Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Double digits And a thank you

So today is a big day
99 days till my Englishman arrives in America!!! 
Yeaaaa we've kind of been counting down...
But how exciting is that??? I mean time is flying by!!
He's going to be on Texas soil before we know it 
And I am so so excited about it!!!!!! 
We're having celebratory double digit Skype dates 
Today and every day for the rest of spring break :) 

And now for a giant thank you....
I just wanted to say a quick thank you to ALL of the amazing
Expats who have contacted me in hopes to help with my video for school.
This is going to be an amazing video thanks to all of you!! 
I finally decided on the perfect song to use...actually i have it narrowed down to 2 choices
I mean the song is like the biggest obstacle when making a video.
You need music with a beat, with flow, with ascending and descending energy levels...
That last part might sound strange but.....it's true!!!
It's like i'm trying to tell a story in under 2 minutes and in order
to do that you need good story telling material!!
That's what so many of you are helping me with 
and i thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Getting back to Paris is my dream right now, it's my after graduation plans...
If it doesn't happen i'm still going to go back, but this is like the best way to do it!!
So again THANK YOU for sending me video's of England and France
and Ireland and all the places you are all lucky enough to live in!!
Bloggers are awesome!!!

Here's the 2 songs i'm thinking about...
I'd love to get feedback on which one you like better :)

have a great Tuesday :)


  1. Em I'm emailing you my video now, should be there in a few minutes. xx

    1. Awesome, i got it!! :) Thanks so much Bonnie :)

  2. Ps. I love Ellie. That song would be awesome!