crew's factory site.
Let's face it, cheaper J.Crew is better J.Crew!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bye Bye Beardy

Six, almost seven months ago when i first started talking to Tom
he just had a little fuzz on his face.
A little bit of scruff.
Like this...

You may be wondering, is this going to be a post all about beards??
Why yes, yes it is ;) 
settle in...

I remember telling him how much i loved it
and how much i thought he should keep it ;)
He did just that..kept it up until now!

He's really grown into his beard over the past few months.
& I've gotten so used to seeing it on his face.

So when he told me he was going to shave it off,
because it was going to be too hot in Texas for the beard,
I understood it was something that needed to be done!

Lucky for him i grew attached to him and not the beard ;)
I love the beard don't get me wrong...i hope to see it again in the future.
But would you want to walk around in 115 degree weather with a hairy face?
I think i answer for everyone when i say NO! ;) 

{My face isn't of shock, I'm just trying to get him to pull the same face as me haha!}

Such a cute face ;) 
I love it!!

I'm glad he'll be cooler with it this way...
HA! Who am i kidding...he won't be cooler...this is Texas ;)
We'll be lucky if it's 105 degrees in June!! 

I mean if you want to cool off you could always pour ice water 
down your pants...but shaving was probably easier ;)

I almost feel like i should say a few words about the beard...
We had some good times...
this isn't goodbye...just see you soon ;)


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Don't be an Online Bully

Dear Tool McDouche Nuggets of the blog world.

This is the only attention you'll be getting from me...ever!
Don't be an online bully.
It's lame!

Be positive.
If you're having a bad day do one of the following...
 Go to the park and swing,
Get a milkshake,
Hug your mom,
go to target,
do a little jig,
tell yourself a funny joke,
and smile.

Be like this turtle...

Pretend you're this penguin

But don't bully people, it's not nice.
And i'm pretty sure your mother taught you better. 

- Have a happy wednesday!!

Summer School

Summer School started yesterday.
I've been dreading it for weeks because when i turn
my brain off at the end of Spring semester...It stays off till august.

So i'm really going to have to find the strength 
to focus on two English classes over summer break.
Why did i wait so long to take english???
I ask myself that question daily.

Sorry for the mushy post yesterday...
And by sorry i mean i'm not sorry ;)
That guy brings it out of me, i just can't help it!

Our Skype dates are turning into planning dates.
Planning what we'll be doing in Texas and when...
Planning what he should be packing...
The suitcase has actually been brought down!!
I mean things are getting serious!
It's SO exciting!! :) 

I have so much going on right now.
Being home and working, now with school on top of it.
All while preparing for the most amazing guy ever to come in 3 weeks.
It's all good stuff, i just sometimes have to remind myself
to take a step back and appreciate what all I have.
And not let it all get to be too much that i can't handle it!
I need to remember to breathe.

It's all happening and it's all amazing.
I'm very blessed and fortunate to have all of these
wonderful things happening in my life right now!! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful wednesday.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear Tom

Dear Tom,

It's been 203 days since we first started this crazy adventure.
I remember when we had our first Skype Date...
In fact it wasn't even a Skype date....more like a fripe...Friend Skype!!
This was after we decided it would be cool to send letters back and forth.
So things were moving along smoothly and then that first Fripe happened.
It was SO awkward...don't even lie to yourself and say it wasn't because it was ;)
BUT...I realized that even amidst the awkwardness, i wanted to see you again.
That's like HUGE...because if i even feel a twinge of awkwardness...
i run in the opposite direction.

But this was a different kind of awkward...It was magical.
It was like talking to a kid on the first day of school when your 5.
You realize they're a cool kid, you say's weird and then you go play on the playground.
BOOM Best Friends forever!!! 

That's what it was like with you.
But we're more than friends....
So really this is more like the story of boy meets girl..
On the playground of course,
Boy chases girl and.... BOOM {you guessed it} A Relationship is born!!

So obviously our Fripe turned into Skates {Skype Dates}
And here we are 203 days into our adventure.
I like to call it an adventure because it's fun and magical and ridiculous.
Things are always exciting and changing and moving and it's's really cool!!

