Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Here's some things I'm currently doing
or thinking about doing or just too lazy to do but need to do.

-Listening to T-Swift 1989 - It's real, real good!! My favorite songs so far are Blank Space, Bad Blood, I wish you would and wildest dreams!!! She done real good!!

-Looking at flighty flights for Tom :) :) Now that Tom has his visa we get to start looking into buying his flight. ALSO a few weeks ago before this visa bizz went down we found ROUND TRIP FLIGHTS FROM MANCHESTER TO DALLAS IN THE $500'S!!!!!! Guess where they are now that we want to buy one...the $1,000's...siigghh

-Eating a yummy salad - I know how to make a really unhealthy and delicious salad. It involves some lettuce, carrot slices, chicken and lots of cheese, garlic croutons and creamy caesar dressing....At least it started out healthy....

-Cheesy salads aren't helping anyone get healthy so i'm looking into some eating/exercising programs. Right now that program is a mix between the real food plan and Beach Body Guide. I haven't actively exercised since I got back from Liverpool in June. I need to get back into it. 

-I am really really really wanting to chop another inch or two of hair off. I am loving the messy bob look and I even considered bangs for like an hour last night and then I went and did a top knot and flipped the ends around over my forehead and gave myself bangs without actually cutting my hair...and well, let's just say bangs are a no go!! I literally laughed in my own face, it was so bad!!! I'm also loving the idea of no pony tails or top knots..I feel like I get so lazy with my hair and just throw it up on my head all of the time. I want a look that's chic and simple but that makes me feel good and so that I don't want to throw my hair on top of my head all of the time..does that make sense?? Here's some inspiration..

-Business Planning - So I have business ideas like every single day. So when I have an idea I write it out, I think about logistics and if it's too complicated or it's something I don't feel 100% about then I will just leave it and move on. Two days ago I had an idea. I talked to my parents about it, I talked to Tom about it and everyone seems to think it's a good idea and it's worth moving forward. So I'm going to work on writing up the business plan over the next couple of weeks. Then if it looks good enough I might send it off to some of my old Business School Professors to see what they think. If it all goes smoothly then the plan is to start working on it over the next year so that maybe it would be ready to launch in 2016. This one is serious y'all!! I'm feeling really really good about it! As we get it pulled together I'll start sharing more about it! :)

-Since we're on the subject of Business...I'm also currently trying out some new etsy items that I want to add to my shop. I really like the look of these and I'm thinking about making some holiday one's as well, like 'Tis the season' and 'Give thanks' :)

-Looking into restaurants in New York - My parents are going to NYC for their 30th anniversary!! We booked the flights/hotel and broadway show last night. I'm so jealous but I know they will have such a blast!!!

-Online shopping for fall staple pieces - I've been trying to collect some good tops for fall over the past couple of weeks. I've spent more at Old Navy than I'm comfortable with. But I feel like I am collecting a nice wardrobe for the coming seasons.

T-Swift, Shopping & planning...that's basically it for me currently ;)

I hope you're all having a great week :)
Happy Week of Halloween!!


Friday, October 24, 2014

Visa Success

The past couple of days have been a little hectic
as Tom and I prepared for his trip to London to
interview for his B-2 Visa.

We had to gather documents and practice
answering mock interview questions and just
try to get him as ready as possible for this trip.

Early this week Tom started getting pretty discouraged
about the chances of actually getting this visa.

That's thanks to online forums that discuss
the success or failure rate of people going after the B-2.

After reading thread after thread of bad news Tom
started feeling like this wasn't going to work.

But he had already paid the fee and he already had an interview slot.

The more we learned about the B-2 visa
the more nervous we got.

First of all if you fail to have a successful interview
and you are denied the Visa you are basically
banned from using the ESTA for 6 months.

The ESTA is a program that allows
UK citizens up to 3 months of travel time
in the US without having to get a big visa.

