Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paris in the Spring!!

You know when Lauren Knight contacts you that it's going to be something good...

I mean she is like the definition of excitement,
She lives in London, England
Notting Hill to be precise
She's having soon & she's traveled all over the world...
So when i got an email asking me if i wanted to do something outrageous..
i knew it was going to be good!!!

First of all i know Lauren because she was our Director last spring in Paris!!
We spent 3 lovely months getting to know her and her husband Tyler!!
They are crazy, awesome people!!

We e-mailed, we skyped, we decided..
She asked me if i wanted to be her Grad Assistant in Paris next spring!!
Soooo what did i say??? Well of course i said YES!!

Which means I'll live in Paris France..for 3 months...for the second time in my life!!

{There's a Catch}

The's a big one...doable but still pretty daunting...
I have to get 30 people to sign up for the England and Paris Program...
Not 60...not 30 and 30 but JUST 30...
So 15 in one program and 15 in the other
or 10 in one and 20 in the other
18 and 12
9 and 21
19 and 11
...Sounds easy right???
Well....It could be or it could be difficult...It just depends...
So my creative juices are flowing
I'm officially a recruiter...Even though i don't actually work for the IP office,
I've given myself an official title of head recruiter for HUE and HIP...

My numbers so far are
HIP - 3...maybe 4
HUE - 8 maybe 9

So if we're looking at the bright side i have 13 people which means i need....17 more!!
If anyone can do it i believe it's me...and HELLO there is Paris hanging by a thread here...

So this is my exciting's a 50-50 chance though..
Get the 30 people...hello Paris for three months {free of charge}
Don't get the 30 people...and well...I don't want to go there...

OPTIMISM is a powerful tool!!!
Oui Oui...



  1. Freakishly Jealous. Freakishly. But I love it!!! :) Get it girl.

    1. Thanks girl, i have a lot of work to do but man oh man it's exciting!!! :-D