Monday, August 31, 2015

The visa struggle via gifs (UK version)

Hello everyone, I'm back, that's right, twice within the span of a week.
Impressive, I know!!!

Today I wanted to share a struggle that all international couples
have faced, will face or are currently facing...The visa struggle.

There is forum upon forum of couples explaining their visa process.
Some of them are wonderful stories full of hope while others
are pits of deep, dark despair that make you cry yourself to sleep.


Because with visa's it will either end well or end terribly, terribly bad.
Meaning you either get the visa or you don't and if you don't it's basically
the other country telling you that they're breaking up with you but you're
not even together's hurtful, i'm sure.

I can only speculate since it hasn't happened to Tom or myself...yet...and hopefully it never will.

We will be looking at visa's in the near future and so I just wanted to
share how terrifying the visa process is with all of you people's who will
never have to worry about getting one.

It will give you an inside look at what we have to do to be together.

This will be the UK Visa version, I'll do a US one next time.

And I'll use GIF's because they make everything better...

So you've found love, he/she is British, you're not and it's so amazing and you want to be together
forever and ever but you can't...not yet...because you need a VISA!!


Yes, a Visa, but don't worry it's not bad, it's just basically the UK government
judging you and deciding if you're fit to live in their society...
No biggie..

 But it's totally worth it because you get to be together!!! Hooray!!

 Yes, get happy and get your wallet ready because it's about
$1500 to apply for the visa, plus another $200 if you want the process rushed..
but don't rush too much because your UK partner has to be making some serious money
6 months before you can even apply for the visa.
Then it takes another 3 or so months to get the visa...
Unless you rush it, if rushed it can take less time..
but they make no promises, you could pay extra
for the rush and it take just as much time as the regular way.


So before you can apply for a visa in the UK
you're partner has to be making £18,600 a year ($30,000)...we know jobs are
scarce but you can do it...right??? Right, that's the spirit!!!
*(Average jobs in the UK make around £14-£17,000 annually)


Also, don't forget that you have to reapply for that visa every 30 months
until you've lived there for 5 years AND THEN you can apply for another
visa to remain long term in that country...and then 10 years apply again.
 And you pay every time...but it will be ok because your
spouse is making £18,600 or more. 
But keep in mind you could be sent back
to your home country if during the first five years abroad your spouse is making less than £18,600 6 months prior to you re-applying for the visa...
even if you're married...or have have to go go go...
Oh and if you have kids in the first 5 years abroad
then the amount you have to earn yearly gets increased per child...
So no kids for the next 5 years...noted!!


No, no, don't get to be together, remember...where's that happy face??


 But in order to be happy you have to leave your home, your family and friends...


 Which leaves you feeling a little bit crazy...
Happy to be together, sad to be leaving...


But listen, it's hard to leave but it doesn't mean you'll be gone forever.
The perk to being with someone from another country is you now
get to call two amazing places home. Plus all of the people that know you
now get a free place to stay if they come to the UK.


So it's going to be hard and it's going to take time and patience
but at the end of it all you're taking a leap that many, many people
never get the chance to take and it's weird and new and scary but
it's also incredible and a huge blessing to be able to get a piece of
paper that let's you roam the earth with the one you love.
The money will be scarce and the wait will be hard but
man oh man how exciting it will be when you nestle
into that new adventure with your person.


 USA Visa Struggle via GIFS will come atcha next time!!
And since this was fun maybe i'll do a post on the different types
of visa's and why they're all so terribly confusing!! 

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

An update on life/love

Hey blog land.
I owe you guys a pretty lengthy update don't I?

I'm not sure this will be lengthy but it will work for now.

Ok so Tom went home about a month ago.
The 6 months was up and so was his visa.

So he hopped on two planes and made his way back to England.

The 6 months went by so fast.
It's all a blur, a magical blur that was so wonderful.
It was nice having him here for so long and
now we can both say we know more about
each other's homes since we've both been able
to live on opposite sides of the world for 
an extended period of time.

Out of the almost 3 years that we've been together
we have spent a little over 1 full year together.
Which in the long distance world is pretty incredible.
Thanks to both of our parents for being so hospitable.

