Monday, March 30, 2015

Trips/Dreams & Allergic Reactions

I've been neglecting this space for so long
which would usually make me feel pretty disappointed
because i love this blog and i've loved writing here
for the past two-three years.

I am however not disappointed because
my time is being spent elsewhere doing productive things
like traveling and thinking and laughing and building
and being real sick for one terrible night.

Let's start with theeeee traveling.

Tom and I spent a week exploring Texas
a few weeks ago.

I posted some pics on instagram but i haven't
really relived it all just yet, until now.

We stayed in Austin for Two days
then headed down to San Antonio for Two days and 
finished the trip off in Houston/Galveston.

We had a blast!
My favorite place was Austin!!

Austin reminds me of Cali but in Texas, with less ocean.
Everyone is so laid back and chill and the food is so amazing
and the social scene is on point and it's just magic in a bottle!!

I'll (maybe) post a few travel posts about
all of the things we did on our trip in the near future. (Hopefully)

Next up is the thinking/laughing/building.
It has been the best having Tom around 24/7.
It's just so fun to have your best friend/love close to
you when you've spent so much time apart and for so long too.

It feels like i'm on vacation everyday with him.
We spend our days lounging and laughing and 
doing some dreaming and binge watching the walking dead.
It's so much fun and I love it!

(I just started watching the WD like a month or so ago.
I mean I'm way behind the times but I'm so glad I finally got into it!
It is so so so good, we only just started season 5 so no spoilers pleaaseee)

My thinking and building has led me to a business venture.
Tom and I recently had dinner with some good friends of mine
and they are pretty business savvy themselves.
We got to talking about ideas, I have about 1,000
business ideas a day, not even kidding.

Anyways we started talking about how to take action.
Take an idea that you really like, that you're passionate about
and just stop trying to beat it with other ideas.

Just take it and make a move.
So I've been moving and shaking ever since.
I'm in the Business Plan portion of my venture
and it's so exciting to build my pretty little creation!!
More about that to come, i'm sure!

And finally let's discuss my fin Friday night.

This past friday we were celebrating my sister and brother in law's birthday.
We went to a Hibachi place in town and everything was going great.
I had never been to a hibachi place before so this was all new to me.

It was awesome, the fire the flips the food, amazing!
He served up some little appetizers and one of the appetizers
was shrimp, this is where the night started going downhill.

I have always been quite picky about food but
as i've gotten older i've decided to try more stuff.

So Friday night was the first time I had ever had shrimp.

I thought it was really good, i liked it.
I only had one shrimp, one pretty good sized shrimp.

Sooo I keep eating the rest of the food he is putting out
but I'm feeling off and i'm quick to realize 
that I haven't felt this way before.

My mouth was feeling weird and so was my throat.

I have a fruit allergy where my mouth gets
itchy and a little puffy with certain fruits so everyone
kind of thought maybe that was it, but I hadn't eaten any fruit.
So it was a mystery as to why I was feeling bad.

I finally had to excuse myself at the end of dinner 
and go outside for some fresh air.

Tom went with me and while we were outside
I started to cry, I didn't mean to cry or want to cry, it just started happening.

We got in the car with my family and
my crying turned into uncontrollable sobs.

My breathing became labored and
I started getting clammy.

Then The weirdest things started happening.
Clammy means I'm close to fainting, but every time
I've ever fainted i haven't really been aware of it, it just happens so fast.

This time was slow and crazy!
I just kept saying, I'm going to pass out
then I started losing my hearing which was SO CRAZY!!
I started telling my parents I couldn't hear and
I got them to turn on the cool air which helped me come to a little.

My dad drove us to the closest Prime Care
and we walked in and there were people in there
waiting to see a doctor but they pushed me past all of them.

They took some bloodwork and gave me a shot
for a totally unrelated infection that I had and sent me on my way.

I mean I was expecting something for the allergic reaction
but I guess they knew i'd be ok after some time.

