Friday, March 29, 2013

Once you can't go back...

The other day, while i was skyping with tom, something happened.
I reached over on my desk and grabbed a baseball cap,
turned it sideways on my head,
and rapped ice ice baby!!

It was one of those moments where i needed Tom to see the real me!
So i let loose and gave him a gift he'll never forget.
The gift of vanilla ice rapping!!
I am so cool!

One might be ashamed, or embarrassed to rap vanilla ice,
but to them i say nay, do not be ashamed.
Rap that VI with pride my friends!!

Tom was pretty impressed to say the least.
I think i've officially inspired him to learn the lyrics.

This is one of my most favorite things about Tom.
I can act a fool in front of him, and he just sits back and takes it all in...
and then proceeds to tell me i'm the coolest, most amazing girl in the world!
I've got me a silly guy
It's oh so exciting!!
{82 days}


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hello Wright Family!!!

It's come to my attention that the whole entire wright family
aka Tom's family, are now fully aware of this blog!!!

This is a huge deal, i mean i already know my whole family reads it...
They're used to reading all of the mush that goes into this blog.
But now we've got the other side involved...literally the other side of the world ;)
I am SO excited that all of Tom's family knows about the blog now :)

So i wanted to take a second just to say hello to them because they are turning out 
to be some of my favorite people and i'm excited that they know about this space!!

Sue, Tom's mum is the sweetest, so excited she FINALLY knows about my blog!!
Then there's Holtron {Holly} the little sis
Jenny {older sis}....and i think Andy reads it too? ;) 
Are Dave & Billy also in on this??
I guess i'll know soon enough ;)
I even think maybe the neighbors know about's amazing!!

Yesterday was Skype Wednesday...
Oh who am i kidding?? We Skype just about everyday now ;)

We're getting pretty serious, Today we discussed the difference between
their ice cream trucks and our ice cream trucks...Yea..I know ;)
Apparently We're not allowed to call ours ice cream trucks,
because ours really only have popsicles...or Lolly Ice {liverpoolian word for popsicle}
I think i blew his mind by showing him you can get popsicles
shaped like spongebob and the pink panther ;)

The closer and closer June 19th gets the more and more excited i get!!
I can not wait for him to be here!!!

Mom has officially set the date for a Family/Friend BBQ to introduce him to the masses...
It's like our "oh hey they're a couple party"..... basically ;)
I'm SO excited!!!

So again, thank you to both of our families for being so understanding about
this crazy adventure we're on, it's really incredible to have you
all standing behind us and just making it fun to get to know each other!! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Color Run 2013

I am so excited about a few things happening over the next two weeks.
First of all i get to go home next weekend which is always nice
It's always great to get home and see everyone.
Secondly i will be participating in my second Color Run
I am so pumped!! 

It's pretty much the funnest {is that a word?} race you will ever run..
or in my case walk/skip/crawl/roll around on the colorful ground like a 5 year old...
It's amazzzinnngggggg!!!!!

The last time i did the color run was last October...i think..
We left school around 5 in the morning so we could pick up our race packets before 8 am
Who knew running around memphis getting color thrown at you could be so much fun!!!
I loved it so much that i've signed up for another one in Texas next weekend.
This time i'll get to do it and then go hug up on my clean family afterwards..mwahaha

Here's their legitimate "Color Run" Video :) 

If you have a chance to run the color run i would HIGHLY recommend it!!!
You don't have to be an avid runner..i mean hello i'm doing it and i only run if there's food involved...
they give you snacks ok....
sheesh now you know ;)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Panic Attack