So here's a little bit of what's been happening since he left.

Tom has been looking for work, he's gone to multiple interviews
and he's currently in possession of one job. woohoo!

He is looking for full time work though so he's
still pounding the pavement, he had two interviews today
so he's doing really well!!

I'm still nannying/babysitting...whatever you want to call it.
I'm part time so I was looking for some work too.
I'm currently waiting to hear back from a Soccer Coaching
position for little kids that I can add to my load to give me full time status.

So this is new territory, we're both in our own countries 
and we're both working.

Usually one of us is here or there and only one of
us has a job while the other one doesn't.

So now we both have jobs because you need money
for the next steps that we are wanting to take.

The flying back in forth to be together phase of
our relationship has to come to an end at some point
because we really need to put down some roots if we're
ever going to both settle into jobs and life.

So as of right now there are no flights booked
and no plans in place.

We have plans, we just have to do a few things
before those plans can come to light.

So we're kind of in a logistical phase right now.
Figuring out the next steps one step at a time.

It's going to be the hardest part of our relationship because
it's possible that months and months may go by before
we're able to get together again and it's pretty heartbreaking.

But our optimism is strong and we're still making time
to skype and we text nonstop so we'll be ok, it will just be hard.

I'll try and keep this space more updated as we
figure things out and move towards bigger and better things!

Hope you all have a great day :)


Thursday, June 11, 2015

The thousand year journey

I'd like to believe that all humans have the ability to be adventurers.
Some adventurers are hanging out on top of mountains while others are
Dangling their feet in shark infested waters. Then there's the adventurer
Like myself who just likes to get gelato in Italy while taking in the sights of
The gorgeous coast line. I would be a bad mountain climber because
I'm clumsy and have zero wouldn't end well. 

There are so many adventurous avenues to take in life
But travel has to be near the top of the adventure list.

It's hard for me to put into words how much I love to travel.
If I could do it as a career then I would be set. And who says I can't? 
We'll no one, which is why it's still possible.
It would be quite the adventure.

I stumbled upon Jedidiah Jenkins because of my obsession with breaking bad. 
Jessie Pinkman was and is my all time favorite character. So while following/stalking Aaron Paul
On Instagram I found his friend Jedidiah. I looked over at Jedidiahs Instagram and
Was blown away by his images of his amazing trip from Oregon to Patagonia ON A BICYCLE!!!! 

He quit a job he loved to shake up his world on this amazing journey.
He saw our world in a way I've never seen it before and I hope to one day
Get to see and experience some of what he did amazing!!!

Jedidiah had some friends follow him for a month or so and document a short
Film of why he decided to take this trip!! 

His answer is incredible, inspiring and potentially life changing
To those who may feel trapped in the daily grind of routine!!

I would highly suggest taking a look at the short film.
You'll feel all the feels!!! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oh hi there

Hi bloggy, it's been a long time...
I feel like this is an awkward exchange between
friends who haven't spoken in some time ;)

I guess this space is due for a post, a little update on life.
So here you go!!

 -Tom is still here even though my lack of instagram pics might
make you wonder his existence at all.

He/we aren't fond of the selfie these days and the only time
we really like taking them is when we're actually doing something
more extravagant than watching netflix...

I mean if you want netflix selfies then I can give that a go but....
chances are you don't so we'll leave that alone!

- It's June already which feels so weird and crazy because June means
that Tom leaves next month and I'm already tearing up just thinking about it.
So I won't think about it ;)

- We've been talking about our next step for a while now and
there are still so many things up in the air that could navigate our path.
So we're being as patient as can be while we figure
a few things out before PLANS are made.

- We have three plans that are in the works.
Plan 1 is our Grand Canyon road trip that is hopefully happening in a few weeks.
Plan 2 is my return to Liverpool in a few months.
Plan 3 is Jamaica in April of Next year.
So we've got some plans in the works which is great!
Things to look forward to and things to keep our minds off
of more time apart in the coming months.

-Sunday is Tom's 25th Birthday!!!!
So we're looking at going on a little trippy this weekend
to celebrate such a monumental occasion!!

- I made a big tech move this past week.