We can talk about anything...from Cats to Bird eating spiders.
Sometimes i wish the spider conversations wouldn't happen so often...
Maybe we can work on that ;)

I love how we send each other selfies like the ones above...
I know your beard is in it's final days...
Pictures like this one will be a little remembrance of the beards glory days ;)

So far our biggest problem is distance.
But we seem to be handling it pretty well.
You bought a plane ticket after knowing me for like 2 months.
That's INSANE...but i'm so so glad you did it!! 

Thanks for choosing to talk to me on November 6th 2012.
That day has changed everything.
And i wanted you and everyone to know how much you mean to me!!


Monday, May 27, 2013

ASOS {Favorite Dress}

Oh ASOS...Where have you been all my life??
Well it was founded in 2000 soooo i was like 10...
but I don't think i even knew about internet when i was 10 ;)

Anywayyyssss...that's not the point..
The point is this....I've finally found out what all of the hoopla is about.
I'm an Asos-aholic!!!

I spent....a pretty penny on 3 dresses this weekend!
Ok it really wasn't that expensive.

A dress is a WHOLE outfit, therefore you're allowed to spend more on it.
These are the rules of shopping...I didn't write them i just follow them. 

The dress below caught my eye.
It's the same type of dress in different shades/patterns/fabrics...

It just looks so cozy and comfy / fun and flirty.
I bought the Green and Black one...Also bought a Red one that's not shown.
I mean this is possibly the best little summer dress of all time.
AND It's reasonably priced...Like really reasonable.
$33.00 to be exact...AND you can get 20% off now until Tuesday!!!
Just use the code TAKE20
THAT means it's only $27.00!!!
You can't pass that up!!

Dresses can be found here 
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

ALSO I'm just waiting to get paid so i can be the owner of this beauty!!
It's from Sole Society, which is another site i'm currently stalking.

And guess what....It's also reasonably priced at $29.95
And it's in 3 colors!! 

{So many goodies} 
I can't wait for them to show up at my doorstep!!

Hope you're all having a great monday!
AND a great Memorial Day!!
I have family members who served and I am completely 
grateful for everything they have done for this country.
And i'm so thankful for those brave men and women serving today!!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Back again by popular demand {Tom Blog}

Hello again, its me Tom..
Back again by popular demand for a special blog to celebrate 25 days before my arrival :)
It feels a little strange that my arrival is something that needs to be celebrated
People aren't usually this excited to see me haha ;)

But then again these aren't normal circumstances..
Its been 199 days (nearly 200!!) since I first spoke to Emily way back in November
And I have to wait a further 25 to meet her...
Its going to be some first date ;-)

Ok, so i've heard people want to know a little more about me.
I'm 22, I'll be 23 on June 7th, so I'm just a little older than Emily.
I have two jobs, I sell concert tickets for an arena here in the city and I'm a files clerk.
Both sound more exciting than they actually are, 
well...files clerk doesn't even sound exciting.

I have a degree in history and politics although you probably 
wouldn't think so I can be a bit of a divvy.

I have travelled a little, but I've never been to the US 
and I'm pretty excited to be going to Texas.

The sun is kind of a myth in the UK, we think its there but no ones quite sure 
so I'm excited to be getting some sun while I'm there.

I don't know too much about Texas but I'm excited to find out what its all about.
Emily’s already told me some pretty interesting stuff.
I was surprised to find Emily's dad isn't an oil tycoon, 
they don’t live on a ranch and they don’t even have a single horse!!

Also as you know we have an amazing trip to California planned.
I’m excited about all the amazing stuff we'll be doing.
Like seeing Hollywood, exploring Yosemite and lazing at the beach.
Its going to be amazing, we’re pretty talented planners,
I see many more adventures to come for us :)

But the thing I’m most excited about for my trip to Texas, is this girl...

Since I first said hello in November Emily has pretty much taken over my life.
We’re connected one way or another most of the time
But I’m ready to be there now!!

I'm ready for people to see us together 
and understand what this is all about

And finally...
I’m ready to be with the girl thats been driving me crazy for the past 6.5 months!!

Next time you hear from me I should be in Texas.
Thanks for taking the time to read some more about me!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring/Summer fashion favorites!!

Over the past few weeks i've been an online shopping-aholic.
I can't's easy, i'm lazy, they e-mail me about sales...& I'm weak!!