I'm sitting here typing this blog post, I should be studying. But because i'm sitting here typing this blog post i'll probably have to study into tomorrow. I'm tired of being in college. It's lost it's appeal. Call it senioritis, call it boredom, but i have just lost any and all care. I mean I don't even know if i want to go into the business world!! That's what i'm getting a degree in sooo shouldn't i be looking forward to that?? Is it bad that i'd just like to work ho-hum jobs for a few years and save up enough money to travel for a while and then settle down when i'm ready??? I only have this one life. I just don't want to see it become a desk job and an empty apartment at night. I mean i think i'm a fun person. I have a lot of travel i still want to do, i hope i get to go back to Paris but if i don't i still think it's in the cards for me to go off, to go explore some more. I guess what i'm getting at here is i am terrified of being normal. Is that weird? I long for the days when i can live in a cute little house with my cute husband and my cute babies running all over the place. But i'm only 22, and that is pretty far off in the distance. Can you work a serious business job and still travel the world? Can i work a serious business job and still have time to go off and see Tom and have him come see me? Obviously this is all just silly because i know the answer to all of this tomfoolery {no pun intended tom} ;) I need to trust in God more. I know that he'll lead me where i need to go as long as i keep putting one foot in front of the other. Now what seemed like a giant panic attack is only a small little worry that i need to toss behind me. I'll have an amazing life after college because we have an amazing God, i have an amazing family and an amazing Tom ;) I am tired, and a bit grumpy about college, but this blog was theraputic in itself. Making me realize it's not all as bad as it might seem.
I'm still planning on traveling the world. That will not be changing!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Road TRip {Western USA}

For as long as i can remember i've had a little travel bug.
It really only crept up during the summer time when the air was warm and the sky was blue.
Then i took a little trip to a place called Paris.
My travel bug grew!!

Now traveling is all i want to do!
I talk with Tom all the time about getting a job with the travel channel.
You know an American and a Brit traveling the world together, who wouldn't want to see that show??
Everyone would want to see it...that's right...everyone!!!

Well until i get this travel channel gig i think i'll try and
travel as much as possible on my own dime..
if only it actually cost a dime...sighh

As much as i love Europe and plan to go back within the next year,
i really want to see what's in my own backyard...what America has to offer!!
So i've come up with a nice little {BIG} road trip!!

{Here's a quick synopsis}
Leave Texas
drive through New Mexico
see the Grand Canyon in Arizona
Drive to Cali
see beaches
see big sur
see San Francisco
drive through Idaho
Drive into to Montana
see Yellowstone
Drive to South Dakota
see mount rushmore
Drive south through Colorado
see more mountains
& head back to Texas

Sounds easy right?? I mean it's ONLY like 6,000 miles in a car...
you may see 6,000 miles...but i see adventure ;)
Have a great monday!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

{Letters and looking back}

After taking tests i like to be rewarded,
it's almost like getting a shot, you automatically assume you're getting ice cream afterwards.
On Friday i went in to take my English CLEP exam that i've been putting off for like...3 years

It was hard, nasty, cruel and pretty much annoying,
so when i got out of the test i was looking for a little pick me up..
I went to check my mail and i found a nice little letter from a boy in England!!
This was just what i needed, a nice little note from Tom :)

Don't be fooled, in the photo below it does not state "I love Liverpoo"
It actually says "I love Liverpool"
Confusing i know...

What has really been great about this experience with Tom is if i want to look back
and see how far we've come i can do it in a few different ways...

For example, I could read his first letter and compare it to his last one...
I could read our first emails and compare them to where we are now...

I can look at how long our first Skype date was...

and compare it to the one we've just had a few days ago...

I got curious after looking at all of the time we've spent skyping
and so i did a little math, we've officially skyped around 77 hours in total...

{A few of my favorite things about Tom}

He always sends me a good morning & goodnight text

He makes the funniest faces when we Skype...but that's because he's copying my face

He is incredibly supportive at all times, he knows exactly how to cheer me up

I love the way he says "alright" after i've zinged him, It's all in the accent ;)

I love that we can make cat jokes together

I love that he's excited to meet my family because that will bring him closer to knowing me

I love that he wants to be best friends with my Dad and Brother

I love that we can talk for 5 hours about nothing but still laugh the entire time

I love how excited he is to become a cowboy and get a taste of Texas traditions

I love that i am so close to him and he doesn't even have to be here...
It gives me so much hope for when he gets here in June :)

I am seriously such a lucky girl!!


Friday, March 22, 2013

{Spring Snow & Fashion friday}

Spring means 3 things
1. Allergies
2. Tornados
3. warm weather
Spring does not mean snow!!!
I refuse to believe it's actually snowing outside
considering last weekend i was sunbathing in my car!!

Sadly it is snowing...and there's nothing to be done!!
I mean it gives me an excuse to continue eating soup and lazing around
because it's too cold to go out and be i guess there is an upside to this weather!!

I had the intention of making this a fun springy post, because i've been online
shopping and i've found so many cute outfits that i wish were in my spring closet!!
Since it's friday i figured i'd throw a little fashion friday post your way!! 

I've been looking for flats just like the one's below.
I love the cut out look of them, i think they are so so cute!!
I also love the soft tan color, perfect to pair with a fun springy dress!!
And i have this gold addiction lately...not to the jewelry but to accessories!!
I've got like 3 gold belts now and i keep finding little golden 
clutches that i'm just in love with!!

I found one a few weeks ago that was scalloped...i mean i died!!
I also died a little because i didn't get it and haven't seen it since :( 

Well that's it for me for the week!!
It's been such a great week for so many reasons...mostly thanks to that guy Tom!!
He is weirdly perfect for me in so many ways,
I've found a quirky guy to balance my quirkiness!!!
{It's wonderful}

have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Confession time

I secretly want to be a Viking!!!
I mean I may have planned a Viking trip with my best friends after graduation
like a tour of the Nordic countries, maybe meet a nice Viking family 
to teach me their Viking ways!!!!!

I really want to sail on a Viking vessel which i have recently found out is called a "dragonship" ummm hello how cool is that!!! 

It doesn't help that the history channel had just recently 
come out with a new show called "Vikings" 

I mean God bless the history channel because this show is like BEYOND amazing!!! 
I told myself I wasn't going to get addicted to any more shows but here I am bunkering down on Sunday nights to watch these Vikings  
pillage and plunder through villages that didn't see them coming!!  

Found via Pinterest 

It's really strange because I love these Vikings but they're doing really awful things!
Like stealing from monasteries and killing priests, and I'm just like YEA go Vikings!!
I'm not sure it's healthy but it's history sooo...

It also doesn't hurt that the main character is a former 
Calvin Klein model of under garments....yeaaa!! 

There's only been four episodes so far, I watched them all in one night!!! 
So of your looking for another show to watch check this one out!
it's really really good, I've heard comparisons to game of thrones!! 

I even asked Tom if he'd be a Viking with me and he said...... it's official we're going to be a Viking couple!!!!
Hope your all having a wonderful thursday!!
I'm going to spend then rest of my day in boring classes 
and then i'm going to start studying for my English CLEP test tomorrow!!
Well wishes appreciated!! :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day trip {Oxford}

We were fortunate enough to go to Oxford while in England for a week!!!
This is such a fun town with so much rich history!!!
This is obviously the town that houses Oxford University!
Which is probably the most beautiful campus I've ever seen!!

We were lucky to have personal tour guides Lauren and Tyler Knight
They took us around and showed us everything Oxford had to offer!

We took a tour of the school, and learned that some of HARRY POTTER
Was filmed there, which is Personaly better than
Visiting Harry potter world in Florida....duh
Plus Oxford is where Emma Watson lives!!!

If you're planning a trip to England in the future I would
Say to visit Oxford!!

Go get lunch at the eagle and child
A pub where C.S. Lewis spent a lot of time writing at!!
Take a tour of the university,
Walk down high street and go in all of the shops along the street!!
Buy yourself an Oxford rowing sweatshirt
Because that's what I did ;)

Oh and if you have time, it's a short trip
Over to the town Stratford upon-Avon...
Home of THE William Shakepeare
Plus if that wasn't already cool enough you
Can get the most AMAZING shake at moo moo's

I mean if I didn't have school
And had more money in my piggy
I'd be headed to both Places!!

Le sigh....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Three months}

Hey guess what...
"What Emily????????"

Tom is coming to see me in EXACTLY three months!!!
that's 12 weeks or around 90 days to be specific!!
Time is an eagle...{a nice space jam reference for you}

Now the picture above is another copy cat moment shared by the two of us
he looks great, i just look like i'm trying to wink but can't quite make it work!!
Oh and if all of this wasn't already so exciting..that picture was taken 
on our 7th continuous Skype date....yea 6 in a row just became 7 
and by the way we're making it 8 tonight...whoa!!
Yea it's getting pretty serious around here ;) 

Dating long distance is hard but worth it when you've got someone
like Tom who makes random cat jokes with you!!!!

