Thursday, January 30, 2014

Edinburgh | Day One

At 7:42 we departed from Liverpool 
via a little train that would take us towards
Edinburgh, Scotland.

After switching trains we had a nice, comfy
three hour journey in front of us.

The train journey didn't take long and it was pretty empty the whole way.
Which was nice because it meant we could spread out
and get real lazy while reading our books ;)

When we got to Edinburgh it didn't take us long to find where we were staying.
And once we got there i remembered that on the reservation
I wrote in the comment section that "if it was at all possible
I would like to have chocolates waiting on my bed" ;)
I just thought it was funny...
I didn't think they'd actually do it.

But i was wrong and it was awesome!!

We woke up this morning ready to get out and explore.
Edinburgh is such a gorgeous city, full of history and amazing charm.

We hit up a Starbucks pretty quick so Tom could get some coffee.
Then before too long it was time for our tour.

We booked a tour for "The Real Mary King's Close".
It was pretty awesome.

A close is like a long Alleyway.
And Mary King's Close is from around the 1300's.

Most of the Closes from that time period have been covered
with the newer buildings that are here today.

But Mary King's was kept as is
and turned into a tour business.

So we got to walk down an actual road 
from the 1300's and we got to see some of the
rooms from about 300 years ago.

It was crazy cool...

The only part i didn't like was when our tour guide
took us into this room and turned the light off and then
this tape started playing and it was a ghost story.

I don't do ghost stories.

I was a few ghostly moans away from
peeing my pants.

After the tour we got lunch at a nice pub.
It was great, they had an entire meal that was just mac n cheese.
Tom got that one...and i got a salad and chips.

Our lunch experience was great except for the guy sitting behind us.
He wouldn't stop talking about himself to his friend.

I felt bad for his friend, who was Irish.
This guy was from Norway we think.

He talked about all of his travels and he does TED talks.
Which at first i thought was cool but then he just got annoying.
He even showed his friend from Ireland his Iphone and talked to him
about the cloud concept as if he had created it.

But the food was amazing.

After lunch we headed to this Dormant Volcano where Arthurs Seat is located.
We had this plan to hike up to it until we realized how high it was.
And steep...and scary...and i have baby lungs...

So we went on up but chose to continue up the smaller hill rather than die on the larger one.
It was so so fun, i love doing adventurous things with Tom.

We made it to the top of our Volcano hill and then decided to go a little higher,
we got some good pictures of....ourselves ;)

It was absolutely gorgeous up there.
Scotland, like England is rather gloomy.
But I think it's beautiful in rain or shine.

It was such a wonderful day.
I love it here and I can't believe we 
are leaving tomorrow night :(

It wasn't a long trip but it's just perfect
for the time we had off.

Tomorrow we're hitting up some castles.
Edinburgh and Hollyrood.

I love castles :)

Will update day 2 on Saturday.
Hope you're all having a great week!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We get kicked out of Museums...

Yesterday was lovely.
We left the house around 1
and headed into to town for some
lunch and a little stop at a  museum.

For lunch we went to Byron.
Which is seriously so delicious!!
The first time we attempted going to Byron
we couldn't open the door and so we
just ran away awkwardly.

This time we let someone come out 
before we went in so we could watch
how they did it...

Basically we're big dorks.

Once we got inside and were seated

we both felt very good about our decision.

 My burger and his salad.
When our waiter came over
he tried to give Tom the burger..
It made me giggle.

We finished the meal with a delicious
cookies n cream shake.

I'm basically a shake connoisseur and
this shake was absolutely amazing!!!!!!

Thanks to one of my blog peeps for that tip ;)

After a delicious lunch we headed over to the Museum of Liverpool.

Now we've been to about 4 museums in Liverpool.
They're all free so why not?

We've been asked to leave while visiting two of them.
Not for the reason you might be thinking ;)

We always show up at the museums right before they close.
We might get an hour in before an employee is shuffling us out the door.

But since they're free we can always go back for more.
And maybe even show up earlier ;)

We explored Liverpool a little bit too.
I think every time we go to town we do some exploring.
Or I explore and Tom just humors me ;)

This town quickly became one of my favorites
when i started talking to Tom.