I tend to get rid of clothes after a certain season is over.
I'll normally take them to good will or to one of those sell back shops.
That way i can buy new things for the approaching season.

So i've recently done my fair share of online shopping 
to get back some key items for Spring/Summer.
Most of it has been done through J.Crew.
I swear those Chino shorts are just amazing.
I own about 10 pairs of those babies.
I buy them all when they are on sale for around $19.95!
{oh dear}

I personally prefer the 5" or the 7" Chino Shorts...
You can find them cheaper at the online J.Crew Factory site.

And i'm excited about a few of the summer dresses i've bought like this one.

I ALSO found this shirt the other day while i was out shopping.
The boutique is called upscale and it's in Ft.Worth 
but they don't have a website or i'd link you to them.
I found quite a few things in there but i came across this top in particular.
I think it's the cutest top in the whole wide world.
It's got a giant bow on the back...and it's floral.
My two favorite things!!!

My 12 year old self is wondering who the heck i am...
I used to live in Nike shorts and t-shirts,
If my mom even tried to come at me with a bow 
i'd probably run out of the house screaming!!
Little Emily is growing up...tear ;)


Unrelated but important topic:

I'm SO excited to see the growth of this blog over the past few months!
It really is something i enjoy doing so much!
It's a lot of work to blog 5 or 6 days a week, 
but i'm lucky to have something pretty exciting to blog about!!
I just wanted to thank all of you for sticking around with me,
and for always sending encouraging words to me.
This blog world has already blessed me with some wonderful new friends!
So thanks for taking the time to hang out and see what i'm up too.
I really really appreciate it!! :)

ALSO keep an eye out, Tom's post should be up tomorrow!!
Exciting I know ;)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Planes, Cars...and Greyhounds???

Yesterday we finalized the trip.
We've officially booked everything there is to book.
We know what we'll be doing each day we're there.

We'll be...
Flying to Cali.
Renting a Car from LA to Yosemite.
Hopping on a Greyhound from San Francisco to Santa Cruz & back again.

Tom and I have both backpacked europe.
He's been to a few different places than I have and vice versa.
He's used to Public Transportation in Liverpool.
And i remember what it feels like, not to have a car.
So not having a car in these bigger cities should be easy peasy.

We've planned it so beautifully.
We're staying within walking distance of Santa Monica Pier.
Then there's public transport to get around LA and to Hollywood.
We'll have the car for Yosemite which means we can go where we want.
Public transportation in San Francisco is looking pretty straight forward.
Getting to Santa Cruz Beach and back will be a breeze!! 

I mean we've done SO well.
I'm looking forward to it so much!!
& i know he is too!! :)


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moore, OK!

I hope everyone is taking a few moments or a lot of moments to pray for Oklahoma.
An absolutely devastating storm has taken too many precious lives.

It's so scary living in the south sometimes, and these things happen too often.
I hope everyone stays as safe as possible over the next few weeks as Spring comes to a close.
And keep Moore, OK in your prayers as they wake up in a new world today.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ask and you shall receive

So i've been asked a few times now when
you'll be seeing another post from Tom.

Well i've talked to him about it and we're hoping
to have another Tom post up by the end of the week
to commemorate there only being 25 days till he's here.

So keep you eyes peeled for that at some point this week.
Well really it should be Friday.

Today we're officially in the 20's in this waiting game.
The 20's is serious. This is like a major planning phase.
Packing will start happening soon along with getting
everything here ready for his arrival.

My amazing parents have always wanted to do some remodeling.
Now that we have a visitor coming it's kind of speeding things along ;)

I would apologize that this blog is basically becoming a countdown.
But i'm thinking you're all just as excited as i am.
I hope so anyways.

Plus lets be real...This has been a Tom blog from the beginning.
And it's bound to stay that way.

So people have craft blogs, lifestyle blogs, baby blogs.
I guess mine is a romantical blog.
Which is so fun!!

I hope you all have a fabulous monday!!
29 days till Tom arrives.
It's crazy exciting!!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

June 19th

Don't be fooled by the title of this post.
As much as i wish it was June 19th it's still only May 19th.
le sigh...

June 19th is a very special day.
Here's how i expect it to go.
I wake up smiling from ear to ear.
Head down stairs and grab some breakfast.
Go for a run, then shower and get ready for the day.
Do my hair
put on a nice outfit
get in the car
drive to the airport
and wait...

So by this time it's only going to be like 11:00 A.M.
Tom won't actually land in Texas for another 6 hours... maybe i'll try and stall for a few more hours before stalking the airport.
But i just know i'm going to be SO excited.
I wish i could update everyone with my every thought that day...
OH wait i can...In fact I'll be tweeting like a crazy person.
Twitter handle is "emmatotheloo"
Follow me...shameless plug!

Tweets will probably look something like this.
"la la la Tom's coming today la la la #ohmygoodnes #ohmygoodnessgracious #AHHHHHH" 

Yeeeaaaaa...I'm beyond excited!
Can you tell??? it that obvious???


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Room Revamp {BEDROOM}

I can finally say it feels like home again.
Everything is in its place and it only took me...a week and a half.
Which is a record for me.

Normally i'm not unpacked until August when it's time to pack up again.
Luckily, the next time i pack up will be my last semester of school.
I only have to do this one more time.

It's always really fun for me to redecorate when i come back home for summer.
This time it wasn't as much redecoration as it was just re-arranging.

I love my bedroom.
I have a nice big window, and it's pretty spacious.
I've painted it many colors, some that weren't bad and some that were awful.
It's now a soft gray color, which is perfect.

I'm pretty proud of my room this time around.
It's starting to have a more adult feel which is good.
Normally it's stuck in-between teen and adult, but i think we're starting to cross over.

I've been asked about my chandelier a few times.
It's pretty spectacular for a $99 chandelier.
Yeaaa, you heard me $99.
I had been looking for a cheap chandelier that looks nicer than it is.
I found mine at home depot, not sure if it's still there as i've had mine over a year.
But it's literally my favorite thing about my room.

Well, that and my green antique desk.
Oh and my Hobbs Lobbs Lamp on my green desk.
I found it on the sale aisle, original price $120 and i only paid $40 :)
The giant E on the wall behind it, it's a cardboard letter from Joanns.
I hot glued sparkly ribbon to it in a pattern and voila!!

Couch is a small gray couch from Ikea.
I think it was like $129
It even folds into a bed.

Curtains are burlap from Target.
All furniture was passed down to me in some way.
Headboard is actually a big wall sticker. 
It was a pain to put on but i really like it.

And the pictures above my bed i got from hobbs lobbs.
I actually wrote my first blog on here about them.
You can read that post here 

Basically everything in my room is something i've either bought or been given in the last 10 years.
I've just finally found a way to make it all fit together.

I'm loving this space so much, took a lot of work but i think it's perfect!!


And now for a totally unrelated comment.
Tomorrow is 1 month until Tom hops on a plane to come see me :)
Just yesterday we had well over 100 days to wait.
Now we're almost in the 20's :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend.


Friday, May 17, 2013

The Cupcake Shack

Ah yes! Back at the cupcake shack.
It's good to be back, i'm really so lucky to have an amazing boss 
who lets me come and go as a seasonal employee.

I've blogged about the cupcake shack before.
You can read that post here.

Strange things always happen while i'm working.
Like yesterday when a handshake turned into a hand kiss...bleh
I mean should i have seen that coming??? I don't think so...
He was Australian...i think...
Apparently i attract foreigners ;)
Tomallama ;)

THEN today a little girl ran loose in the mall.
Luckily the food court came together to help her mother find her.
It was touching but also scary that her mom didn't look for her for a solid 3 minutes. 
I almost jumped over my counter to grab her and find security.
Of course i would have bribed her with a cupcake first.
Not in a creepy way....sheesh!!!

Working at the cupcake shack isn't always crazy and dramatic.
Most of the time it's just me and my friends...

 These are the friends that make you fat, but a happy fat.
You know what i mean...

I hope y'all have a great weekend :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quickest Trip Planning EVER!!!

I think Tom and I deserve an award.
Like a medal or something, maybe a trophy with an airplane on it.

We move quickly, we're like roadrunner from the looney tunes.
{not sure why that's my example}

So Yesterday we postponed our road trip.
Today we booked our flights to California.
It's impressive...i know!! 

