Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bus local

I rode the bus to town by myself yesterday.
When i say 'to town' it makes me giggle...
It makes me feel like i jumped in my horse and buggy
and headed off into the sunrise towards town to buy eggs ;)

The bus was my buggy and pizza express was my eggs...

I was being sneaky while taking this photo...
I didn't want the kids up front to think i was weird...
And then just as i snapped it the sound went off and they 
both turned around and looked at me and then began whispering
about how creepy i was being...

I feel like every time i've taken a creeper shot
either the flash has gone off or the camera sound goes off...
It's awkward..but i'm really good at acting like nothing happened.
Just like i did on the bus last night ;)

I met Tom after work and we went to see American Hustle.
It was good but i fell asleep during some of it and so it's all a little hazy.

The theaters here do a special on wednesdays.
Buy one get one free...yes please.

Then we found out that pizza express does the special too.
Buy one pizza get one free...double yes please!!

It was all pretty incredible really.

I'm just glad i can get the bus on my own now.
It makes it easier to meet up with Tom and go out and 
do some shopping if i need to :)

I'm like a local now :)
It's pretty awesome.

Have a great Thursday! 


  1. Sitting on the front a double decker bus is the best position. Those kids were lucky. Beat them to it next time. x

  2. Amanda, you totally got to my comment before I could! The top front as you go flying around those tight English corners is a little rush I will always cherish!
    Have you tried Nando's yet? Unlimited soda refills to get your little taste of 'Merica. :)
    Have a digestive for me! (Chocolate covered, of course!)
    - Shelby (stuck in my office remeniscing my England for love adventure) :)