So if you're denied the B-2 visa then you're
ESTA is also put on hold for 6 months and you're
basically not allowed to go to the US until that time passes.
Or at least that's what we've heard from other people.

So the pressure was on going into this interview.
It wasn't just not getting the visa it was also
the chance of being separated even longer.

So you can imagine Tom was feeling the pressure
and was starting to freak out a bit.

I tried to reassure him that our case was simple
and that he'd totally get it but he was not so sure.

Some of the questions that you get asked in this interview are
"What will you be doing in the US?"
"How long do you wish to stay?"
"Why can't you do your trip in the 3 month period instead?"
"What are you ties to your home country?"

The ties question was the scariest because that seemed
to be the question that got most people denied.

They were denied because they couldn't prove 
that their ties were strong enough back home
so the Embassy peeps thought they 
might be trying to live long term in the US.

It's especially the case when there is romance involved.
Apparently people like using this visa to get married and
then extend their time in the US to a permanent status.


So Tom goes into the embassy and gets in line
after line after line and then he's given a number to wait his turn.

He's called up and grilled about this 6 month trip.

I knew he was worried about it but I knew he would be fine.
He literally had tons of proof on him that he was doing this by the books
and wasn't trying to get long term stay in the US.

If they asked for a document to prove anything about his story
chances are he had it and was ready to whip it out in a moments notice.
He had practiced the questions over and over again and he just
gave the interviewer a sense that we knew what we were doing here
and that we were trying to do it all the right way.

The interviewer believed him and granted him his B-2 Visa!!

He didn't even ask him about his ties.
He just knew from everything Tom told him
that we weren't new to this and that we know
what we're doing {Sort of} and that we're
going to do everything the right way.

And it worked!!!

And noooowwww Tom is going to be coming
to Texas for 6 whole months next year!!

We are so so excited!!

Thanks for the good vibes peeps!!

:) :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Over emotional

Oookkk so am I the only one who
turned 24 and then became an emotional blob??

I'm not even sure that turning 24 has anything to do with it.

Actually I think i've been like this for close to a year now.

I get choked up about some of the weirdest things.
Some of it is sentimental or actually emotional stuff.

Like dog adoption commercials or old people in love.

crying gif photo: happy crying tumblr_md1bvewWHT1r5zema.gif

Other times it's just totally silly...

For example....The other day I was walking into a Target with
my mom and my mom asked me if I thought this was
a target was a good target...to which I replied "uhhh is there a bad one?"

Then I looked up and saw on the outside of the building that
this specific Target had just been remodeled.

So I say to my mom...
"Ohh hey, this target has been...(emotional pause)....remodeled"
During the emotional pause my throat got tight and I
could feel the tears inch closer to the corner of my eyes...

I almost cried over a remodeled target.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tom goes to London...or is going to London..


Ok so I've been talking about visas over
the past couple of posts and well it's just
not going to stop anytime soon...

Visa talk is actually going to get even more frequent
during the next five or so days because...



We read through some of the questions today and
well it's all a bit nerve racking but I think he will be fine.

My biggest question is why did I just mosey into England for 5 months
but Tom has to sell himself the the consulate peeps before a 6 month stay in the USA??

I guess each country just has different rules.

Also let's not forget that one time that the UK customs people
were not so happy about our little Italy trip and they detained me...

Goooooooood times

Anyways we're really pumped and totally nervous about this visa sitch.
I really do think it will all be fine but when ever there is a chance
of being denied for some reason or another it does get a little nerve racking.

It will be fine though!!!
Positive thoughts!!

Let's get Tom over to Texas for 6 scrumptious months!!

I'll obvi keep you guys posted!!


Hope you all have a great week!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The B-2 Visa

It's officially official.
After about an hour of filling out information forms
Tom is on his way to being the owner of a B-2 VISSAAAA!!!

Ah the exciting lives that we live ;)

Tom started the B-2 visa process yesterday.
He filled out the DS-160 form and submitted it to the US consulate.