I sorta like my iphone but it's a 4s and it's slow
so my love for it has dwindled over time.
Plus I don't like the hefty monthly bill.

Sooo I'm pulling the plug on having an Iphone.

Instead I bought an unlocked Ipad mini 2 and I'm going to
find the best data deal out there to have some data on that device
for texting/web surfing and app usage.
I'll use it mostly on wifi but it will be nice to have some data.

My phone is going to be a sparkly new tracphone/pay as you go phone.
&&& I'm looking into a social camera, like the Samsung Galaxy Camera.
That way I'm able to take pictures and still post them directly to social media if I wish.
So I'm getting rid of my iphone and replacing it with THREE devices..
I know it might be craazzyyy but the monthly bill is cheaper, there are no
contracts and I'll have better working devices than my current Iphone.
Plus I'm selling some of my other techy things to make room and make money
for these new toys coming my way so tt's like one big trade.

So yea, I'll let you know how it goes.
I may be kicking myself in a month but I doubt it.
I'm pretty pumped about this!!
-I just recently got my hands on some essential oils
and I'm excited about some of the benefits that I'm already seeing.
I'm not sure about all of it but I like what I see so far.
- I also ordered some of THIS facewash+toner+oil+mask annndd I can't
say enough nice things about it!! My skin is transforming before my very eyes
and I'm loving it, plus it's made by a fellow bloggers sister which is fun.
I'm always happy to support small businesses! :)
So I think that's about it for now.
I promise to come back around and let
you know how the new tech switch is working out.
I'm sure there will also be news soon on future Tomily plans
which is always exciting...I think ;)

Hope y'all are having a good week!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

15 current thoughts and updates

-I miss blogging and I don't miss blogging. My current relationship with social media isss meehh...

- I hate that I get passionate about SO MANY of my ideas and then tell people about them only for them to not happen. I'm afraid that I've become the girl who cries business ideas but never really goes for it.

- I do actually have a pretty good idea right now which is ironic ^^^. I've even taken it so far as to write up a business plan which is a step I don't normally take. I have a name, a rad concept and time to tweak it and make it into something doable. So I'm feeling confident that this one is going to happen.

- I'm 24, almost 25 and I'm having some intense growing pains. I've been questioning a lot of things lately about life, about myself and i'm slowly pulling it all together. Well, it will never quite be together but i'm trying my best.

- On Tuesday Tom and I went to Putt Putt because they have this amazing deal where you get unlimited putt putt and a $20 game card for $10 pp. It's cheap and we're total arcade nerds so it was a no brainer. I played the game stacker and won an Xbox One. So we paid $20 and left with about $500. Tom is thrilled and so was i to be honest. ;) Probably the biggest thing I've ever won and it was on an arcade game.

- I kind of have a slight obsession with online shopping right now. It's bad and it needs to stop but new seasons just get my heart racing. I bought these & these today. I'll be stalking my mailbox for the next week.

- I officially have 2 travel rewards credit cards in my wallet. One is Southwest and the other is AA Delta Skymiles. So now we have rewards domestically as well as internationaly. I was able to get 50,000 miles with southwest for spending $2000 in the first three months and we'll get 50,000 with the AA card when we spend $1000 in the first 3 months. Pretty solid when you already have the money and already have stuff to spend it on, like International flights to England.

- If you've ever done Myers Briggs then you'll know what I'm talking about here. I'm labeled ENFP but my E and I are practically even. So I am known to go back and forth between the two but lately I've felt way more introverted. My favorite place is at home in comfy clothes hanging out with Tom or my family.

- This is year 3 for Tomily and as things progress we're starting to have to make some tough decisions. It's so so scary making big life changing choices but we have to do it at some point because we desperately need to both be working. So sacrifices will be coming our way in the nearish future. eek. Fortunately with sacrifices comes some pretty great things. So it won't all be bad!

- On my way home from work this morning I heard on the radio that Dallas Symphony Orchestra was having a night of Barbra Streisand. I'm like a closet Barbra fan and so I ran/drove home and asked Tom if he would totally hate accompanying me to the show. He said he'd come which is good enough for me ;) We got box seats that may have been the cheapest seats in the house but I find something really fancy about those spots in theaters!! I'm geeking out!!

