Thursday, February 21, 2013

Conversations with Tom!

{admit it...we're pretty cute}

Well yesterday was Skype date number.....ummm...well to be honest i'm not sure..
There's just been so many i can't keep track ;)

This Skype date was pretty hilarious in more than one way..
First of all we had an entire conversation over the word Queue {pronounced like the letter Q}!
Here's how that went...

E: Hey Tom, what do you call it when people are standing in a line??
T: A queue...
E: A what?? like what does that even mean??
T: A queue is a line..
E: Then why don't you just say line??
T: because it's a queue
E: That makes no sense
T: what do you call it??
E: ehh...a line...duh
T: what are you doing while in the line??
E: waiting
T: exactly your Queueing 
E: how can i been in a queue and queueing at the same time??
T: Queueing means you're waiting
E: but you said a queue was a are so confusing!!
T: that's just what it is Emily..
E: your language is weird!!
The End

Then at one point His dad popped in unannounced and asked Tom
if he had told me the riddle...Apparently Dave...Tom's dad wanted me to hear this riddle..
Tom said no, so Dave took control and told me the riddle himself...It was amazing
He told me the riddle and then said basically figure it out and let us know when you 
get the answer, and then he went back to watching sports...haha

I'm just excited his family feels comfortable enough with me to just pop in and 
tell me riddles or just say hello, either way it's been really fun getting to know them!!

Tom also took me on a house tour...he showed me the entryway, kitchen, living room, and the conservatory which is just a fancy name for an outside porch with walls and windows ;)

So we had yet another wonderful, hilarious, and amazing Skype date...
We're having a special SD saturday when i'm home for the weekend,
so he can chat to my parents a bit more :) 

Anyways that's all for now!!
Have a great Thursday everyone!


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