I mean this guy is the real deal!! ;)
OH and i have to tell you what my dad, 
brother and grandfather are planning
for when Tom comes to Texas. 

They are going to take him to a shooting range...
And you're probably thinking, oh poor Tom!!
well, don't feel too bad for Tom because he's actually pretty excited about it..
mostly because they'll be shooting at zombies.........boys {eye roll}
If he does get the "talk" from them i know he'll be fine
because Tom makes me happy and they know that ;)
Plus i plan to be there as well, to protect him if need be 
unless they find a way to trick me into not coming...
like with presents or candy :)

Who knows what will happen,
i'm just excited i only have to wait 90ish more days for him :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

6 Skype dates in a row!!

Spring break was amazing, i got to spend time at home
with my family and friends AND i got to Skype this guy ^^^^ 6 days in a ROW

That's a first for us, considering we've been sticking to wednesdays for the past few months!
So basically i was home for 9 solid days and out of those 9 days we skyped...9 times!!!
The only day we missed was monday and we made up for it by
skyping yesterday before i had to go to church and he had work!!

So now we're spoiled...and it's good because i loved every moment we got
to spend together but then again it's bad because now i'm back at school and this can't
continue to happen because i have too much school work to do...
It's upsetting and complicated and wonderful all at the same time ;)

It's all pretty amazing!
We were breaking records all week...
2 in a row was our first record which grew to 6 in a row
another record was skyping for 4 hours
then on saturday we ALMOST hit 5 hours...another record
and then yesterday was the earliest Skype date we've started at 7:00am my time...
now that's dedication!!

Throughout the week we've taught each other many things...
well it was mostly me teaching him things..
Like the chicken dance..Yea i taught him the chicken dance...
even did it to music, and i'm not even embarrassed because he loved it so much!!

We've solidified some summer plans, like we're participating in a color run :)
I'm taking him to six flags and medieval times,
he thinks since he's british that they will give us the best seats in medieval times ;)

It's just been an amazing week of Skype dates..I hope i can throw in a few more a week
now that we're this used to seeing each other so often..
I mean the countdown is in full effect!!
He will be here in 12 weeks :)
Or according to my countdown
93 days 11 hours 55 minutes and 6 seconds

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tourists & Tom

Today it's a sunny 70 degree day in Texas and my heart is overjoyed!!
I have missed the warm breeze and now it's back :)

Since it is so nice outside we went down to the stockyards in Fort Worth for lunch.
We literally live down the street from this magical western land
but we NEVER go down there because we just don't think about it.

When we do come down here it's hilarious to see all of the tourists with their cameras
snapping away at all of the cowboys riding around on their horses!!
I just never think about the stockyards being a tourist attraction but it really is.

My sister has been wanting to get lunch while i'm home so we decided to hit up this
restaurant called the Love Shack on the main road in the stockyards.
I'm a pretty big burger critic, i mean i know a good burger when i see one 
and this was a GOOD burger!!!!
So if you're ever in the stockyards and want a quick bite to eat along with a fun
atmosphere to eat it in, i would suggest the Love Shack.
You can't go wrong eating here or anywhere else in the stockyards..I mean everything is good!!

Yesterday i was skyping Tom...duh ;) 
It's not even surprising anymore...both my dad and sister called me while i was
skyping him and before they even said hi Emily they said to tell Tom hi...
he's officially taken over as the favorite ;)

Also while i was skyping with Tom my bff Ceaton was texting me and he is SO excited that
Tom is coming to see me, so i had Tom write a little note to ceaton during our date
and then ceaton reciprocated with his own note to Tom haha

It's amazing how supportive friends and family are, i just feel so lucky to have these people in my life!!
Oh and since we're talking about the stockyards, i'm going to be bringing Tom down here
and he's probably going to flip out because he LOVES the idea of cowboys 
riding around on horses and wearing cowboy hats and everything that goes with it!!
In fact Tom may have a few cowboy gifts to unwrap once he gets here ;)

 Anyways that's been my day :) 
I hope you are all having splendid thursdays!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I just finished watching the bachelor finale...
which is probably why this is such a sappy post!!