And that still holds true now that i'm
getting a chance to live here.

Liverpool is beautiful!!

I hope you're having a good Wednesday.
We're off to Edinburgh tonight.
And i still haven't packed anything...


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tomily goes to Edinburgh

Tomorrow will be a great day!

After Tom get's off work we will be hopping on a train
and heading to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Scotland is one of my favorite places in the world.
while studying abroad in 2012 we free traveled to Scotland.
We stayed in Edinburgh but we didn't really get to explore
it too much because we were taking Scotland bus tours
and exploring little towns close to Edinburgh.

That's when we walked 2 miles down 
a picturesque Scottish road towards this beauty.

| Tantallon Castle Ruins |

We also saw a bit of Edinburgh while we were there.
We never quite made it to any of the hotspots but it's a gorgeous
city and that in itself was enough for us at the time.

The problem is I didn't take any good pictures while we were there.
They're all dark and blurry...

I blame it on my lack of photo taking experience at the time...
I'm much better now...I think ;)

I can't wait to go explore this city with Tom.

We're going to tour some Castles,
hike up to Arthurs seat,
go on a tour of a 16th century road,
and eat till we can't eat no more.

I'm excited!

I hope you're all having a good week!

Monday, January 27, 2014

New Venture | Travel Blog

In my last semester of school 
i started thinking about what kind of job
i wanted to have once I graduated.

I'm all about Business but Corporate America gives me hives.
I can't imagine sitting behind a desk for hours and hours.
I'd not only drive myself crazy but i'd probably
drive everyone around me crazy too.

I know there is so much more out there than corporate.
But when you go through business school
corporate is the main focus.

It's not my main focus.

I'm more of an entrepreneur.
I want to be my own boss,
and forge my own path.

That might make some people pee their pants.
Ok, if i'm being honest, i'll probably pee my pants too at some point.

It's a scary bizz.

But i'm real excited about it.

I've already kind of started working on the logistics
of my Travel business, it's looking really good.

Oh yea, didn't i mention...
I want to start a travel business.

I think i've said that before.

I love looking into new places,
and finding the best restaurants to eat at
and the best places to stay, and sights to see
in the touristy areas and off the beaten path.

So today i'm introducing a new project i'm working on.
It's basically another blog but one with a travel theme.

This blog is basically a mush fest of lovey dovey love
and i wanted a new space to write more about my travels 
and the places i'm really wanting to see.

So here's the deal,
if you like this bloggy blog
chances are you'll like that one too.

So head on over to HW Travel Blog.
I'll start updating it soon especially since we're about
to go to Edinburgh for a few days ;)

You'll still find stories of our trip on here
but i'll break the city down and give more of a 
review on my travel blog.

You can follow the link above or just
go up to my tabs and click on HW travel blog.

I think this will be a great little venture.
I hope you will all follow along.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Q&A - How am I doing what i'm doing??

A few months ago i was reading about 10 expat blogs a day,
wishing, hoping and dreaming that i could join them on their adventures.

Thinking to myself how cool it was for those lucky few
to have such an amazing opportunity to live 
in another country as an expat.

So you can imagine how i was feeling
once Tom and I secured our plans to have 
me living in England for 5 months.
I'm now an Expat, Hollaaa!!

Dreams really to come true.

I've been asked a few questions
over the past few weeks about how i'm doing all of this.
and a comment i got yesterday reminded me that what i'm doing
is a bit different and well, to put it simply, kind of amazing.

Let me just explain HOW i'm doing this...for 5 months.

First of all it doesn't hurt that i'm dating a British guy.
That's pretty self explanatory.

Now, every country has different rules for staying in said country.
For example; you can stay in most european countries for up to 90 days.
You need some kind of VISA to stay longer than that.

The UK's rules are a bit different.
You can stay up to 6 months as a general visitor.
You are staying as a tourist.
No Visa required.

And that is 6 months within a year.
Once you've stayed the maximum of 6 months
you can't stay in the UK again without a VISA
until the following year.

*So that means after i leave in June I can only
spend one more month in England until next January.
Unless I got a visa.
womp womp

You also need a permanent address
if you plan on staying for an extended period of time.

