Monday, March 4, 2013

Pit Stop Paris

Paris is already a very lavish city, filled with so much fancy history.
One of my FAVORITE time periods is the Belle epoque era!!
Paris was filled with glitz and glamour and people took notice.
Which is how restaurants like this one came to be...
Le bouillon Chartier is a restaraunt that was started in 1896 in Paris France!!
This was prime time in the Belle Epoque era.
Which is why it's most well known by that factor!!!
When you walk through the doors it's almost as if
you were walking into another time period!!
Which happens to be one of my favorite things about Paris,
It's almost frozen in time and that is absolutely amazing!!
Now the restaraunt...
I think when we were there i chickened out...literally!!
I got the chicken and frites {fries}
While other people in my group had some...interesting food!!
Ever heard of beef tartare??? Because i hadn't until Paris..
Did i ever have any.....that would be a NO!!
{Beef tartare is a meat dish made from finely chopped or minced raw beef}!!
That's just one of the specialties they serve there!!
They have a lot of options and it's all relatively cheap but with a rich historical atmosphere!!
So if you're in the Paris area and are in need of a neat
place to grab a bite, go will love it!!
It is popular however, but be patient if there is a line,
it's worth every minute!!

*Click on photo's to be linked to restaurant site

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