So we left and headed home.
We were probably in the car for 5 minutes before
I had to stop the car and do the deed that no one wants
to do in public, in a church parking lot.

After that I felt much better but then
I started having an asthma attack and I got
a horrible rash all over my body.

After some benedryl and some sleep
I was feeling better, not 100% but better.

I'm still feeling off from it but I think it's pretty much passed.

So we think it was the shrimp but we're not sure.
Those Hibachi places use so much seasoning and other
stuff that we're not really sure what it was.

I've had a little bit of crab before and it didn't bother me
but i know that shrimp can bother you even if other shellfish doesn't.

Sooooo I'm either allergic to shrimp or hibachi ;)
I don't really plan on having shrimp again so maybe I'll
have to try hibachi one more time to see if it's something they use.

Alright, I'll stop there!
Hope you're all having a great week so far!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow, Roadtrips & Credit Cards

A few things have happened since my last post.
We got snow here in Texas and it
was like real snow not just ice.

We usually get iced in rather than snowed in.
So when we woke up to the fluffy stuff
it was pretty shocking and so exciting!!

Having Tom here when it snowed was so fun
because he thought it was the craziest thing
seeing snow in a place he always assumed was
constantly hot and sunny.

So our snow day was pretty fantastic.

The only downside was we were pretty much
trapped inside the house for about a week
because we had an ice storm at the beginning of
the week and once that was just about gone we
got all of this wonderful snooowww.

Unfortunately we're still trapped inside the house
because my house is undergoing some pretty
major uplifts this week.

We had some foundation issues so we got cracks fixed
and now the painters are here and Tom and I get
to stay home with the workers to keep an eye on things
while my parents are at work.

So we're SO READY to get out of the house.
Luckily we have a trip coming up.

Spring break is next week so we're
going to use my time off of work to go on a Texas road trip. 

Tom has only seen Fort worth, Dallas and some of Houston
so I'm really excited to take him down to Austin 
and San Antonio and down to the gulf.

We'll get a nice week away to explore
this huge state together.

I'm just really excited for the food
that we will feast on while we're in these great cities.

The food...I can't wait!!!


Here's some fun travel news...
Tom's sister is getting married next Year in JAMAICA!!

It was only a few months ago that we
were soaking up the sun in the Dominican Republic
so we're so excited to have another beachy trip in the works.

This beachy trip got us thinking about money.
We're doing good on money, no complaints or anything
but we knew that booking Jamaica would cost a pretty penny
and if we're going to have to spend some G's to book this trip
then we might as well be getting rewarded for it.

So we started looking into a travel rewards credit card.
My cousin recently told me about Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Card.

I looked into it and they were offering 50,000 points if
you spend $2,000 in the first three months.

Sign us up!!!

With this Jamaica trip to book we can easily put $2,000
on the card in the first three months and pay it off in that
same month so that we get the points and not the interest
annnndddd build up my credit all at the same time.

Credit cards can be really scary because
no one wants to go into debt but that seems
to be how a lot of credit card stories end...deebbttt.

So we're going to be crazy, annoyingly 
careful with this new card.

We want the rewards so we're going to use it
quite frequently but we're also going to pay it off
so fast the banks head will spin ;)

So that's pretty much what's happening over here.
I can't wait to leave on our trip next week.
I'll post more about it as we go!

Have a great week!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where have I been?

Hello little blog.

I haven't even tried to blog since Tom got back into town.
What can I say, we've been busy doing nothing and it's been so amazing!!

I'm still a part time nanny so when I'm at work
Tom is at home hanging out with Winston.

They go for walks and watch netflix
and basically live the dreeaam ;)

Also...look at Winsty!! Ha!

When I'm off work Tom and I try to go out and do
some cheap/free stuff to keep us busy.

We play a lot of tennis, we're getting pretty good too.

