Thursday, March 21, 2013

Confession time

I secretly want to be a Viking!!!
I mean I may have planned a Viking trip with my best friends after graduation
like a tour of the Nordic countries, maybe meet a nice Viking family 
to teach me their Viking ways!!!!!

I really want to sail on a Viking vessel which i have recently found out is called a "dragonship" ummm hello how cool is that!!! 

It doesn't help that the history channel had just recently 
come out with a new show called "Vikings" 

I mean God bless the history channel because this show is like BEYOND amazing!!! 
I told myself I wasn't going to get addicted to any more shows but here I am bunkering down on Sunday nights to watch these Vikings  
pillage and plunder through villages that didn't see them coming!!  

Found via Pinterest 

It's really strange because I love these Vikings but they're doing really awful things!
Like stealing from monasteries and killing priests, and I'm just like YEA go Vikings!!
I'm not sure it's healthy but it's history sooo...

It also doesn't hurt that the main character is a former 
Calvin Klein model of under garments....yeaaa!! 

There's only been four episodes so far, I watched them all in one night!!! 
So of your looking for another show to watch check this one out!
it's really really good, I've heard comparisons to game of thrones!! 

I even asked Tom if he'd be a Viking with me and he said...... it's official we're going to be a Viking couple!!!!
Hope your all having a wonderful thursday!!
I'm going to spend then rest of my day in boring classes 
and then i'm going to start studying for my English CLEP test tomorrow!!
Well wishes appreciated!! :)

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