Which brings me to my next point.
Where I'm living during my stay.

I'm pretty lucky because Tom's family is hosting me
while i stay here in Liverpool.

I live, eat and sleep in their house.
They've basically taken me in as one of their own.

I lucked out on this one because if i didn't have a place to call home
and was having to pay for a hotel or hostel on a nightly basis
then i would not be here for as long as I am.
I'd be here for like a week ;)

So that being said...
I wouldn't have been able to do this
without Tom's family letting me stay with them.

Next question...
Do I work?

If i worked i would have to have a visa.
I am just a tourist.
I have no job, no income.

How am i able to survive?
Well the free place to stay isn't bad ;)
And they feed me too which is really nice.

I saved about $2,200 before I came.
Yes i know, that's really not that much.
I also have a boyfriend who likes to go halfsies
with me on things like going to the movies
or out to dinner etc.

My parents are also keeping tabs on me
and making sure i have enough to last me.
They give me a little allowance every two weeks
to keep things moving along :)
They are really nice ;)

So I have a free place to stay, i'm fed and i don't have a job.
So what exactly do i do with my time?

Well it changes on a daily basis.
When Tom isn't working we normally will go 
out and do something.

We might go to town,
go bowling, go out for lunch
or to a movie.

Or we might just stay home 
and just hangout.

We try to make the most of his days off
so we will normally go somewhere.

For example, next week Tom has a few days off in a row.
We're planning a little trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

On the days that Tom is working
I am either baby sitting his Niece while her
parents are working or i'm just hanging out with Toms family
or i'm in town beebopping around on my own until he gets off.

That's basically it.
We're actually pretty boring
unless Tom gets a few days off
and then we go on adventures ;)

So i'll wrap this up with the final question.
Do i have friends over here?

Well the only people i personally know that live here in England
would be Tom and his family and a family of three,
Lauren, Tyler and Viola Knight.

Lauren was my french teacher/study abroad coordinator
back in the spring of 2012.

She lives with her little family in Notting Hill.

I didn't come here with loads of friends
or many connections.

I just came here for this guy named Tom
and for the adventures that we're destined to take together ;)

That's all there is to know
until more questions come up.
I love acting like a know it all about
things like being an expat...mostly because i know i'm not
anywhere close to knowing it all ;)

I hope that gave you all a little more insight
into what i'm doing over here.

Basically being lazy...and eating ;)
yikes that was a long post...

Have a wonderful weekend.
Tom is off so there will be some 
adventuring taking place!!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Health | Fitness

I'm not skinny and skinny is not my goal.
I actually hate that word.

It tends to be a disastrous word to girls who
are trying to reach a level of photoshop perfection
that is nearly impossible to reach.

I do like the word healthy.
Healthy is a pretty word that makes
you feel good about yourself.

I'm not healthy and healthy is my goal.

I'm not going to lie and tell you i eat healthy foods
and i exercise daily because I don't.

I like frosted flakes and buttered toast for breakfast.
A nice grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.
And some good ole mac n cheese and chicken for dinner.
You might think i'm 10 but i'm actually 23 ;)

Tom and I are back on My Fitness Pal the App.
We weighed ourselves yesterday and Oy!
I was around what i thought i'd weigh.
I wasn't really surprised by it.
But it still made me sad.

How can a number on a scale do that to you?
I mean you go from hopeful to holy cow how did i get here?

I'm not fat.
I don't like that word either.

I'm curvy...
I have a belly, a cute one...
but not cute enough to keep.

I'm also blessed on the voluptuous side of life..
you girls will know what i mean.
And i still have a lot of muscle
| mainly in my legs |
from my sportier days.

So thankfully it's not all fat.
But there is some of that.
And i'd like to make a change.

Tom and I have started this week off
by being more active.

We've been to the park for some football/soccer.
Tom is really good with a football/soccer ball ;)
And i played soccer from 5 to 18 years old.

It's nice to have a sport in common
because that's a much better way to work out
instead of just going to the gym all the time.

If only working out was the only thing you had to do.
Eating better is my main challenge.

