Thursday, February 28, 2013


There comes a time when someone walks into your life, 
they don't try to change you or mold you into their perfect person,
but they accept you for who you are, and even join in on the fun...

They wear lenseless 3D glasses with you...
they plan adventures with you...
they laugh at your silly pick up lines..
because if you were my socks you could go everywhere with me...
{It's golden}

They think your cute when you snort and laugh
they find it amusing that you get nervous when they stare at you
they laugh at your silly stories about everything that you've done in your life
they love learning new things about you
they say sweet things like i'm so lucky to have found you

They make it hard for you to say goodbye at the end of Skype dates
by telling you that you're amazing
and pretty 
and funny
and they make swoony faces at you 
and tell you not to go.....


Boy am I one lucky lady!!!
:) :) :)


**ps don't be afraid to follow this little blog, I'd love you forever if you did!! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

runaway trip

If i could runaway, i think i would!
As grateful as i am for school...I'm just drained...
It doesn't hold the same excitement that it had a year ago..
or two or three years ago.

I'm too busy to go do anything fun..
The most fun i have is skyping Tom on wednesdays...
which is amazing and i would rather do that than anything else!!
Other than that, i'm either working or studying...
Am i sounding whiny?? Because i don't mean to be...
It just comes out around this time of the year :/

Maybe it's senioritis or maybe it's the feeling as though i could be doing better things with my time
than sitting in a classroom learning the same things i've learned in previous semesters.
I'm just very very very over it...

BUT i have to stick it out...obviously it would be a shame to spend 
all of this time and money and not finish it out...
plus i do have exciting things to look forward to..

If i could runaway i think i'd go somewhere warm..
maybe Bora Bora...or Tahiti...
a girl can dream

It's not often that i drool over pictures that aren't food....but this is an exception!!
Who would be going with me on this little adventure....
Starts with a T and end with an OM ;-)
Maybe even the families can come...I mean who would pass up a runaway trip like this???

No one that's who ;)

Le Sigh...I need Spring Break more than i need food!!!!
And that's pretty dramatic because i love food!!!


*Images via Pinterest 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flower Power!!

Saturday was another skate was actually a special skate day because
i was home in Texas and Tom was going to get to meet my family..
Like really meet them...

On my way home from Arkansas on friday i stopped by Target...DUH
and i found this AMAZING flowery cap that i might be in love with...
and i might have worn it 99% of our Skype date...
I LOVE IT!!!!!


So yesterday you got a glimpse into Tom's World...
I thought he did an AMAZING job writing up a little synopsis of our little story!!
He mentioned the fact that he met my family...
Well this is the second time he's met my parents but this time was more...serious!!

What do i mean by serious??? 
Well there were some serious questions being asked by both my parents..
which makes sense right???? Well until you hear their questions...

My dad...oh how i love him...He sits down next to me and starts talking about Bill Cosby..
He then proceeds to tell Tom every Bill Cosby skit he needs to go watch...
specifically..Chocolate Cake, The Dentist, and Tonsils!!

He then says he has some serious questions...I think OH man here it comes...
and my dad says two words...Star Trek...Oh dear...this might be worse than a serious question...
He asks Tom who his favorite star trek captain is...
Then they talk about Dr. Who...
I mean it was nerdy...i was falling asleep listening to them ;) 
BUT It was also pretty amazing to hear them go on and on about this stuff!!

Then my sister calls me via FaceTime on my phone...
So i proceed to hold my phone up to the computer so they can talk...
Yea Skype, FaceTime and real time...all at the same time!!

My mom comes in after i hang up with my sister and by this time i think Tom is drained..
meeting families is stressful and he's met 3 of the 4 in one sitting...
But in comes my mom and she sits next to me and they chat for a minute...
THEN she says she has a serious question and i see Tom get a little nervous....
then she says i need you to send me recipes...So i can cook for you when your here..
My mom is the sweetest!!!

So the serious questions turned out to be silly/nerdy/sweet questions...
Tom never had anything to worry about :)

In other news, I did go home this weekend and i was in such a frenchy mood
that i forced my family to go to La Madeleine's...ok they were all very willing...
Because It's AMAZING!!! It's like the closest thing to french food we have in Texas!!!