We have also started running, not for fun but you know, for hot bods.
If we want to pay to have fun we like to go bowling.
Our bowling alley has a special on where you can bowl
for 2 hours for $8.95 per person.
It's a steal and it's so much fun!

We are trying our best to save money
so most of our dinners are at home.

We go out once or twice a week max.

It's nice though because we get the chance to
do some cooking at home which is always nice.

I love learning new recipes and it's fun
cooking with Tom because he likes to be right
in there with me so it's something we can do together.

After dinner we usually head upstairs
for our nightly netflix party featuring
Parks and Recreation.

We started watching it the second day Tom was here
and we're now on season 5. Ha!
It's so hilarious, Ron and April are my faves!!

It's then around 10:30 that I start
falling asleep on the couch because i'm
such a lame-oh-lady.

So that's basically what's been happening here lately.

It's been nice to take a little blog break,
I've even been slacking over on instagram which
has been equally as nice.

We are seriously enjoying this downtime right now
but there will be more exciting things to come in the near future
like a spring break trip around Texas!! ;)

OH and I've got three sales on coming up
over the next three weeks!!!

These pencils will be on Jane at the end of this month.

I hope you're all having a great February.
I say that in case I'm MIA for the next too weeks ;)

Yay for lovin the peoples you love 365 days a year ;)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tom is here!!

Tom is here, he's actually been here...for a few days now!
So I thought it was time I properly announced his arrival ;)

He got here Thursday afternoon.
I'm happy to say that the airport was boring,
nothing crazy happened at all!

Tom got through customs like a champ.
That visa line is much shorter than the other lines.

After we had our little airport moment
we headed back home to drop off his bags
and give each other Christmas presents.

I got him a watch and a few silly things
like socks and a t-shirt with a cat face on 
a burrito with 'Purrrito' written underneath. ;)

Tom got me an amazing leather bound journal
with the quote 'not all who wander are lost'!
He even got my name put on it!! :)

He also brought me my cherries.
They're my favorite candy in the whole
wide world and they only have them in the UK!

Then I got some goodies from his parents his
sister, brother in law and niece. 
It was so nice, felt just like Christmas morning!!

Our first outing was that night,
we went to ihop..because it's comfort food to the max
and their chocolate milk is like...exceptional.

Tom is settling in like a pro!
I mean he's been here before so it's not
all that crazy.

He's even becoming fast friends with
our little pup Winston! :)

We're so happy to be back together
and for six whole months!!

It's really, really, really great!

:) :)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Goodwill lamps DIY

I'm a bit of a DIY addict.
I think it's good though becuase it means
I don't pay full price for stuff.

Saving money is the name of the game.

Actually DIY'ing can sometimes be more
expensive than just buying new.

If that's the case I think you're doing it wrong ;)

This DIY project definitely saved me money.

I have been looking for some bed side table lamps
for about a month or so.

I've been stalking goodwills and thrift shops
hoping that a pair will pop out at me.

Last week I was in a goodwill and I 
stumbled upon these pretties.

They were in need of some serious TLC.
I know they don't match but I like their differences.
I also think they look very good together.

While at goodwill I also found a few trinkets
that I wanted to paint up and put next to the lamps.

I decided to spray paint the lamps gray.
They look brand new now that they've been painted all pretty!

Buying lamps from goodwill is great
but I'm a little grossed out when it comes to the shade.
I don't know why but buying a used shade just freaks me out.
So I stopped by target and bought white round shades.
The shades ended up costing the most but
I'm glad i decided to get new ones.

I'm so happy with how these lamps turned out!

The little elephant turned out SO cute!!!

 That vase ^^^ is beyond gorgeous!!
One of my favorite finds ever!!!

I'm so glad I gave these lamps new life.
They are just the perfect addition to my space!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Tom is coming in 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

Oh snap!

It's been close to decade since my last post.

So let's catch up a bit.

Literally nothing has happened.

Just kidding, actually i'm not kidding, at all.