We went and saw the Hobbit last night.
It was really really good.
And we ate our weight in popcorn and sweets.
And it was all really magical until
the movies over and you instantly regret
all of the bad food you've just consumed.

After we got home Tom made us some soup.
I think i would rather have smuggled soup into the movies
instead of eating all of that popcorn ;)

This blog post...was too long...
my apologies ;)

All i'm saying is...
let's get healthy.

I always talk about it but i never do it.
So i'm making a pledge to myself right now
on this blog for the world to see.

I, Emily, will make it a point in my daily life
to think about the choices i'm making regarding food.
I will maximize my free time and be active instead of lazy.
And i will love myself and my body more because I
know that i am doing good things for my mind and body
by eating better and taking care of my self.
The End.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Culture shock

When i went to Paris I felt like i was in another world.
It was my first time out of the country
and my first time in a non english speaking country.
The term 'culture shock' was an understatement.

It took me about a month to get used to the time difference...
And the language difference, and the public transport ;)

Let's just say that there is less of a culture shock in England.
It helps that English is the main language and they
eat pretty much the same stuff we eat in America.

Time difference is always a strange thing.
And when you drive everywhere all the time
public transportation takes a while to get used to.

But i'm pretty happy that it didn't take long to get used to being in the future.
And i'm basically a professional bus rider these days.

When we were in Paris you couldn't pay me to take the bus alone.
I just knew i'd end up in the sketchy part of town and then get kidnapped
and murdered all because I took the bus...

Luckily, Tom's house is situated right down the road from
the buses that will take you right to the city center...or centre...
I just hopped on that bad boy and it took me to all of the shopping
my little Texan heart can handle.

No really...
There is so much shopping.
And that's just in Liverpool.
I haven't even been shopping in 
Manchester or London yet.

I think i could easily become one of those people
who fly to Europe just to go shopping for a few days...

Let's just say the shops over here put American shops to shame.
Even Walmart's baby ASDA has some seriously cute clothes/shoes/accessories.

I'm thinking about making millions and moving my whole family over here...
I'll let you know how that goes ;)


What have I been up to?

I've basically been living in sweats, 
sitting on the couch in front of the fire,
and cuddling with Tom and sometimes his little niece Pearl.
and eating...yes, we can't forget that part...

I watch Pearl two days a week while her parents work.
It's been nice because it gives me something to do when Tom works.
Plus she is just the most adorable little baby i've ever seen
so it's not a hard job at all ;)

Tom and I haven't actually gone out and done anything adventurous yet.
He's working a lot right now, just about every day or every other day.
We have been planning a trip like my post said yesterday
and i think we've both decided on....

Neither of us have been to Florence and well
what's not to love about this absolutely breathtaking city.
It's warm and romantic and just beautiful.

I'm really excited, really really excited.

Also, there have been very few tomily pics
because i've been living in sweats for the past week.
Blame me...i'll fix this soon ;)

The good news is...I can live in sweats
and Tom still loves me ;)

Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Trip Planning | Top 5

Trip planning is in full swing.
We're really just waiting for Tom to get a few days
off in a row so we can head off.

We will get ahold of Tom's work schedule
and if it's good we will buy our flights and book a place to stay.
So we have up until then to figure out where to go.

It's quite complicated choosing where to go on a short holiday.
Especially when Europe is at our fingertips.

We could go anywhere.
The world is our oyster...
or Europe is anyways ;)

here's a few of my top picks.
I've listed a few countries and one city.
I LOVE the idea of going to some of these 
countries but i haven't pinned down a specific city.

And then Prague has always looked so beautiful.
I would be happy going there as well...

Norway would be absolutely gorgeous
especially during the winter months...
But with winter comes the cold,
and i think Norway might put an English winter to shame...

I've always wanted to go to Germany.
I think it's a gorgeous country.
Tom's been here so this one will 
probably be somewhere we will go in the future.

Portugal looks magical.
I haven't looked into Portugal too much
but i feel like it would be such a romantical place
to explore with Tom.

Prague looks dreamy.
It's the only city i've really picked out specifically
that i would really like to go visit.