I got a Croque Monsieur Sandwich and it was amazing!! 
I texted Tom, because it's a sandwich with melted cheese on Top...
Tom and I have this thing about melted cheese...It kind of get's us strangely excited!!

It's sooooooo good!! I just can't even handle it...I cry daily because there
is not a La Madeleine in Arkansas..It's a shame really!!!!

le sigh..


Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey Y'all {Blog by Tom}

Before you start reading you should know
that today my blog is being commandeered 
by none other than Thomas himself!!

He's here to give you a little view into his perspective.
Which is so exciting....
when you read this, read it in a British Accent!!
and GO...


 Hey y'all ;-) 

OK so I know by now you may know a little about me, 

yes its me, Tom the goofy looking guy from the photos.... Hi!! 

So yes, The names Tom, I'm 22 and I'm from Liverpool England.
One day last November I was messing around with the idea of a penpal, 
one thing lead to another, I met Emily and well, the rest is history :) 

From the start neither of us were looking for anything serious 
but it really wasn't long before things began to get that way 
I mean we're so alike, both middle children that love to travel, 
who sneeze if they get bopped on the nose too hard
We get closer every time we talk which is a 
lot and one way or another I’ve ended up with, 
an American girlfriend..... I lucked out ;)

So like I said things have gotten pretty serious between us 
which can be difficult as we live so very far away
But as you know besides talking we send letters/boxes which are amazing 
and also we skype every Wednesday
 Wednesday's have since become the best day of the week
The skates have recently been getting a little mushy too, which is amazing!!
Oh and I'm flying to America in June to see her

On a recent skype date I even got to see Emily’s family, like the WHOLE family!
There was mum, dad, her big sister (via FaceTime) 
and even her little brother came in to say hi, it was great!!
I mean it was a little nerve racking meeting the family but I think 
it went pretty well and it helped that they were all so nice 
and actually seemed excited about me coming :-)
I can’t wait to get over there and meet everyone properly 
and I’m pretty sure there’s more family for me to meet too...

Emily's not like any girl I've met before.
She's sweet & funny & smart and she makes me SO happy
I couldn’t imagine her not being a part of my life now, I love everyday that we talk!
And I can’t wait to see her in person so I can tell her just what she means to me.

{This is what our skype dates look like from my end}

I’m really excited to see where this goes.

And if theres one thing I know about Emily, it could go anywhere...

She’s Amazing.

Anyway, it was nice to say hi ;-)  


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Conversations with Tom!

{admit it...we're pretty cute}

Well yesterday was Skype date number.....ummm...well to be honest i'm not sure..
There's just been so many i can't keep track ;)

This Skype date was pretty hilarious in more than one way..
First of all we had an entire conversation over the word Queue {pronounced like the letter Q}!
Here's how that went...

E: Hey Tom, what do you call it when people are standing in a line??
T: A queue...
E: A what?? like what does that even mean??
T: A queue is a line..
E: Then why don't you just say line??
T: because it's a queue
E: That makes no sense
T: what do you call it??
E: ehh...a line...duh
T: what are you doing while in the line??
E: waiting
T: exactly your Queueing 
E: how can i been in a queue and queueing at the same time??
T: Queueing means you're waiting
E: but you said a queue was a are so confusing!!
T: that's just what it is Emily..
E: your language is weird!!
The End

Then at one point His dad popped in unannounced and asked Tom
if he had told me the riddle...Apparently Dave...Tom's dad wanted me to hear this riddle..
Tom said no, so Dave took control and told me the riddle himself...It was amazing
He told me the riddle and then said basically figure it out and let us know when you 
get the answer, and then he went back to watching sports...haha

I'm just excited his family feels comfortable enough with me to just pop in and 
tell me riddles or just say hello, either way it's been really fun getting to know them!!

