Wednesday, February 27, 2013

runaway trip

If i could runaway, i think i would!
As grateful as i am for school...I'm just drained...
It doesn't hold the same excitement that it had a year ago..
or two or three years ago.

I'm too busy to go do anything fun..
The most fun i have is skyping Tom on wednesdays...
which is amazing and i would rather do that than anything else!!
Other than that, i'm either working or studying...
Am i sounding whiny?? Because i don't mean to be...
It just comes out around this time of the year :/

Maybe it's senioritis or maybe it's the feeling as though i could be doing better things with my time
than sitting in a classroom learning the same things i've learned in previous semesters.
I'm just very very very over it...

BUT i have to stick it out...obviously it would be a shame to spend 
all of this time and money and not finish it out...
plus i do have exciting things to look forward to..

If i could runaway i think i'd go somewhere warm..
maybe Bora Bora...or Tahiti...
a girl can dream

It's not often that i drool over pictures that aren't food....but this is an exception!!
Who would be going with me on this little adventure....
Starts with a T and end with an OM ;-)
Maybe even the families can come...I mean who would pass up a runaway trip like this???

No one that's who ;)

Le Sigh...I need Spring Break more than i need food!!!!
And that's pretty dramatic because i love food!!!


*Images via Pinterest 

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