-I've discovered recently that I'm a bit of a free spirit. I kind of always felt this inside me but as I've grown older it's becoming more and more evident. This goes hand in hand with me finding myself and being all confused about things. It's mostly to do with work and money. While I know both are necessary I'm determined to create my own path to those things. 9-5 while it might be unavoidable, still gives me the heebeejeebees.

- I'm playing with the idea of using some essential oils for my asthma and allergies. Anyone using oils? I have two close friends who use them and love it. I'll try anything to get off inhalers.

- I bought Tom his birthday present a few weeks ago. I can't wait for him to find out what it is. I'm doing my best keeping it a surprise but I'm hopeless with secrets so we'll see.

- Now that we have miles to use I'm just ITCHING to go on a trip. Cali beaches are soooo calling my name!!!

- I just bought this book. I'm so ready to make a change and to get healthier. I just have a really unhealthy relationship with food. Some of it is so dang tasty and so dang bad for you. So I'm excited to read this one.

That's all for now :) Have a great weekend everyone!! 90 and sunny on saturday here in DFW!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Trips/Dreams & Allergic Reactions

I've been neglecting this space for so long
which would usually make me feel pretty disappointed
because i love this blog and i've loved writing here
for the past two-three years.

I am however not disappointed because
my time is being spent elsewhere doing productive things
like traveling and thinking and laughing and building
and being real sick for one terrible night.

Let's start with theeeee traveling.

Tom and I spent a week exploring Texas
a few weeks ago.

I posted some pics on instagram but i haven't
really relived it all just yet, until now.

We stayed in Austin for Two days
then headed down to San Antonio for Two days and 
finished the trip off in Houston/Galveston.

We had a blast!
My favorite place was Austin!!

Austin reminds me of Cali but in Texas, with less ocean.
Everyone is so laid back and chill and the food is so amazing
and the social scene is on point and it's just magic in a bottle!!

I'll (maybe) post a few travel posts about
all of the things we did on our trip in the near future. (Hopefully)

Next up is the thinking/laughing/building.
It has been the best having Tom around 24/7.
It's just so fun to have your best friend/love close to
you when you've spent so much time apart and for so long too.

It feels like i'm on vacation everyday with him.
We spend our days lounging and laughing and 
doing some dreaming and binge watching the walking dead.
It's so much fun and I love it!

(I just started watching the WD like a month or so ago.
I mean I'm way behind the times but I'm so glad I finally got into it!
It is so so so good, we only just started season 5 so no spoilers pleaaseee)

My thinking and building has led me to a business venture.
Tom and I recently had dinner with some good friends of mine
and they are pretty business savvy themselves.
We got to talking about ideas, I have about 1,000
business ideas a day, not even kidding.

Anyways we started talking about how to take action.
Take an idea that you really like, that you're passionate about
and just stop trying to beat it with other ideas.

Just take it and make a move.
So I've been moving and shaking ever since.
I'm in the Business Plan portion of my venture
and it's so exciting to build my pretty little creation!!
More about that to come, i'm sure!

And finally let's discuss my fin Friday night.

This past friday we were celebrating my sister and brother in law's birthday.
We went to a Hibachi place in town and everything was going great.
I had never been to a hibachi place before so this was all new to me.

It was awesome, the fire the flips the food, amazing!
He served up some little appetizers and one of the appetizers
was shrimp, this is where the night started going downhill.

I have always been quite picky about food but
as i've gotten older i've decided to try more stuff.

So Friday night was the first time I had ever had shrimp.

I thought it was really good, i liked it.
I only had one shrimp, one pretty good sized shrimp.

Sooo I keep eating the rest of the food he is putting out
but I'm feeling off and i'm quick to realize 
that I haven't felt this way before.

My mouth was feeling weird and so was my throat.

I have a fruit allergy where my mouth gets
itchy and a little puffy with certain fruits so everyone
kind of thought maybe that was it, but I hadn't eaten any fruit.
So it was a mystery as to why I was feeling bad.

I finally had to excuse myself at the end of dinner 
and go outside for some fresh air.

Tom went with me and while we were outside
I started to cry, I didn't mean to cry or want to cry, it just started happening.

