Monday, February 18, 2013

Something Exciting...


 Have you ever had exciting news that 
you want to share with the whole world..
but you can't just yet...

Because this exciting news is not a done deal..
you have like a 50% chance of it actually happening..
OR not happening at all but it's still exciting and you will do
everything in your power to make the exciting thing happen....

BUT You can't actually tell a lot of people about the exciting thing until
you figure the exciting thing out for yourself...

Life is a little weird sometimes..
and it has strange ways of throwing
something your way that you never ever
saw coming in like a million trillion years but all of a sudden
Oh hey there it is..that exciting thing...
that you now have to make happen
because it would be the most amazing
thing ever if you did make it happen...

I mean i'm freaking out a little { A LOT }
but i can't really share any of this yet...
As soon as i figure out my game plan and maybe get
more confident in what i'm doing here i will get to share some
of this exciting news with the rest of you...soon :)


-Emily :)

1 comment:

  1. I am in the exact same place right now. Not wanting to get your hopes up, but would be sad if it didn't happen too!

    Good luck with your adventure!