Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mean kids!

I love kids, i do, but I could do without the mean ones.
Not really do without them, like i don't want to lock them away in a dungeon,
but rather put them into a school that teaches them to be polite.

Mean kids make me really uncomfortable. 
Maybe it's because I'm a nice girl and I've always been a nice girl.
So when I see a really mean kid  I'm like whhaaaaaa??? 
How can you be mean? You're like 10!!!

    mean gif photo: You Are Mean YouAreMean.gif

Then i'm reminded of monkey see monkey do
and a majority of kids learn to be mean from parents,
or siblings or kids at school or they're just really observant
and they see random people being mean and just think it looks good.

But really, when you stumble upon a mean kid or a couple of mean kids
you just really feel like putting them in their place and giving them
a lesson that will make them sit back and think about their actions.

The other day I was on the bus by myself and these two
teenage kids were sitting at the front of the bus in the cool bus seats.

They were not deserving of those bus seats, but that's not the point...

One of them decided it would be funny to draw a penis on the foggy window
while the other one played a game called pick out the ugliest
woman walking down the street.

mean gif photo: Regina George Crying .gif cryyyyyy3.gif

More and more rude comments came followed by some
Hitler hand gestures that eventually led me to a dangerously dark place.

I was so ready to zing them.
Teach them a lesson.

My favorite line that i came up with was walking up to them and asking
if the penis drawn on the window was a self portrait...

"Oh wow, did you draw that?? It looks just like you, well done!!"

laugh gif photo: lol 2 e09f5746.gif

Whoaaaaa Em!!! Calm down tiger!!!!
I giggled to myself at what could have been
and then i went on my way.

Once i met Tom in town he told me that he saw a little kid
who was probably like 8 spit on an old man who was 
playing an instrument for some extra money.

He spit on him.
That's like one of the most degrading things
one human can do to another and it was a kid spitting on an old man.

My heart broke, we walked over and gave the man some money
and went on our way, which really meant kept an eye out for the bratty kid
so we could say something to him about respect.

We passed the kid again, Tom spotted him and we said nothing.
As much as i would have LOVED to teach him a lesson worth learning
there was nothing that i was going to say to him that would change his ways.

Plus i was probably going to tell him something like
how we gave the cops his picture and they were after him.

I really just wanted to make him pee his pants.

But then i was like hmmm...that's like being mean to a meanie
and what does that teach the meanie??
Probably nothing.

So how do you deal with mean kids that aren't your kids??
No clue!! I just hope my future kids are like superbly nice
which i'm sure they will be because i'm really nice.
And I promise to keep my zings to myself.

Us nice people have some darkness too, we are just better at keeping it locked away.
And while we may not say the things we think we sure do giggle about them.
If you see a nice person giggle it's probably because they've thought of something
in their heads that they'd never ever say out loud.
It's the truest of true statements.

Hope you're all having a good weekend ;)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Open for business :)

Remember that Etsy shop I had before I came to England??
I put it on vacation mode so i wouldn't have to worry about how
to get a gold glitter Texas canvas to someone while I was in England.

Well now that i've only got a little over a month left in England
i've decided to re-open the shop and take pre-orders
that i can make once i'm back home.

This way, if i get any orders, i'll have some income
to come home to while interviewing for jobbsss.
I've had loads of emails about the canvases so maybe now
people can just buy them now as long as they're ok
waiting till mid June for the shipment :)

I've also got a few more items coming to the shop.
I probably will wait to post those until i can get them
completely figured out but i'm excited to re-open and get
my little shop going again :)


Once again thanks for all of the kind words over the past week!! 
My family really really appreciates it :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Saying goodbye!!

It's been a really strange and emotional week so far.
The news of death can take you to some weird places that
most people are not used to visiting.

I'm thankful that death is not the norm.
I'm thankful that we aren't skilled grievers because
that would mean our lives were full of sadness.

I'm thankful that people are nice and when sad
things like a death in the family happen people band together
whether they knew the individual or not.

I'm thankful for babies which might sound out of place
but my cousin and his wife had a little baby boy
just a few days after my Grandpa passed.