It's been a real snooze fest around these parts,
hence the no blogging. ;)

The excitement is on it's way though,
in the form of my 6foot4inch British boyfriend!!

Tom will be here in 6 days!!!!
Yes, this time next week he will be here.

&&& He's staying until JU-FREAKING-LY!!!
I'm so so so so so excited for him to get here!

He's a little hesitant about the flight though.
Our flight home from the dominican
free fell while taking off and we've both
been a bit anxious about flying ever since.

Do you have any trusty ways to stay calm
and relaxed on a flight?

Please share your ideas in the comment section
so I can pass them along to Tom ;)

It's been four months since we've last seen each other.

I've been asked a couple of times if
I get nervous every time I see him after
a long time apart.

Truth is, I don't get nervous.
If anything I've just got a butterfly problem.
They are going crazy because I'm just
so ready to have him back!!

You know what's weird?
We've been together two years +
but we've only met up 4 times.

I'm not counting all of the days we're spending together.
I'm just counting the actual times we've met up.

I can remember them all very well!!

The first time was when we were meeting
face to face for the very first time!!
I almost fainted.

I was so nervous!
But things obviously worked out and
it turned out to be an amazing three weeks!

The second time was way easier.
I met him at Manchester Airport.
I've never been to MAN before
so when I got out and got my bag
I looked all over for him and didn't see him.
Thought he forgot about me ;)
I just needed to go through some doors and
there he was waiting for me!!

We had an amazing time during our short week together.

The third time was back in Manchester again.
This time I was going to be staying for five months.

I felt really nervous this time,
not because of Tom but because of Customs.
Asking a country to let you stay with them
for five months without a visa is a little crazy.
But it worked ;)

5 months later I looked back at an amazing trip!

This last time Tom came to Texas.
 I picked him up at the Houston airport.
Usually he fly's into Dallas but the ticket
was cheaper going to Houston!

This pickup was terrible.
Tom's flight got sent to Canada
because of a sick passenger.
So his flight landed 4 hours after
it was meant to land and I was 
a mess because I thought it had already
landed and he was being detained or something.

He wasn't, he got here safe and sound
and we had a blast spending a month and a half together.

Let's hope this time is a bit easier
with the flights ;)

Oh and please share your ideas about
how to stay relaxed on a long plane journey!!

6 days people, 6 days!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Let's chat about two thousand fifteeeeen

Hello 2015!!

We're 3 days in and this year seems
pretty normal so far.

I've got major sniffles though which is no bueno
but I'm hearing that loads of people have the same sniffs
so i'm thinking something is going around and
hopefully it's gone soon because it's lame!

Tom is going to be here in 20 days!!

We're so pumped!

I can't believe he will be here till JULY!!
It's going to be so weird to unpack his stuff and
leave it unpacked and not have to worry
about him leaving to go back to England.

Texas and Tom will be one for 6 months.

Ah it's so exciting!!

We've already got lots planned.
For expample we're hitting up the
good old Grand Canyon while he's here.

There's a star gazing party in June which
is kind of when we're looking at going because......I mean.....


We were also gifted Six Flags Over Texas / Hurricane Harbor 
season passes for christmas so we'll be at those places..a lot!!!

Free fun is even funner than payed for fun, ya know what I'm sayin?
Unlimited coasters and water parkage is going to be awesome!!
PLUS we got the parking passes TOO!!!!
We're basically just paying for gas to get there..
and the occasional funnel cake...
(Probably more than just occasional)

Annnd No I won't be riding this death trap...


We are also planning lots of fun Texas road trips.
I need to take Tom to Austin, San Antonio, the Hill Country
and down to the gulf to see Galveston and Corpus!!!

There's so much to see in Texas and I can't wait to show Tom.

It's going to be so great to have Tom here for so long.
You might not be thinking as far as July and August but we
are already planning what our next step will be.

First half of the year in Texas.
Second half of the year in England.
Next year...big plans, big big plans ;)

I hope you are all enjoying the first week of 2015!!