Italy has been the most serious of inquiries.
I don't feel like you can go wrong with Italy.
We're looking into Florence and the surrounding areas.
I mean what girl would say no to exploring tuscany with her stud crumpet??
Not this girl ;)

- The plan -

Tom's parents gave us a little weekend holiday for Christmas.
All we have to do is pick the destination.
Which is proving to be difficult with all of the options.

What do you think of my picks?


Saturday, January 18, 2014


My first week in England with Tom has been amazing.
It's gone by so fast and so slow all at the same time.

While on one hand i'm loving where my life is right now,
on the other hand i'm missing my people back home.

homesickness has only been a problem once.
I was lying awake one night missing my little family.

Homesickness is weird because it doesn't mean your not happy where you are.
I think mine means that i wish i could have everyone in one place.

That being said, i haven't been too homesick because i've done this before.
I've lived away from home for most of the past 5 years.

I think out of those five years i may have spent approximately one year at home
if you include summer breaks and holidays.

Plus skype is not only a means for keeping in contact with a british boy.
It's also a way to call your momma while she's on her lunch.
Or a nice way to keep up with the fam on weekends.
Which i still need to do..

I'm living in Tom's parents house with Tom his mum and dad,
sister Holly and grandad Billy.

They are hilarious, and loving and wonderful
which makes this transition that much easier for me.

Tom and I haven't really done much this week.
Other than go to the movies two days in a row...
and eat WAY too much pizza..

I've spent the week settling into life here.
I've figured out the bus system to town
which makes me feel like a local.
I've just bought a GO phone yesterday,
his name is Gregory...

He was only three pound.
Then I just have to top him up for ten pound a month
to keep him living and breathing.

So i now have my very own UK phone number.
Which makes me all giddy inside.

Today Tom is working till 6.
I'm heading back to the bus on my own 
and going to Town for a little window shopping...
or maybe some real shopping..who knows.

I'm also going to take this opportunity to explore a little more.
And now i feel like i can explore more because i have a phone to keep 
me connected in case of emergencies.

Plus mom, if you're reading this, i'll be fine.
I'm only going to be in like a shopping mall area.
So when i say get to know the city center better
i really mean get to know the shopping area better.
Are we all that surprised??
I don't think so ;)

I'm off for now.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bus local

I rode the bus to town by myself yesterday.
When i say 'to town' it makes me giggle...
It makes me feel like i jumped in my horse and buggy
and headed off into the sunrise towards town to buy eggs ;)

The bus was my buggy and pizza express was my eggs...

I was being sneaky while taking this photo...
I didn't want the kids up front to think i was weird...
And then just as i snapped it the sound went off and they 
both turned around and looked at me and then began whispering
about how creepy i was being...

I feel like every time i've taken a creeper shot
either the flash has gone off or the camera sound goes off...
It's awkward..but i'm really good at acting like nothing happened.
Just like i did on the bus last night ;)

I met Tom after work and we went to see American Hustle.
It was good but i fell asleep during some of it and so it's all a little hazy.

The theaters here do a special on wednesdays.
Buy one get one free...yes please.

Then we found out that pizza express does the special too.
Buy one pizza get one free...double yes please!!

It was all pretty incredible really.

I'm just glad i can get the bus on my own now.
It makes it easier to meet up with Tom and go out and 
do some shopping if i need to :)

I'm like a local now :)
It's pretty awesome.

Have a great Thursday! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We steal broken umbrellas...

Yesterday was a great day.
It was Tom's first full day off work
since i got here last Friday.

We headed to town for a nice day out.
We went to Liverpool's world museum and
saw everything from live fishies to mummies to dinos.

Then we headed out for a pizza slice and a coke for lunch.
Got some US dollaahhs converted over to pounds...
which means i got my money cut in half...

Our plan for the day was to go see a movie
so we had about an hour and a half before Walter Mitty started...
which if you haven't seen should...
We spent some time at this coffee place called Costa.
I got this hot apple drink, this strong and spicy apple drink.
After people watching for a bit we headed over to the movie.

It was a really good film.
All about acting on your dreams instead of just daydreaming about them.
Pretty inspirational and if I wasn't already traveling, it would make me want to.