The circle of life is amazing and miraculous and
totally, totally depressing and wonderful all at the same time.

Today I laid in my bed with my phone on the pillow next to my head
and I listened to the funeral of my Grandpa that was taking place this morning.

Thank God for technology and what we're
able to do with it these days!!

I was able to see some family over the week via facetime or skype.
I was able to see my grandpa laid to rest.
I was able to have peace with the fact
that he's gone to a much better place.

I like to keep busy when i'm sad.
Tom and I have played football at the park a few times.
And we've gone to dinner and a movie.

We played tennis yesterday and during the first match
I looked up at the sky and a flood of emotions came over me.

I started to cry, Tom came over and comforted me
and we talked and I cried, Tom hugged me and I cried.

Today I sat on a football pitch while Tom was running after the ball he kicked,
and I looked out at the sky and the tree's and the clouds and the grass and
just really looked at the world around me that still looks the same
but it feels like i'm in a totally different place than I was in a few days ago.


A year and a half ago when I met Tom I did not know
that he was going to be the one wiping my tears when my Grandpa passed away.

As we grew together as a couple I knew I loved him
and I knew that I was very lucky to have a funny and kind man
by my side in all types of situations.

Those situations have never been as real as they got this week.
This week Tom really really blew me away.

I honestly could not ask for a better man.
He has looked after me and taken care of me all week.
He makes sure i'm ok and if i'm not ok
he sits with me and talks to me and gives
me forehead kisses and holds my hand and
he makes me feel so warm and loved
when i'm feeling so very sad.

*Relationship advice from Emily - Find someone who will hold you
and kiss you and love you when your tears have made your face
all red and hot and your eyes all puffy and wet. Someone who doesn't mind all of
the nose boogies after a good long cry. Someone who cares for you
so deeply that they don't want anything more than to make sure you are taken care of.

I love Tom so much and i'm glad i've got him
around me during this really hard time.

And i'm also really glad that Tom and my Grandpa were
able to meet each other last summer in Texas.

I know Grandpa really liked Tom a lot, even if he couldn't
really understand a lot of what Tom said ;)

One of Granpa's favorite verses was read today during the funeral.
It's been marked in my Bible with the date and Grandpa's name written next to it.

Grandpa was such a wonderful man who made sure he showed love
to everyone he ever crossed paths with!!

Print found here

I want to thank everyone for the kind words over the past few days
and for the support that is sure to continue.

Like I said earlier, people are really really great!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rest in peace Grandpa Rex

On Saturday my sweet, sweet Grandpa went to heaven.
He was surrounded by his wife and kids when he 
passed which is just about the best way to go.

I'm so incredibly sad that he's gone.
When I left in January to come to England
I knew that I was likely getting my last hug and
saying my last goodbyes to him.

That was one of the hardest moments of my life.
But something in me had hope that maybe he'd be ok
and he'd be around when I got back home in June.

I haven't stopped thinking of that sweet man since
i've landed over here in England.

He's always been on my heart and as the months
passed I really started believing that I'd get my grandpa hug
when I got back to Texas.

I'm sad that I won't get to see him again but
I'm so very thankful that he's no longer in pain.
I know he's already having such a blast up there, 
jumping around and doing all of the things he hasn't
been able to do in such a long time.

My mom skyped me and told me.
I was sitting with Tom and I knew before she
even said anything that he was gone.
The tears came, I talked to my mom for a few minutes
while she was on her way to the hospital.

After hanging up with her I sat and cried
with Tom by my side.

Tom was amazing.
He stayed with me, cuddled me, held my hand,
brushed my hair, put his chilly hands on my boiling hot face.

He cuddled with me and I cried and talked through the emotion with him.
I told him stories about Granny and Grandpa as kids and what
Grandpa did for a living (He was a Firefighter).
We laughed at some silly things and then I cried
when I told him that when you hugged Grandpa and pressed
your ear up to his you always got a ringing from his hearing aid.
It's something that always made me smile
and now i'm devastated that I won't get those hugs anymore.

Grandpa was a tall man, really tall.
In the past few years he's been in a wheelchair.
But before that, when he'd stand up, he was a bit of a giant.
A really friendly giant.

As I said earlier, he was a firefighter.
A hero to all kinds of people and a hero to us.

He was an Elder at our church and he was
the most loving and kind man.

He set an incredible example to everyone around him
which is why it's not only my family in mourning but hundreds
of people who knew him and loved him almost as much as we did.

I'll never forget his hugs or the way he'd hold my hand and give it a kiss.
I'll remember the days we all sat around the table to eat or play rummikub.
I'll remember his prayers for the rest of my life because
he always started and ended them in the same way.

He's watched me grow up into an adult.
He's laughed with me, prayed with and for me,
and been an amazing example for me in everything.

It's not going to be the same without him
but he will live on in us for as long as we live.

While Tom and I sat together last night I remember something
that gave me so much joy and pain at the same time.

A few days ago when Grandpa was leaving the Hospital
my dad recorded a short video of him and sent it to me via Glide.
Glide never tells me when I have a message so I forgot about it until
last night when I went to check and found a video of Grandpa.

He was in bed telling me hi, and I love you and I'm going home.
Home being his house but now he's really gone home.

It made me sob, but also made me so happy.
I got to see him and hear him again and I was so glad I had that moment.

Then today while I was on my way to Church I was reading some of my
book 'Cold Tangerines' I was on a new chapter and as I began reading the chapter
I realized that the chapter was all about her husbands grandfather passing away.

She told her story and gave comforting words for people going through loss.
It was so crazy how in that moment of grief a random chapter out
of a random book pulled me in and gave me comfort.

I like to call that a God thing.

My Grandpa was an amazing man.
I can't wait to tell my kids and grandkids
about the amazing man that they sadly weren't able to meet,
but they will have a complete understanding of the 
wonderful man he was while he was here.

I'm going to miss him so very much.
RIP Grandpa Rex

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Travel Tips - Traveling between cities - Planes, trains, buses!!

Word has gotten out that I have a knack for travel
and all of the components within.

This news makes me SO happy!
I love when people send me emails asking
questions about how to do this or that while traveling.

I could probably sit down and talk about the ins and outs
of travel all day long and never get tired of it.

Which is probably why i'm dedicating like 100% of my time at the moment to
writing up a business plan that has travel written all over it.

I love to travel, I love to talk about travel
& I love to help other people travel easier and cheaper.
Cheaper being a BIG bonus to most people.

Casey {a reader of le blog & a really nice lady} 
asked me a question the other day and I thought I'd address it on the blog.
It's a great question and I feel like loads of people have it.
So I thought I'd just blog about it.

Ok, so traveling between countries can be really cheap or really expensive. 
That's a pretty obvious statement...

I've taken my fair share of trains, buses and planes. 
Telling you that one is better than the other would be a lie
because they all have their pro's and cons.

If you are thinking about trains I would suggest a euro rail pass, 
you can buy them online, they aren't cheap up front but it could save you tons 
if you plan on traveling by train frequently. 

The way a eurorail pass works is kind of tricky.
It looks like a train ticket but it's a pass that will act as multiple tickets.
You have to buy the pass in advance so if you like the idea of buying tickets
at the drop of a hat then forego the pass and just buy tickets as you travel.

The pass covers the cost of train tickets over a certain number of days.
The cost of the pass depends on how many days you plan on traveling by train.

So if you have a well planned out trip where you know
the days you'll need to get from point A to point B then you
would know how many days you'd need to buy for your pass.

Every time you ride the train, whether it's for an hour or for 12 hours
you are using a day off your pass so you have to be careful
not to use up all of your days on just small train rides.
Use the pass for getting from one town/country to another.
Make it worth using a day.

I used a euro rail pass when I studied abroad 
and it saved us some serious cash. 
I would recommend the Euro Rail Pass to anyone
wanting to travel through Europe, just remember it will
feel expensive when you buy it up front but later on when
your train trips are basically free you'll feel better about it.

If you don't mind dealing with airports then you can go a cheap route 
and use Europe's budget airlines called easy jet and Ryan air. 

Both airlines have scandalously low flight prices, 
for example, we are flying to Italy round trip for £50 per person. 
It's crazy!! 

The only con to these budget airlines are that they
find ways to make you pay more than you thought you'd have to.

I think it's easy jet that charges for picking a seat.
If you choose to forego that step they will assign you a random seat.

They also charge for baggage and have really strict carry on rules.
So keep that in mind as the cost can add up quickly,
but also remember that a train can take 12 hours to get to Rome
while a plane only takes about 3.

Last but not least are the buses. 

The only bus system I've ever tried has been MegaBus. 
We payed about £20 for a round trip ticket to London from Liverpool. 
I know it can be cheaper than that and also more expensive than that.
It all depends on time of day you travel and where you're going.

It's meant to be a really cheap way of traveling and it's pretty comfortable too. 
Plus If you don't mind the trip taking longer and you like the idea 
of seeing Europe as you drive by (at a slower pace than a train) 
then you might like the bus option.

Honestly you can't go wrong getting to places in Europe...
unless you hitch hike, I wouldn't advise that ;) 

That's all for now.
Feel free to throw any and all questions at me
that have to do with travel or living abroad or any of the above.



Three Months & Italia

Today marks three months in Liverpool.
How crazy is that??

It's weird because sometimes i feel like i've been here
for a year and other times it feels like only a day.

But in reality it's been three months.
Three of the best months ever, i might add.

In other news Italy is booked for the end of the month.
We are SO excited for four days under the warm tuscan sun.
Pizza, Gelato, beaches and sightseeing.
We are so ready!!

I've been doing too much shopping lately, in preparation for Italia.
Lets just say i'm glad i'll get a little money back from 
my taxes in the near near future.
I need it!!

This month will be an exciting one.
I can't wait for Italy, but at the same time I can,
because i'm not ready for this journey to come closer to an end.

In other other news...
I've given up sweets, again.
This is like the 1000th time i've done this.
I have a mega mega sweet tooth.

I've decided to cut sweets till we leave for Italy
and I want to weigh myself every time we go to the gym
to see if cutting sweets does anything for my weight.
We shall see.

I need a little motivation towards the no sweets quest
so i'll be posting on here for the next twenty or so days
with statements like this one.

'One day with no sweets'
Go me!!

I'm already having withdrawals ;)

Hope you're all having a great day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cold Tangerines - Blog Book Club

Let's start a book club.
I'll throw out the first suggestion
I'm reading a book called "Cold Tangerines" by Shauna Niequist.

Have you ever read a book and felt like
the author has been stalking you for months
and instead of this being their story it's more like your story.

You identify with every word that the author writes
and you begin to feel so thankful that you're
not the only one who has felt a certain way
about sooo many things that happen in life.
That's where i'm currently finding myself.

"Cold Tangerines is a collection of stories that celebrate the extraordinary moments hidden in our everyday lives. It is about God, and about life, and about the thousands of daily ways in which an awareness of God changes and infuses everything."

I'm only 20% through this book, say's my kindle app,
but i've already decided that I absolutely adore it.

It's really real and touching and I love it so much
that it might just be a yearly read to remind myself that
i'm not the only one that thinks the way I do.
I'm pretty sure Shauna and I would be great friends.

I think one of the toughest parts of growing up
is finding the real you and being happy with that person.

Over the last 6 or so years, from 18 to almost 24
I've been on a quest to find myself.

A quest to really understand how I feel about
everyday life situations that are constantly
floating all around us like religion, politics, jobs, money, 
family, relationships, people, etc.

Shauna really captures the essence of 
figuring out life and doing it on your terms and God's terms
and along the way something wonderful happens
and it all just falls into place and you're just good.

She's like a word magician and I love her!

Here's a little blurb that I love from
what i've read so far.

I lovveee this book.
I think it's a great read so far
and i'm sure i'll continue to love it
as I continue to read it.

I'll give an overall synopsis of it
once i finish it!! :)

Hope you're all having a great day!

Read more here

Read more here