Tom also took me on a house tour...he showed me the entryway, kitchen, living room, and the conservatory which is just a fancy name for an outside porch with walls and windows ;)

So we had yet another wonderful, hilarious, and amazing Skype date...
We're having a special SD saturday when i'm home for the weekend,
so he can chat to my parents a bit more :) 

Anyways that's all for now!!
Have a great Thursday everyone!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paris in the Spring!!

You know when Lauren Knight contacts you that it's going to be something good...

I mean she is like the definition of excitement,
She lives in London, England
Notting Hill to be precise
She's having soon & she's traveled all over the world...
So when i got an email asking me if i wanted to do something outrageous..
i knew it was going to be good!!!

First of all i know Lauren because she was our Director last spring in Paris!!
We spent 3 lovely months getting to know her and her husband Tyler!!
They are crazy, awesome people!!

We e-mailed, we skyped, we decided..
She asked me if i wanted to be her Grad Assistant in Paris next spring!!
Soooo what did i say??? Well of course i said YES!!

Which means I'll live in Paris France..for 3 months...for the second time in my life!!

{There's a Catch}

The's a big one...doable but still pretty daunting...
I have to get 30 people to sign up for the England and Paris Program...
Not 60...not 30 and 30 but JUST 30...
So 15 in one program and 15 in the other
or 10 in one and 20 in the other
18 and 12
9 and 21
19 and 11
...Sounds easy right???
Well....It could be or it could be difficult...It just depends...
So my creative juices are flowing
I'm officially a recruiter...Even though i don't actually work for the IP office,
I've given myself an official title of head recruiter for HUE and HIP...

My numbers so far are
HIP - 3...maybe 4
HUE - 8 maybe 9

So if we're looking at the bright side i have 13 people which means i need....17 more!!
If anyone can do it i believe it's me...and HELLO there is Paris hanging by a thread here...

So this is my exciting's a 50-50 chance though..
Get the 30 people...hello Paris for three months {free of charge}
Don't get the 30 people...and well...I don't want to go there...

OPTIMISM is a powerful tool!!!
Oui Oui...


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Valbox FROM Tom!!

So apparently the American Postal system
isn't as good as i once said it was...
I mean Tom got his Valbox LAST monday....
i got mine exactly 1 week later...
and even though i got it after valentines day
had come and gone, it was still so so special and
amazing to see all of the goodies Tom sent me :)

The crazy emoji filled texting after i got my package!! :)

Soooooo Maybe we're a little too emogi-happy ;)
ok ok maybe I'm a little too emogi-happy...

It was fun though, we were mostly excited i had finally got
it in the mail...and then i saw my Ukelele for beginners book ;)

See I bought a Ukelele about 2 months ago, and it's been hard to learn on...
So he got me a ukelele for beginners book...he's sweet like that :)

Ok so here's what's all in the package!!

1. We have as already stated, my Ukelele book WITH an interactive CD ;)
AND it's got a bunch of British songs in it....
like London Bridge and I'm Henry the Eighth, I Am...It's so amazing!
2. A galaxy bar...milk chocolate from England...ummmm yes please!!!
3. A post card from Germany, with a sweet little note on the back.
4. a star gazing booklet, because he went star gazing a few weeks ago :)
5. More liverpool pamphlets haha the yellow duckmarine...It's a boat/car that
drives on land but can also float...How amazing it that..He's taking me on it
when i go to see him in Liverpool ;)
6. My card which was so cute and sweet and romantical....girly sigh!!!
7. My letter, which is like the best part because it's just so nice to read what he writes to me :)
He even threw in a few pick up lines....which were hilarious!!!

It was SO worth the wait!! :)


Monday, February 18, 2013

Something Exciting...


 Have you ever had exciting news that 
you want to share with the whole world..
but you can't just yet...

Because this exciting news is not a done deal..
you have like a 50% chance of it actually happening..
OR not happening at all but it's still exciting and you will do
everything in your power to make the exciting thing happen....

BUT You can't actually tell a lot of people about the exciting thing until
you figure the exciting thing out for yourself...