After the movie we were headed over to this place called Byron
for burgers and onion rings and mac and cheese and comfort food galore.

When we got there we saw that there were people inside
so we walked to the doors and pulled on them awkwardly
until we realized they were locked and then we
just giggled and ran away before we embarrassed ourselves even more ;)

We ended up in a Pizza Hut.
Which Tom thought was pretty magical
because of their all you can eat Salad Bar...
And i thought it was pretty magical because of their
all you can eat Ice cream self serve...

You can obviously see who's healthier ;)

It had been raining off and on all day
and we were without an umbrella....

If only there was an umbrella for us to use...

That's when Tom reached under the table and VOILA...
he found an umbrella that had been left behind.

Who's lucky? We're lucky...

Since this obviously abandoned umbrella was without a home,
i suggested that we take it with us and use it.
So we took that stealing???
If it is it was for a good keep a nice couple dry...

So we leave Pizza Hut and head towards the bus stop for our ride home.
Once we get to the bus stop we decide to pop open that new umbrella of ours.
Spoiler Alert...It was broken.

That's probably why it was left in the first place.
So we hopped on our bus and gazed out the window 
staring at the little black umbrella that we left snuggled 
under a seat at the bus stop.

Our hope is that someone else finds it...
and it brightens their day a little...
and they take it with them until they find out that it's broken...
And then they leave it for someone else to find...
A little broken umbrella adventure.

Oh did i mention that Tom got me a Panda onesie for my graduation present??
Because he did...and it's the best thing i've ever seen.

 Basically i'm having a blast :)
Now i'm just waiting for Tom to get off work
so we can go see another movie.
And maybe find another homeless broken umbrella..

Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Back to school, wait....

So i guess they weren't kidding when 
they said they were going to keep school running
even though i wasn't there...

I'm not really that self centered ;)
But it does seem surreal that my Alma Mater {that's weird too}
is starting school today after their Christmas Break...
And i won't be there.

It hasn't really sunk in until now..
that i'm graduated and done with school.
Or at least done with undergrad.

I still miss all my people.
My student friends and faculty friends
and the people that i'd much rather call family.

It's strange, and a bit scary not to be back.
But i'm happy with where i am ;)

And i know i'll be back there shortly since
my little bro will be attending the same school in the fall.

Can't wait to see how he handles it...
Goth child number 2?? I hope not...

I'm still in England...with Tom...not leaving anytime soon...
and so's been incredible, which is pretty obvious.

We haven't done much of anything over the weekend,
that's due to the fact that Tom still has to work.

He got a pretty crummy work schedule for the weekend,
he worked most of Saturday and Sunday.
womp .. womp

But he's off at one today and he's off tomorrow
so you'll be seeing more of us in the next two days :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful monday...lolz
And i hope everyone has a great first day back at school!!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello from England

Is it possible for your eyes to weigh a million pounds??
Because it feels like mine do...

I left my house around 9am on Thursday and
got to Tom's house at around 9am on Friday.
Which means i traveled non stop for around 18 hours 
with no sleep because the lady next to me on the big plane
wouldn't stop flopping around and hitting me in the side.

I didn't mind not sleeping too much.
I mean by the time i started getting sleepy
we were getting our breakfast on the plane
and preparing to land in Manchester.
Plus there was free movies so i was pretty happy.

Once we landed I was feeling some serious claustrophobia 
after being on that plane for so long.

I wanted off but the lady next to me, bless her, was taking her time.
Which was all fine and dandy until I finally got off and saw the customs line.

All of those lovely people we let go ahead of us were now in front of us.
It took about 20 minutes to get through the line.
All the while i was really nervous.

I wasn't sure what the protocol was for staying in a country for 5 months...
So when i got to my customs lady she asked me all of the customary customs questions
and then as we were finishing up our conversation she threw in
"so how long will you be staying"
gulp...5 months I replied...
Whooaaaaa...because i'm in Love ;)

She then rolled her eyes a bit and stamped me through.
I did a little jump for joy while passing through the doors.

OH and while we were in line this man and woman were
being escorted out by the police.

