Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Valbox FROM Tom!!

So apparently the American Postal system
isn't as good as i once said it was...
I mean Tom got his Valbox LAST monday....
i got mine exactly 1 week later...
and even though i got it after valentines day
had come and gone, it was still so so special and
amazing to see all of the goodies Tom sent me :)

The crazy emoji filled texting after i got my package!! :)

Soooooo Maybe we're a little too emogi-happy ;)
ok ok maybe I'm a little too emogi-happy...

It was fun though, we were mostly excited i had finally got
it in the mail...and then i saw my Ukelele for beginners book ;)

See I bought a Ukelele about 2 months ago, and it's been hard to learn on...
So he got me a ukelele for beginners book...he's sweet like that :)

Ok so here's what's all in the package!!

1. We have as already stated, my Ukelele book WITH an interactive CD ;)
AND it's got a bunch of British songs in it....
like London Bridge and I'm Henry the Eighth, I Am...It's so amazing!
2. A galaxy bar...milk chocolate from England...ummmm yes please!!!
3. A post card from Germany, with a sweet little note on the back.
4. a star gazing booklet, because he went star gazing a few weeks ago :)
5. More liverpool pamphlets haha the yellow duckmarine...It's a boat/car that
drives on land but can also float...How amazing it that..He's taking me on it
when i go to see him in Liverpool ;)
6. My card which was so cute and sweet and romantical....girly sigh!!!
7. My letter, which is like the best part because it's just so nice to read what he writes to me :)
He even threw in a few pick up lines....which were hilarious!!!

It was SO worth the wait!! :)


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