Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Three months}

Hey guess what...
"What Emily????????"

Tom is coming to see me in EXACTLY three months!!!
that's 12 weeks or around 90 days to be specific!!
Time is flying....like an eagle...{a nice space jam reference for you}

Now the picture above is another copy cat moment shared by the two of us
he looks great, i just look like i'm trying to wink but can't quite make it work!!
Oh and if all of this wasn't already so exciting..that picture was taken 
on our 7th continuous Skype date....yea 6 in a row just became 7 
and by the way we're making it 8 tonight...whoa!!
Yea it's getting pretty serious around here ;) 

Dating long distance is hard but worth it when you've got someone
like Tom who makes random cat jokes with you!!!!

I mean this guy is the real deal!! ;)
OH and i have to tell you what my dad, 
brother and grandfather are planning
for when Tom comes to Texas. 

They are going to take him to a shooting range...
And you're probably thinking, oh poor Tom!!
well, don't feel too bad for Tom because he's actually pretty excited about it..
mostly because they'll be shooting at zombies.........boys {eye roll}
If he does get the "talk" from them i know he'll be fine
because Tom makes me happy and they know that ;)
Plus i plan to be there as well, to protect him if need be 
unless they find a way to trick me into not coming...
like with presents or candy :)

Who knows what will happen,
i'm just excited i only have to wait 90ish more days for him :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

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