They were British and the man just kept saying...
"I can't wait to get out of this awful country, away from these
awful people and these awful tourists. OH the tourists are the worst,
i hate them, i hate them so much, i hate this country."

He said all of that while standing next to our line
full of people who are just visiting the UK...aka the awful tourists..
It was actually pretty hilarious ;)

One i got to Tom's house i fought sleep for a little while
and then it just took over, i don't even remember half of yesterday.
I know that's not the way to do it, you should wait to sleep until it's night...
But like i said before, my eyes were like a million pounds and i couldn't resist.

I'm starting to wake up now though, and it's such a cool feeling being back.
It really feels as though i never left, i mean i was only here a few weeks ago.

I of course already miss everyone back home, mom, dad, the sibs, the whole fam.
I wish i could pack you up and bring you with me.

I love being back with Tom.
I am so so happy that this is all happening.
I love that i can go without seeing him in person for a while
and then when i see him we just pick up like we've been together forever.
It's all pretty perfect! :)

After a looooonnngggg day of traveling, and a long day of lazing
It's time to unpack, do some reading, go grocery shopping with Tom's mum
and wait for Tom to get off work :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

England bound & Customs humor


I'm all packed, and ready to go.
I think i deserve an award for getting
5 months of clothes/shoes/other necessities 
into a medium suitcase a carry on and a backpack.
Go me!!

I am so so excited to be reunited with this guy :) :) :) :)

One thing i'm not excited about is going through customs.

They scare me, like real bad.

I know for a fact that i have ALL of the info
that i need for them to let me pass but I'm still scared of them.
Not that i have reason to be, they're just intimidating.

Also it kind of hurts my feelings
how uninterested they are in my reason for traveling.

Here's an example of my customs experience.

C = Customs
E= Emily

C - Passport please
E - Oh yes, here you go.
C - Why are you traveling to the UK?
E - {giggly} This is where my boyfriend lives.
C - How did you meet?
E - ahem...we
C - Have you met before?
E - {giggle} yes, yes we have, he spent 3 magical 
weeks with me in Texas last summer and i came here
at Thanksgiving break for a week, it was wonderful. {giggle}
C - How long have you known him?
E - oh, it will be 14 months in february, oh how sweet is that,
14 months in february is so magical, because you know,
the 14th is Valentines day and we're in love and we've
known each other 14 months...sighhh
C - {rolls eyes} how long will you be here, when is your flight back,
do you plan on working while your here???
E - {thinks to myself, why doesn't C care about my relationship??}
I leave June 9th and no i won't be working.
C - Don't you have a job? Or aren't you a student?
How can you take off this long?
E - I graduated in december and since 
we've been dating long distance we decided
that this would be a great opportunity to spend 
a few magical and romantic months together...
you know, young love {giggle}
C - {rolls eyes, stamps passport}

I guess i'm a little too obsessed with our story ;)
I think it will all go really well tomorrow!
I am so excited :)

I can't wait to start this adventure, and begin
blogging from across the pond for a few months.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.
Big day of traveling ahead of me, but have no fear
I have insurgent and Allegiant to keep me company.
Divergent was amazing, i can't wait to read the others.

Here I go...eeep


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tomorrow - Off to England :)

Things have been up and down
this week with my Grandpa.

I've struggled with whether to postpone my flight
or to leave as planned.

Changing a flight is expensive,
however money is not really an issue.

He's been in the hospital for a few days,
they're taking really good care of him
and my family is all banding together
to make sure my granny and my dad
and aunts and uncles are doing ok.

At the end of the day
we don't know what's going to happen.
Grandpa could go to heaven tomorrow
or he could start doing better and be around till next January.
We just don't know.

So I'll be up at the hospital today
spending some time with them before 
heading to England tomorrow as planned.

It's really hard, because while
you want to be with family for fear 
of something happening, you still have
to make good on your plans and just live life.

I wish we knew more, that would make this all a bit easier.
But after talking to my parents we all decided it was best
to go along with the plan and handle the future as it comes.

Thank you all for your love and prayers.
Keep them coming and add me to the list as i head
off tomorrow for this amazing adventure with Tom.