I didn't realize it till yesterday...
but Tom copycats my facial expressions 
at the end of Skype dates, which leads to pictures
like this one where we are basically pulling the same face!!
I'll tell you what...i'm ready for REAL pictures..
side by side
6'4 by my 5'4
Tall next to small...I'm ready for it!!!
Luckily i don't have to wait too long....
Like i said yesterday, we're officially in the double digits
98 more days till he's here with me!!

It's pretty neat how all of this has progressed
First it was just the two of us on Skype dates...
now all of our families pop in and out of the frame,
my mom and brother both came in yesterday and chatted for a bit
his mum and dad come in and out just to say hello!!
I'm basically best friends with his little sister even though
we haven't really had a sit down conversation...
My mom keeps asking for recipes to make him when he's here
and my parents keep asking what we're going to be doing 
as a family while he's in town...
It's all pretty incredible! 

I'm just so thankful that we both have families who are excited about where this is all headed!!!
My family is excited he's coming here,
and his family is already talking about when i'm coming to visit them!!

It's just very exciting, and i'm glad i get to share it with all of you!! :)

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Double digits And a thank you

So today is a big day
99 days till my Englishman arrives in America!!! 
Yeaaaa we've kind of been counting down...
But how exciting is that??? I mean time is flying by!!
He's going to be on Texas soil before we know it 
And I am so so excited about it!!!!!! 
We're having celebratory double digit Skype dates 
Today and every day for the rest of spring break :) 

And now for a giant thank you....
I just wanted to say a quick thank you to ALL of the amazing
Expats who have contacted me in hopes to help with my video for school.
This is going to be an amazing video thanks to all of you!! 
I finally decided on the perfect song to use...actually i have it narrowed down to 2 choices
I mean the song is like the biggest obstacle when making a video.
You need music with a beat, with flow, with ascending and descending energy levels...
That last part might sound strange's true!!!
It's like i'm trying to tell a story in under 2 minutes and in order
to do that you need good story telling material!!
That's what so many of you are helping me with 
and i thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Getting back to Paris is my dream right now, it's my after graduation plans...
If it doesn't happen i'm still going to go back, but this is like the best way to do it!!
So again THANK YOU for sending me video's of England and France
and Ireland and all the places you are all lucky enough to live in!!
Bloggers are awesome!!!

Here's the 2 songs i'm thinking about...
I'd love to get feedback on which one you like better :)

have a great Tuesday :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Update!!

It's been the best weekend ever for 3 reasons..
1. I got to see this guy ^^^ 3 days in a row :)
2. I got to sleep in my own bed
3. My mom cooked for me!!

I am soaking in my last Spring Break as a college kid...
Now while everyone i know is going on big trips this week
to like New York, and the beach...I'll be home...
and i'm ok with that because i've kind of gotten to the point where
being home is my oasis and i really have to soak it up while i'm here!! 

So back to the weekend, Tom and I decided that since i was going to be home this
entire week that we should try and Skype more since we were both 
more flexible and had more time...and we have definitely stepped up our game.
We skyped Friday which he got a version of Emily
that only someone who really likes you could tolerate...
Also known as...early morning still in a messy bun Emily, 
i haven't actually gotten out of bed yet Emily...
Then we skyped Saturday for ALMOST 4 hours :)
Finished off the weekend with a nice sunday afternoon/evening Skype
where i got to see his WHOLE family all at once...
It was mothers day in England and so everyone was there, I have finally met the entire family :)

The rest of the weekend was spent eating!!
Mom made tortilla soup friday night...and i basically swam in it while eating it...which sounds
weird but that's just how good it is!!!
I went to La Madeleine's on Saturday for brunch with my mom and sister...
I mean just look at it...

It's so freaking delicious!!!!!

My sister was adamant about going to bath and body works for some candles
i fought the urge to buy this little guy but in the end the elephant won out!!
I mean it's cute and it smells good and it will make my car not smell
like the 12 year old that it is ;)

So anyways that was my weekend!! 
I'm working at the cupcake shack this week so hopefully
i can entertain you with some funny/strange stories about that!!
It's Spring break...and i'm so's 11:30am and i'm still in bed!!
I love Spring break!!!! :)

Have a great monday!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

conversations and recaps

By now, most of you are aware of who that guy is in the above picture's
That's Tom...He's from Liverpool England and we're in a LDR {Long distance relationship}
I keep getting questions like "who is he tell us more"
well i'm pretty sure i've already said all of this before...
BUT, for new's the background in 140 charcters..

Tom's from england,
was penpal now boyfriend,
he writes me letters,
he's coming to Texas in June for 3 weeks,
we skype weekly..i like him!

You can go here to find out more ;)

Now for some fun CONVERSATIONS with Tom!!

E: I had to get onto someone in the lab today...
T: What?? Like you physically got on them???
E: wait...what??? Let's start this over again..i had to tell someone off...
T: Oh.....that makes more sense!!
E: yeeeaaaaaa...


E: I like British more than Scottish
T: British is scottish
E: nooo the accent
T: British isn't an accent Emily...
E: ?????????????????????????????
T: English is an accent...
E: so you're british but your accent is english??
T: well...there's other accents inside of the english accent
E: you need to simplify your life!!!


T: I get paid soon, it will be a nice cheque
E: HA! you mean CHECK
T: Nope, I mean cheque Emily...
E: erm...why do you need a Q?????
T: I'm not sure, but it does make it look fancier than check...
E: Alright i'll give you that...But It looks like {Check-Kwa} That's how i'll pronounce it!!
T: What?? Why would you pronounce it check-kwa???
E: Because Tom that's what it looks like...
T: that's're crazy..


While texting Tom i wrote a sentence that made absolutely no sense
this conversation followed...
E: sorry i left you with a confusing sentence, i apologize!!
T: I've left you with confusing sentences too so i also apologiSe :)
E: No no there is a Z in apologiZe...we can discuss this on the Skype date
T:  So.... "explain to Emily how wrong apologiZe is" I can do that..
E: Oh that's pretty funny Tom ;)
T: It's true, ApologiZe is pretty laughable..
E: .................................
The end ;)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!
ps..If you got here through Explore.Dream.Discover I just want to say
thanks for visiting my little blog, hope you like it ;)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

That guy from England

That guy ^^^^^^ He is incredible!!

It's a strange thing dating long distance, it's not something i can really
explain because unless you've done it you probably won't understand!!

We text constantly so we can still go about our day productively and we spend
a few hours a week face to face via Skype so we can feel as connected as possible!!

In 104 days he's going to be landing at DFW airport...
He's going to be in Texas...He's going to be with me :) 
& I am so stinking excited about it!!!

Yesterday we broke our Skype record...It's always been about 2 hours and 45 minutes
or 2 hours and 57 minutes but we finally broke the 3 hour barrier...
3 hours 1 minute and 51 seconds to be precise :) 

he's always telling me how perfect i am and how happy he is that he's found me
which may sound cheesy and corny to everyone but it's as sweet as can be to my ears...
I mean he say's it with an accent.....a british accent!! ;)
so you can't blame me for loving that!!!

Never have i ever met someone who makes me feel this comfortable, 
I'm an awkward girl, like its in my blood..i can't help it
and that's kind of hindered me in past relationships,
but Tom makes me feel like i can snort when i laugh in front of him...
that's kind of a big deal!!!

I like him. A lot!!!
{girly sigh}


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Calling all Expats!!!

I need your help!!
As most of you know i am working towards grad assistant
for Paris next spring with my school...
I've been in recruiting mode for the last 2 weeks
and as the wheels are turning i'm getting more and more great ideas
on how to show my school that England and Paris and EUROPE in general
are all places you should go for studying abroad!!
I've decided to make a short video to present to my entire student body...
That's like 6,000 students!!!!!
What i need from all of my little expat friends is this...
A short video clip of you in your part of the world!
You can stand in a field, or in front of the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben 
or in front of whatever makes your part of the world unique!!
I really need UK and France shots but i'll honestly take whatever you give me!!!

And THEN i need you to say these words to the camera as enthusiastically as possible...
"{You could live HERE!!}"
Maybe do some extravagant arm motions when you say here...
and it doesn't need to be any longer than about 15 seconds..
So since you are fortunate enough to live in an amazing part of the world
I'm hoping, praying, begging for you to share a little blip with me
so i can share it with my peers in hopes that it inspires them
to go off into this big, beautiful world and explore it for themselves!!
If you're interested in helping me please e-mail me at
And please make the subject line read "Expat Video"
So while you're on your next walk through your beautiful foreign city
take a quick moment to document it and send it to me!!
I will love you FOREVER & i'll highlight you in the blog post when i post it!!!!!
 I will post the video in it's entirety once i've finished it!!
Thanks to everyone willing to help me with this!!

ps...if you're not an expat but you're actually from these wonderful places
then i would LOVE footage from you as well!!!
Anything and Everything HELPS :)


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Emily + 200 college guys = Awkward Sauce

I'm on a mission
A mission to recruit as many people as possible for HUE and HIP
that's England and Paris in regular english!!

These are the two international programs i'm recruiting for
in order for me to get to be grad assistant in Paris next spring...

I could be making flyers and giving away free food...
but i decided to try to reach the masses from pretty early on in the game!!
How am i doing that you might ask????
I'm talking to any and every social club that will listen to me!!

Last night was my first "social club experience"
A social club is the equivalent of a sorority/fraternity 
but since we go to a Private Christian University they are deemed social clubs!!

The first club i decided to talk to was a guys club, TNT as some might know them...
Well I'm pretty shy & sometimes ALWAYS awkward and this club was loud and LARGE!!!!! 

I walk in after they have been calmed down by their president and all of a sudden i realize...
uhhhhhh.....there's like 200 guys in this club...awesome..............
So i shyly walk towards the front while they all bang on desks and holler and shout
encouraging words of wisdom while i take my place at the front of the room...
My first words are.."WOW..there's so many of you"

I then give my little speech, i'm continuously being interrupted by their shenanigans...
but you know....It was pretty hilarious!!
They are all super nice guys, probably my favorite guy club on campus...
They were welcoming and fun and energetic....I just wasn't mentally prepared for it!!

I hope that i got the message across to a few of them....
One of my lines was 
"The England trip is basically a trip where you eat a lot of food and storm a lot of castles"
BOOM...that should have captivated at least half of the room right??? 
I hope so...because I really want to go back to Paris!!! 

le sigh...200 boys + one little Emily is a little intimidating
but i think it went really well, and i'm doing it again soon so i need to get used to it!!
My public speaking skills are going to be amazing by the end of this!!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Pit Stop Paris

Paris is already a very lavish city, filled with so much fancy history.
One of my FAVORITE time periods is the Belle epoque era!!
Paris was filled with glitz and glamour and people took notice.
Which is how restaurants like this one came to be...
Le bouillon Chartier is a restaraunt that was started in 1896 in Paris France!!
This was prime time in the Belle Epoque era.
Which is why it's most well known by that factor!!!
When you walk through the doors it's almost as if
you were walking into another time period!!
Which happens to be one of my favorite things about Paris,
It's almost frozen in time and that is absolutely amazing!!
Now the restaraunt...
I think when we were there i chickened out...literally!!
I got the chicken and frites {fries}
While other people in my group had some...interesting food!!
Ever heard of beef tartare??? Because i hadn't until Paris..
Did i ever have any.....that would be a NO!!
{Beef tartare is a meat dish made from finely chopped or minced raw beef}!!
That's just one of the specialties they serve there!!
They have a lot of options and it's all relatively cheap but with a rich historical atmosphere!!
So if you're in the Paris area and are in need of a neat
place to grab a bite, go will love it!!
It is popular however, but be patient if there is a line,
it's worth every minute!!

*Click on photo's to be linked to restaurant site

Sunday, March 3, 2013

surprise saturday Skype date!!

Skype date days are always on wednesdays because it's the day 
he get's out of work early and the day i don't have to work... 
but recently we've been getting to Skype wednesday's and saturdays!!!

Yea so this is turning into a two times a week "thing"
and i couldn't be happier about it!!!
I mean look at that face, it's something i could see everyday if it was possible!!

We spent this Skype date talking about the ghost that's in my apartment...
you see, my hairdryer was 10 feet from me and it turned on by itself the other day...
BY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!
Hello paranormal activity...
ok so maybe i hadn't completely turned it off that morning
like the little button wasn't pushed completely over........
I still blame the ghost...It's more dramatic!!

We also talked a little bit about what we're doing while he's here this summer,
as most of you know he's here for 3 weeks!!!!
I wish i could give more details on everything we are doing, 
but i kind of want to keep it a secret till that time comes.
Let me just tell you...what we are doing is CRAZY and EXCITING!!!
If you guess right in the comments i'll tell you if you're right or wrong ;)

So yea...we had a nice two and a half hour Skype date :)
this is like our 15th or 16th Skype date...which we consider to be real dates
as we're normally eating or drinking something while they are happening!!!

It's all very romantical ;)
have a great Sunday everyone!!!


Saturday, March 2, 2013


Ah Texas, my big beautiful Texas...
Today you are 177 years old!!!

If you've been to Texas you will know the words above...

"The stars at night are big and bright {clap,clap,clap,clap}

these words which i normally sing while sitting at the Rangers ballpark in Arlington
make my little heart swell with pride for my state!!!
I mean we even have our own language

I may be biased but i do firmly believe that Texas is the best state in the world!!!
{Freedom of opinion}

So happy birthday Texas...I am so so grateful to be a part of this great state!!! 


Friday, March 1, 2013

Letter Decorating Tutorial

Senior Year in high school i was itching for a job where i didn't have to work for someone...
I really disliked the idea of having a real job for some reason!
So what did i do?? I created my own job..
Because I'm a creative person, and well people like me so it was easy!!

I think i started making these for my dorm room
for my first semester of college. 
I was making them for myself and my future roommate as
a gift for wanting to live with me ;)
So it all started with 2 E for Emily and an M for Mandie! 
It ended with selling over 150 letters
and making a profit of about $1200

I posted the letters on FB after feeling very proud of myself for creating something fun and cute!!
Then i started getting messages asking me to make these for other people for their dorm rooms.
one thing led to another and I had a small business!!

I sold the letters at $10 a piece because well...a lot of work goes into them
and they are personalized..and i lived at hobby lobby for like a year
while working on these!!
I did everything from Initials to Universities to full names!!
I did this so much that i got involved in the Bazaar my school was putting on!
I ended up selling about 30 letters that day...made around $280 in one day!!
Pretty good for it being a hobby turned business..

Now what you're wanting to know is how i made these...Well since i'm no longer
in the letter making industry i'll share all of my secrets so you can make your own!!

Materials Needed:
Scrapbook paper
bow/flower/anything you want to use
modge podge
foam brush

Hobby Lobby sells the letters, they are white and normally at the end of an aisle..
retail for 2.99 but you can get them at 50% off every other week which is 
when i went shopping for materials!!

I used scrapbook paper on top of the letters...there is an entire aisle of paper
so there is literally so many patterns you can make...

I also had gems and bows to complete the look...
Now when you start you'll want to lay your paper down
so that the print side is face down...then you'll trace your letter...
MAKE SURE your letter is face down so you see the back 
of the letter when tracing it!!!! 

Trace the letter as close as possible and then cut it out!
Once it is cut you'll lay it on the letter to make sure it covers all regions.
Then take your modge podge and your brush and paint a thin layer of modge podge onto the letter..
then you'll put the paper over the modge podge..try to put it as close to where it needs
to go as possible because it's hard to move after you've set it on..
It takes practice so don't get too upset if it doesn't work the first time...

Then add gems and other frilly things and you'll have your cute letter ready to go!! :)
I hope this helps those of you who have wondered for a while how i did this..
If you have any questions just let me know :)