Life is a little weird sometimes..
and it has strange ways of throwing
something your way that you never ever
saw coming in like a million trillion years but all of a sudden
Oh hey there it is..that exciting thing...
that you now have to make happen
because it would be the most amazing
thing ever if you did make it happen...

I mean i'm freaking out a little { A LOT }
but i can't really share any of this yet...
As soon as i figure out my game plan and maybe get
more confident in what i'm doing here i will get to share some
of this exciting news with the rest of you...soon :)


-Emily :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

How to create a cute Dorm Room look!!

I'm writing this from my bed..
My strangely comfortable twin dorm bed!!! 

I think something that helped me get through the tough times of school was 

the fact that I got to decorate the dorm room..decorate a new space...
If you could strip the paint color off the walls of the 2 rooms I've lived in 
at my house in Texas you would see how many times I've repainted and redecorated!!!
Over 10 maybe over 15!!! 

It's a stress reliever and I find it to be a challenge especially with boring dorm rooms
That tend to look more like prison cells!!! 

These are my two favorite semesters in the dorm..I just loved putting these rooms together :) 

Now we live in an apartment style which I love SO much more but when we were
 Stuck in a 30X20 dorm room it was nice to see it all put together!!!  

This was over the span of two semesters and two roommates
semester 1...roommate 1....notice the dividing curtain ;)

Semester 2 roommate 2/my best friend Sam who is still my roommate!! :)

Junior year Dorm Room..
Bring a couch and a giant chalkboard....why not!!! ;)

So if you are in college, or headed to college and you're nervous about how to 
really make the space your own...I would suggest lighting, curtains and any and
everything to cover up the big boring cement block prison walls ;)
It is possible to have cute dorm rooms, you just have to get creative!!

If you're off to college soon go have a look at my Etsy shop.
I sell these canvases that would look adorable in anyone's dorm room!! :)
Custom state or sorority letters or anything else, plus custom colors and design!!

Etsy shop found here


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roses are red...

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
Tom's coming to AMERICA...

Obviously my calling isn't ever going to be poetry...
But that's not the point...
The point is this...
Yes, Tom is headed to America on June 19th which is still pretty far away,
but we are both so so so so excited!!!

I want to tell you how it happened :)
We skyped yesterday just as we do every wednesday...
We talked about what we would do while he's in Texas..
Things like go to a baseball game, go to six flags...
hang out with family..That kind of stuff...

Then out of no where Tom tells me he's going to
email me something....i have no idea what he's doing...

He sends it and tells me to check my email so i go in and
i'm checking and all of a sudden i see the words
and it's an automatic giggle fest from my side of the screen!!
I just can't contain my excitement, my face started hurting because i was smiling so much...
Then i'm pretty sure i just sat in silence for like a minute just taking it all in.

This guy i met a few months ago...feels so strongly about ME...
that he's flying all the way to Texas..
just to hang out with get to know see where this can go!!!
This is incredible!!!

Tom will be here for 3 whole weeks!!!!
June 19th - July 11th
I am SO excited about it!!

So it's valentines day and i'm feeling extra extra mushy because i know
that this amazingly funny, cute British guy is coming my way!!
Life is so so good!! :)



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mushy Romanticalness!!!

I kind of feel bad for constantly putting up the cute things Tom says to me...
I don't want to embarrass him but he keeps saying the sweetest things to me 
and i just have to share SOME of it with y'all!!
He's fully aware that i have this blog he reads it often..
so he know's what i'm up to ;)

This is what he said after he opened everything from his valentines package :)

 "I kind of went a bit speechless there..Emily this is all so amazing i can't believe it!! 
Your card and letter, i love them! I love it when you get mushy in your letters!! 
The smile across my face is pretty ridiculous! 
Thank you LOVE, my valbox is wonderful, 
and of course i'll be your valentine"

Today i am lucky enough to get to Skype with him for 2 or 3 hours :-)
It's been a week and a half since we last skyped so we're both pretty ready for it!
 I am such a lucky lucky lady...well i would be luckier if he was here...
BUT soon that will be the case ;) 

AND since i know Tom is reading this i'll just add to the mush ;)
a lot a lot ;)