Monday, March 18, 2013

6 Skype dates in a row!!

Spring break was amazing, i got to spend time at home
with my family and friends AND i got to Skype this guy ^^^^ 6 days in a ROW

That's a first for us, considering we've been sticking to wednesdays for the past few months!
So basically i was home for 9 solid days and out of those 9 days we skyped...9 times!!!
The only day we missed was monday and we made up for it by
skyping yesterday before i had to go to church and he had work!!

So now we're spoiled...and it's good because i loved every moment we got
to spend together but then again it's bad because now i'm back at school and this can't
continue to happen because i have too much school work to do...
It's upsetting and complicated and wonderful all at the same time ;)

It's all pretty amazing!
We were breaking records all week...
2 in a row was our first record which grew to 6 in a row
another record was skyping for 4 hours
then on saturday we ALMOST hit 5 hours...another record
and then yesterday was the earliest Skype date we've started at 7:00am my time...
now that's dedication!!

Throughout the week we've taught each other many things...
well it was mostly me teaching him things..
Like the chicken dance..Yea i taught him the chicken dance...
even did it to music, and i'm not even embarrassed because he loved it so much!!

We've solidified some summer plans, like we're participating in a color run :)
I'm taking him to six flags and medieval times,
he thinks since he's british that they will give us the best seats in medieval times ;)

It's just been an amazing week of Skype dates..I hope i can throw in a few more a week
now that we're this used to seeing each other so often..
I mean the countdown is in full effect!!
He will be here in 12 weeks :)
Or according to my countdown
93 days 11 hours 55 minutes and 6 seconds

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Long distance can be tough but it's great that you're staying so strong! He'll be here before you know it :)

    I am so so excited to be your newest follower. I am already loving your blog.
    -Cassie @life-inthemaking

  2. So excited for you guys. So exciting you guys go to spend so much time together over skype. Skype/Google Hangouts are really an awesome invention. Its hard to think how we managed without it for so long. ;) x

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose