Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Update!!

It's been the best weekend ever for 3 reasons..
1. I got to see this guy ^^^ 3 days in a row :)
2. I got to sleep in my own bed
3. My mom cooked for me!!

I am soaking in my last Spring Break as a college kid...
Now while everyone i know is going on big trips this week
to like New York, and the beach...I'll be home...
and i'm ok with that because i've kind of gotten to the point where
being home is my oasis and i really have to soak it up while i'm here!! 

So back to the weekend, Tom and I decided that since i was going to be home this
entire week that we should try and Skype more since we were both 
more flexible and had more time...and we have definitely stepped up our game.
We skyped Friday which he got a version of Emily
that only someone who really likes you could tolerate...
Also known as...early morning still in a messy bun Emily, 
i haven't actually gotten out of bed yet Emily...
Then we skyped Saturday for ALMOST 4 hours :)
Finished off the weekend with a nice sunday afternoon/evening Skype
where i got to see his WHOLE family all at once...
It was mothers day in England and so everyone was there, I have finally met the entire family :)

The rest of the weekend was spent eating!!
Mom made tortilla soup friday night...and i basically swam in it while eating it...which sounds
weird but that's just how good it is!!!
I went to La Madeleine's on Saturday for brunch with my mom and sister...
I mean just look at it...

It's so freaking delicious!!!!!

My sister was adamant about going to bath and body works for some candles
i fought the urge to buy this little guy but in the end the elephant won out!!
I mean it's cute and it smells good and it will make my car not smell
like the 12 year old that it is ;)

So anyways that was my weekend!! 
I'm working at the cupcake shack this week so hopefully
i can entertain you with some funny/strange stories about that!!
It's Spring break...and i'm so's 11:30am and i'm still in bed!!
I love Spring break!!!! :)

Have a great monday!!


  1. That is so great you got to be a part of the Mothering Sunday celebrations. :)

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  2. My spring break will be just like yours! Filled with food and family. What more can you ask for? I love my car clip thingy. Mine is a cupcake, and it is currently clipped to my visor!

  3. Sounds like a great spring break spent with loved ones - when with loved ones, it definitely doesn't matter where you are :)