We're heading to Los Angeles first.
Then we're driving up to Yosemite National Park.
I really really want to see a bear...from a safe distance!!!
Tom promised me that we i have high hopes ;)
THEN we're driving to San Francisco.
And then we will fly back to Texas.
See, such a great little trip.
We're both so excited.

We've booked flights and places to stay.
We're looking into the car rental tomorrow.
I mean it's all coming together so well.

This is why we deserve an award.
Planning an 8 day trip in a day and a half.
It's really impressive.

I'm feeling so good about it, and so is Tom and so are our families ;)
33 days people 33 days!!!!!  
:) :) :)

Tomorrow i'm posting about the cupcake shack.
Yes i'm back at the cupcake shack and people are just as weird as when i left.
A man kissed my hand today...
That's the bad news.
The good news is i get to hang out with these little guys all day long.

This is my jealous ;) 
Ok so i'll get fat and then i'll be jealous of you.
We all know that's how this will end.
Such a tangled web i weave.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Well this is awkward...

Yesterday i spent 7 hours skyping Tom......7 wonderful hours ;)
We skyped for so long because we were planning another trip!!
Wait....Another trip???

Remember Monday when i wrote that blog post about an EPIC road trip...
well......APRIL FOOLS.........that's not happening......anymore.
It's still happening one day....just in the future.
I know, it's sad news.
But not that sad.
Because we have something else planned ;)
Plan B as some might call it.

You see, it's a little harder than we thought for Tom to be able to drive in the USofA.
Insurance type stuff.

And there's also the whole "It's like a 7,000 mile long trip"
It's a long long looonnnnggg road trip, and i know people thought we were crazy.
Nothing wrong with being a little crazy but i think we'll put it off for a bit and come back to it later.

SO INSTEAD...yes instead of the epic road trip...
We're taking an Epic trip to California.
And we're flying.

We were planning on staying in Cali for 4 days while on the road trip.
Now we'll get to stay there longer.
Which is so exciting.

This means we can do a lot of things we weren't going to get to do.
Universal Studios
Lots and lots and lots of Beaches
More Time in San Francisco and LA
and even a mini californian road trip in a rental car :)
Plus this also gives us more time in Texas.

So it's true that the road trip is being postponed but we're still going to 
have an amazing 8 day adventure in California.

So put those sad faces away and get excited for more posts to come about our new trip.
This trip is 100% happening, Flights are being booked today!!
So there's no take backs ;)

And you know, it doesn't matter where we are.
We could spend every day he's here in Texas and it would be just as amazing.
All we want is time together, we just happen to be amazing trip planners.
And we're going to take advantage of that talent.
We just want Tom&Emily time.
And we're going to get it! ;)

I just like him so much!!
I mean loooooook at him :) :) :)
He's soooooooooo cute!!!!
And he'll be here in 35 days
And he's british...
It brings a tear to my eye!!
>>girly sigh<<


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moving back home

School is out for summer which means i've moved back home.
I'm so fortunate to have amazing parents who still let me live in my childhood room.
Well it's not the same room i lived in when i was younger, but you know what i mean.

I've redecorated my room more times than i can count.
I struggle to find a balance between young kid and mature adult.
I want my room to be whimsical and calming.
I love grey's and off whites.
with a pop of color here and there.

So i'm not making any major changes for the first time in years.
I'm trying to use what i have because i'm saving money...for a Road Trip ;) 

Here's a few pictures of how it's coming along.
I'm loving everything so far.

I cam home thinking i wanted to paint my green desk a lighter color.
But i changed my mind, It's so fun and bright and i love it!! 
I'll post a full room photo soon, 
once i tackle the GIANT pile that i'm
having to climb over because i'm too lazy to put it all away ;)


Monday, May 13, 2013

No more hints...Tomily Summer ROAD TRIP!!!!!

For the last 4 months we've been planning something EPIC!!
I don't like saying epic unless it's really epic and this is indeed really really EPIC!!

We've = Tom & myself!!
It all started with this blog post called 
That blog post was followed by this blog post called

These posts were followed by hints
Hint #1 - "It's Grand"
Hint #2 - "Four faces hard as rock!"
Hint #3 - "Stars and Signs"
Hint #4 - "Long red bridge"
Hint #5 - "You can count on this old geezer" 

I mean really if you read between the lines you'll see exactly what's happening.
We're going on a road trip.

