Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tourists & Tom

Today it's a sunny 70 degree day in Texas and my heart is overjoyed!!
I have missed the warm breeze and now it's back :)

Since it is so nice outside we went down to the stockyards in Fort Worth for lunch.
We literally live down the street from this magical western land
but we NEVER go down there because we just don't think about it.

When we do come down here it's hilarious to see all of the tourists with their cameras
snapping away at all of the cowboys riding around on their horses!!
I just never think about the stockyards being a tourist attraction but it really is.

My sister has been wanting to get lunch while i'm home so we decided to hit up this
restaurant called the Love Shack on the main road in the stockyards.
I'm a pretty big burger critic, i mean i know a good burger when i see one 
and this was a GOOD burger!!!!
So if you're ever in the stockyards and want a quick bite to eat along with a fun
atmosphere to eat it in, i would suggest the Love Shack.
You can't go wrong eating here or anywhere else in the stockyards..I mean everything is good!!

Yesterday i was skyping Tom...duh ;) 
It's not even surprising anymore...both my dad and sister called me while i was
skyping him and before they even said hi Emily they said to tell Tom hi...
he's officially taken over as the favorite ;)

Also while i was skyping with Tom my bff Ceaton was texting me and he is SO excited that
Tom is coming to see me, so i had Tom write a little note to ceaton during our date
and then ceaton reciprocated with his own note to Tom haha

It's amazing how supportive friends and family are, i just feel so lucky to have these people in my life!!
Oh and since we're talking about the stockyards, i'm going to be bringing Tom down here
and he's probably going to flip out because he LOVES the idea of cowboys 
riding around on horses and wearing cowboy hats and everything that goes with it!!
In fact Tom may have a few cowboy gifts to unwrap once he gets here ;)

 Anyways that's been my day :) 
I hope you are all having splendid thursdays!!


  1. I dream about 70 degree weather! It is freezing in Europe right now! (And I'm being completely serious haha) what a cute post. :)

    1. aww i heard it's freezing there, i know it's been snowing in Paris, Tom says it's trying to snow there!! Maybe we will push some of this warm weather your way haha :)

  2. So. Cute.
    PS...I've totally been THAT tourist in the stockyards. And I paid to sit on a bull. Good stuff.

  3. Thanks girl :) haha i was even that tourist today, like i live here but i couldn't stop taking pictures haha oh and you sat on a bull, brave girl ;)

  4. Not only do I love the Stock Yards, but I LOVE Love Shack. Tim Love is pretty much a genious and all of his restaurants are amazing!! Have you tried Woodshed yet? You must!!

  5. Hi Emily!

    I'm your newest follower! I stumbled onto your blog and I just wanted to tell you that I know how hard and wonderful it is to wait to see British boyfriends. I met mine when I was studying abroad fall my senior year of college and then I had to go back to Atlanta finish college. And it was really difficult. But 2 years down the line and I am living with him in England and all the waiting and skyping was so worth it. (Tough I never want an ocean to separate us long-term again!) xx

    Amanda @