We got in the car with my family and
my crying turned into uncontrollable sobs.

My breathing became labored and
I started getting clammy.

Then The weirdest things started happening.
Clammy means I'm close to fainting, but every time
I've ever fainted i haven't really been aware of it, it just happens so fast.

This time was slow and crazy!
I just kept saying, I'm going to pass out
then I started losing my hearing which was SO CRAZY!!
I started telling my parents I couldn't hear and
I got them to turn on the cool air which helped me come to a little.

My dad drove us to the closest Prime Care
and we walked in and there were people in there
waiting to see a doctor but they pushed me past all of them.

They took some bloodwork and gave me a shot
for a totally unrelated infection that I had and sent me on my way.

I mean I was expecting something for the allergic reaction
but I guess they knew i'd be ok after some time.

So we left and headed home.
We were probably in the car for 5 minutes before
I had to stop the car and do the deed that no one wants
to do in public, in a church parking lot.

After that I felt much better but then
I started having an asthma attack and I got
a horrible rash all over my body.

After some benedryl and some sleep
I was feeling better, not 100% but better.

I'm still feeling off from it but I think it's pretty much passed.

So we think it was the shrimp but we're not sure.
Those Hibachi places use so much seasoning and other
stuff that we're not really sure what it was.

I've had a little bit of crab before and it didn't bother me
but i know that shrimp can bother you even if other shellfish doesn't.

Sooooo I'm either allergic to shrimp or hibachi ;)
I don't really plan on having shrimp again so maybe I'll
have to try hibachi one more time to see if it's something they use.

Alright, I'll stop there!
Hope you're all having a great week so far!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow, Roadtrips & Credit Cards

A few things have happened since my last post.
We got snow here in Texas and it
was like real snow not just ice.

We usually get iced in rather than snowed in.
So when we woke up to the fluffy stuff
it was pretty shocking and so exciting!!

Having Tom here when it snowed was so fun
because he thought it was the craziest thing
seeing snow in a place he always assumed was
constantly hot and sunny.

So our snow day was pretty fantastic.

The only downside was we were pretty much
trapped inside the house for about a week
because we had an ice storm at the beginning of
the week and once that was just about gone we
got all of this wonderful snooowww.

Unfortunately we're still trapped inside the house
because my house is undergoing some pretty
major uplifts this week.

We had some foundation issues so we got cracks fixed
and now the painters are here and Tom and I get
to stay home with the workers to keep an eye on things
while my parents are at work.

So we're SO READY to get out of the house.
Luckily we have a trip coming up.

Spring break is next week so we're
going to use my time off of work to go on a Texas road trip. 

Tom has only seen Fort worth, Dallas and some of Houston
so I'm really excited to take him down to Austin 
and San Antonio and down to the gulf.

We'll get a nice week away to explore
this huge state together.

I'm just really excited for the food
that we will feast on while we're in these great cities.

The food...I can't wait!!!


Here's some fun travel news...
Tom's sister is getting married next Year in JAMAICA!!

It was only a few months ago that we
were soaking up the sun in the Dominican Republic
so we're so excited to have another beachy trip in the works.

This beachy trip got us thinking about money.
We're doing good on money, no complaints or anything
but we knew that booking Jamaica would cost a pretty penny
and if we're going to have to spend some G's to book this trip
then we might as well be getting rewarded for it.

So we started looking into a travel rewards credit card.
My cousin recently told me about Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Card.

I looked into it and they were offering 50,000 points if
you spend $2,000 in the first three months.

Sign us up!!!

With this Jamaica trip to book we can easily put $2,000
on the card in the first three months and pay it off in that
same month so that we get the points and not the interest
annnndddd build up my credit all at the same time.

Credit cards can be really scary because
no one wants to go into debt but that seems
to be how a lot of credit card stories end...deebbttt.

So we're going to be crazy, annoyingly 
careful with this new card.

We want the rewards so we're going to use it
quite frequently but we're also going to pay it off
so fast the banks head will spin ;)

So that's pretty much what's happening over here.
I can't wait to leave on our trip next week.
I'll post more about it as we go!

Have a great week!