Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I just finished watching the bachelor finale...
which is probably why this is such a sappy post!!

I didn't realize it till yesterday...
but Tom copycats my facial expressions 
at the end of Skype dates, which leads to pictures
like this one where we are basically pulling the same face!!
I'll tell you what...i'm ready for REAL pictures..
side by side
6'4 by my 5'4
Tall next to small...I'm ready for it!!!
Luckily i don't have to wait too long....
Like i said yesterday, we're officially in the double digits
98 more days till he's here with me!!

It's pretty neat how all of this has progressed
First it was just the two of us on Skype dates...
now all of our families pop in and out of the frame,
my mom and brother both came in yesterday and chatted for a bit
his mum and dad come in and out just to say hello!!
I'm basically best friends with his little sister even though
we haven't really had a sit down conversation...
My mom keeps asking for recipes to make him when he's here
and my parents keep asking what we're going to be doing 
as a family while he's in town...
It's all pretty incredible! 

I'm just so thankful that we both have families who are excited about where this is all headed!!!
My family is excited he's coming here,
and his family is already talking about when i'm coming to visit them!!

It's just very exciting, and i'm glad i get to share it with all of you!! :)

Happy Wednesday!!

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