Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day trip {Oxford}

We were fortunate enough to go to Oxford while in England for a week!!!
This is such a fun town with so much rich history!!!
This is obviously the town that houses Oxford University!
Which is probably the most beautiful campus I've ever seen!!

We were lucky to have personal tour guides Lauren and Tyler Knight
They took us around and showed us everything Oxford had to offer!

We took a tour of the school, and learned that some of HARRY POTTER
Was filmed there, which is Personaly better than
Visiting Harry potter world in Florida....duh
Plus Oxford is where Emma Watson lives!!!

If you're planning a trip to England in the future I would
Say to visit Oxford!!

Go get lunch at the eagle and child
A pub where C.S. Lewis spent a lot of time writing at!!
Take a tour of the university,
Walk down high street and go in all of the shops along the street!!
Buy yourself an Oxford rowing sweatshirt
Because that's what I did ;)

Oh and if you have time, it's a short trip
Over to the town Stratford upon-Avon...
Home of THE William Shakepeare
Plus if that wasn't already cool enough you
Can get the most AMAZING shake at moo moo's

I mean if I didn't have school
And had more money in my piggy
I'd be headed to both Places!!

Le sigh....


  1. Hey girl! I live in Stratford with my Englishman. He's an actor at the RSC and Moo Moo's is my favourite thing about stratford. xx

    Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    1. Stop....i can't even handle this!! haha is it too soon to have a blate (blog date) i mean i could crash on your couch ;) haha but seriously, he's an actor at the RSC...that's AMAZING!!! We went to see the Tempest last spring and it was phenomenal!!!
      and moo moo's...i would do anything for one of those shakes right now!!!

  2. I love your photos of Oxford because...I was born there. I lived there while I was a young girl and I have not really been back since I was young. We are pretty close in Bath, so I hope we can make it over soon.

    PS. Harry Potter rocks! I'm one book away from having my complete English series to go with my American one.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. You were born there?? that's amazing...i'm extending the same invitation i extended to Amanda...we should get together and have a blate as soon as i'm over there haha :)