Now he's just got to apply, pay the fee and interview.

He'll have to trek down to London for his interview
because it's the closest US consulate.

I wish I could trek to London
for visa stuff but i guess i'll just have to live through
him and the pictures he'll be sending me constantly ;)

He's probably not even going to have time
to wave at Big Ben because we're thinking he'll
just go down to London in the morning and do his interview
and then head back via the train that afternoon.

Just a quick pop in and out.

So that's all going to be happening relatively soon.
Hopefully within the next week or so.

Then after he gets the visa we'll
be booking a flight and planning for his 
arrival back in Texas!!

We're planning on him being here from January-July
which is so so so exciting!!!!

There are so many USA adventures 
that we'll finally get to do because he'll actually
have time to unpack and get comfortable here!

It's going to be SO amazing!!

Luckily I don't have to wait too long before he's
here again and we're back together!!


Monday, October 13, 2014

The Visa process...

It's been a month since Tom went back to England.
It feels more like a year but it has in fact only been one month.

This past week we haven't been able to skype as much
due to our different schedules not coming together.
So yesterday we finally got to see each other for
a good long skype and it was perfect!!

We spent a majority of the skype date
looking at different visa options.

Ohhhhhhh visa's, how you really complicate things...

The two visa's we are looking at are the H2B visa and the B-2 visa.

The H2B visa is a work visa, it would allow Tom to work 
temporarily while he is here in the USA.

The problem with this visa is that Tom has
to secure a job before he begins the application for the visa.

So he would need to find a company willing to hire
a foreign visitor instead of a US citizen.
We feel like those chances are slim.

Especially slim since he would need to find
a company that is willing to hire him in the fort worth area.
He also doesn't have a vehicle or drivers license so
it would have to be somewhere close to either my
job or my parents jobs so he could be dropped off
and picked up at the end of the day.

I'm not saying it's impossible, just unlikely.
So we've looked into the H2B visa enough
to know that the chances are slim so we're
probably just going to move on to the B-2 visa.

The B-2 visa is a Visitor Visa for foreigners coming to the USA.
It's valid for up to 6 months which is how long
we are looking at Tom staying here next year.

There is a cost to this one.
I think the non-refundable application fee is £160.
Then he has to go to London for an interview at the US consulate.
So there's a few hoops to jump through on this one
but it seems a lot more doable than the H2B visa.

The downside is he won't be able to work..
But i'll still be working, we'll still be saving
and on top of that we'll have loads of time to just
be together and he'll get to grow his relationship
with Texas and my family and it will just be great!

So as of right now it looks like we're leaning 
more towards to B-2 visa.

AND it's a pretty done deal that Tom will
be coming to Texas for half of next year.

Or at least that's the plan ;)
Plans frequently change on this blog
but I have a feeling this is going to work out.

If you've got any visa insight from previous
experiences that you'd like to send my way please do so!!
We would appreciate any and all suggestions and ideas. :)

Hope you all have a great Monday!! :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Unfancy - Capsule Wardrobe

Ok get ready to get obsessed with another blog.
I'm sorry / You're welcome

Ahh the wardrobe conundrum.
Well...it's a conundrum for me anyways
and I bet it's a conundrum for you as well.

4 seasons in a year means 4 different wardrobes.
So what's a gal to do???

Well this gal over at Unfancy had a genius idea.
The Capsule Wardrobe.

Meet Caroline, the lady behind Unfancy.

I won't say much more about it
instead i'll let you read about it from Caroline herself.

So If you're intrigued you should head over
to Caroline's blog Unfancy and read about the Capsule Wardrobe.

I've kind of started doing this without even knowing it was a thing.
So now I'm even more excited to really get my wardrobe pulled together
in a way that fits my style and my pocketbook ;)

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Cooler weather is headed our way here in Texas.
Thhaaannkkkk goodness!!!