Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Emily + 200 college guys = Awkward Sauce

I'm on a mission
A mission to recruit as many people as possible for HUE and HIP
that's England and Paris in regular english!!

These are the two international programs i'm recruiting for
in order for me to get to be grad assistant in Paris next spring...

I could be making flyers and giving away free food...
but i decided to try to reach the masses from pretty early on in the game!!
How am i doing that you might ask????
I'm talking to any and every social club that will listen to me!!

Last night was my first "social club experience"
A social club is the equivalent of a sorority/fraternity 
but since we go to a Private Christian University they are deemed social clubs!!

The first club i decided to talk to was a guys club, TNT as some might know them...
Well I'm pretty shy & sometimes ALWAYS awkward and this club was loud and LARGE!!!!! 

I walk in after they have been calmed down by their president and all of a sudden i realize...
uhhhhhh.....there's like 200 guys in this club...awesome..............
So i shyly walk towards the front while they all bang on desks and holler and shout
encouraging words of wisdom while i take my place at the front of the room...
My first words are.."WOW..there's so many of you"

I then give my little speech, i'm continuously being interrupted by their shenanigans...
but you know....It was pretty hilarious!!
They are all super nice guys, probably my favorite guy club on campus...
They were welcoming and fun and energetic....I just wasn't mentally prepared for it!!

I hope that i got the message across to a few of them....
One of my lines was 
"The England trip is basically a trip where you eat a lot of food and storm a lot of castles"
BOOM...that should have captivated at least half of the room right??? 
I hope so...because I really want to go back to Paris!!! 

le sigh...200 boys + one little Emily is a little intimidating
but i think it went really well, and i'm doing it again soon so i need to get used to it!!
My public speaking skills are going to be amazing by the end of this!!



  1. I love your tenacity! As a former Harding Uni student I am rooting for you. Looks like you'll get lots of people interested in HUE and HIP! :)

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

    1. haha thanks Bonnie, That's amazing that you went to Harding too, such a small world we live in!! Thanks for the encouragement, i really hope you're right :)

  2. