Friday, February 15, 2013

How to create a cute Dorm Room look!!

I'm writing this from my bed..
My strangely comfortable twin dorm bed!!! 

I think something that helped me get through the tough times of school was 

the fact that I got to decorate the dorm room..decorate a new space...
If you could strip the paint color off the walls of the 2 rooms I've lived in 
at my house in Texas you would see how many times I've repainted and redecorated!!!
Over 10 maybe over 15!!! 

It's a stress reliever and I find it to be a challenge especially with boring dorm rooms
That tend to look more like prison cells!!! 

These are my two favorite semesters in the dorm..I just loved putting these rooms together :) 

Now we live in an apartment style which I love SO much more but when we were
 Stuck in a 30X20 dorm room it was nice to see it all put together!!!  

This was over the span of two semesters and two roommates
semester 1...roommate 1....notice the dividing curtain ;)

Semester 2 roommate 2/my best friend Sam who is still my roommate!! :)

Junior year Dorm Room..
Bring a couch and a giant chalkboard....why not!!! ;)

So if you are in college, or headed to college and you're nervous about how to 
really make the space your own...I would suggest lighting, curtains and any and
everything to cover up the big boring cement block prison walls ;)
It is possible to have cute dorm rooms, you just have to get creative!!

If you're off to college soon go have a look at my Etsy shop.
I sell these canvases that would look adorable in anyone's dorm room!! :)
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  1. Emily! These look AMAZING! Love everything about these rooms. You sure know how to put a room together ;) I'll definitely use your ideas when I head off to college soon!

  2. Wow...i wish I had cool rooms like that back when I was at Uni. I was there two years and I cannot say I had a look as cute!