Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We steal broken umbrellas...

Yesterday was a great day.
It was Tom's first full day off work
since i got here last Friday.

We headed to town for a nice day out.
We went to Liverpool's world museum and
saw everything from live fishies to mummies to dinos.

Then we headed out for a pizza slice and a coke for lunch.
Got some US dollaahhs converted over to pounds...
which means i got my money cut in half...

Our plan for the day was to go see a movie
so we had about an hour and a half before Walter Mitty started...
which if you haven't seen should...
We spent some time at this coffee place called Costa.
I got this hot apple drink, this strong and spicy apple drink.
After people watching for a bit we headed over to the movie.

It was a really good film.
All about acting on your dreams instead of just daydreaming about them.
Pretty inspirational and if I wasn't already traveling, it would make me want to.

After the movie we were headed over to this place called Byron
for burgers and onion rings and mac and cheese and comfort food galore.

When we got there we saw that there were people inside
so we walked to the doors and pulled on them awkwardly
until we realized they were locked and then we
just giggled and ran away before we embarrassed ourselves even more ;)

We ended up in a Pizza Hut.
Which Tom thought was pretty magical
because of their all you can eat Salad Bar...
And i thought it was pretty magical because of their
all you can eat Ice cream self serve...

You can obviously see who's healthier ;)

It had been raining off and on all day
and we were without an umbrella....

If only there was an umbrella for us to use...

That's when Tom reached under the table and VOILA...
he found an umbrella that had been left behind.

Who's lucky? We're lucky...

Since this obviously abandoned umbrella was without a home,
i suggested that we take it with us and use it.
So we took that stealing???
If it is it was for a good keep a nice couple dry...

So we leave Pizza Hut and head towards the bus stop for our ride home.
Once we get to the bus stop we decide to pop open that new umbrella of ours.
Spoiler Alert...It was broken.

That's probably why it was left in the first place.
So we hopped on our bus and gazed out the window 
staring at the little black umbrella that we left snuggled 
under a seat at the bus stop.

Our hope is that someone else finds it...
and it brightens their day a little...
and they take it with them until they find out that it's broken...
And then they leave it for someone else to find...
A little broken umbrella adventure.

Oh did i mention that Tom got me a Panda onesie for my graduation present??
Because he did...and it's the best thing i've ever seen.

 Basically i'm having a blast :)
Now i'm just waiting for Tom to get off work
so we can go see another movie.
And maybe find another homeless broken umbrella..

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. You have to order the cookies n cream milkshake at Byron. Go back just for that alone! I don't know who you bank with in America but if you are with Bank of America you can withdraw money at Barclay's cashpoints without any fees xx

  2. Wow sounds like y'all were having a blast together. And I totally love that panda onesie :) I already commented on your picture via Twitter but I keep for getting that people can't read it so I just had to say it again here! It's totally awesome!