Friday, December 27, 2013

New years fitness resolution

It's the same every New Year...
I want to get back in shape, and that shape is not round ;)

I think this is the year, 2014 is my time, your time, our time.
I like the 30 day challenges that you find on Pinterest.
Most of them are 30 days of arms/legs/abs but 
they only hit on one part of your body.

What if you want to work on your whole bod??
So i took 4 really popular 30 day challenges and i put them together.
that way your getting a nice full body workout for 30 days.

It's not hard, it's not crazy, it's simple and repetitive.
Which is something that i need.

I need it to be easy enough to do it consecutively.
To make working out into a habit.

So let's do it together.
I'm going to start January 1st :)
And i'm going to get Tom to do it with me.
He doesn't know that yet ;)

Now i just have to get my snacking under control ;)
we will work on that in time haha

Have a great weekend!!

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