What better way to show someone America???
Get out on the open road, grab a map or {GPS} and set sail!!

Tom has never been to America, and I wanted to show him our beautiful country.
We've both Backpacked Europe, so we feel very capable of doing this.

Plus we're going to some of the COOLEST places.
Some of these places i've been to, and some of them i've dreamed of going to.
I've also ALWAYS wanted to go on a road trip, like a BIG one!

This is my last care free summer, I've still got 1 semester left in school.
So i'm taking advantage of this opportunity, and who better to share it with than Tom.
What better way to get to know someone than to trap yourself in a car with them for 2 weeks ;)
Tom beams when we talk about the trip, he is so so excited!!
And i'm excited to share this experience with him.
This is going to be....Epic...yea i said it again!! ;)

So the hints...I want to tell you what each of them mean.
They weren't the hardest hints, i'm sure most of you figured them out.
Hint #1 = The Grand Canyon 
Hint #2 = Mount Rushmore
Hint #3 = The Hollywood Sign and we're going to the Griffith Observatory. 
Hint #4 = Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco 
Hint #5 = Old Faithful/Yellowstone National Park

We're doing A LOT more that just the above 5 hints.
So there's more to find out as time goes on.
Isn't this exciting???? yes...yes it is!!!

It's also CRAZY...which we both understand.
And if you've asked me what we will be doing while Tom is here,
and i've acted coy about's because we've been waiting to 
finish up plans before telling anyone about it. 
Well our families have known for a quite a while...but now everyone knows.
Which is GREAT!!!

I can't wait to tell you all more about it :)


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mothers Day to my momma :)

I love her so so much!!
She stuck by my side when i was a sick baby who couldn't be around other people.
She took me to soccer practices and games from age 5-18.
In the third grade when i had my rebellious stage, she set me straight real fast, 
if she hadn't i'd probably be in prison right now!!
She's made me chocolate on chocolate cakes every year for my birthday since i can remember.
She believes in me, and taught me how to chase my dreams.
She's my momma and i love her with all my heart!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Momma's out in the world!!
You are what we aspire to be.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer is here and Tomily Hint #5

The last week of school was full of delicious but bad foods,
awful and more awful tests and projects,
and messed up sleeping patterns.

But it's OVER and i can officially welcome
summertime with open arms!!!

It really wasnt a bad last week of school...
We had a Raclette Party as you can see below...

I studied outside and was attacked by a baby spider...
which scared me enough to send me running inside....

It was such a nice day that i had to try again,
I got a nice right arm sunburn from sitting out here for like 30 minutes ;) 

During the week I tried to slowly pack everything up
so it wouldn't be me trying to pack EVERYTHING in my car the same day i'm leaving.
I did pretty good, i managed to fit most everything in my car.
We have officially left Dorm life behind us, we get shiny pretty apartments next semester ;)

 So i can't tell you enough how happy i am that it's summer.
My cup of care is sooooo empty right now, especially my school cup.
I have been in need of a nice long break and it's finally here.

And do you know what is happening this summer?????
hmm yes, i think you do know!!!

In fact he's coming in 39 days...eeeeep
I can't wait!!!!

I came home to a pile of online shopping finds.
I'm pretty excited about most of it...there's only two pieces i'm wary of,
but i'm determined to make both pieces work.

In these packages was one pretty red dress that's nothing too fancy
but i love it, and it's my airport dress ;) 

I talked to Tom on the phone while driving today via Skype voice calling,
how freaking cool is's just amazing!!!

We stopped talking right before i drove into a monsoon...
good thing we had already hung up or Tom would have heard a terrified Emily on the phone...
I mean it was like i was driving under water...that's how hard it was raining.
Lesson learned, when mom says wait to come home, you should probably listen.

Oh i have a Tomily Summer Plans Hint like i promised the other day.
This one is from Tom and it's really good!!!!
Hint #5 - "You can count on this old geezer" 

See i told you it was good, he's so tricky!!!!
Good luck guessing what we're up to ;)

You can find the other hints here:
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Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!
And congrats to all of my good friends that are graduating!!! :)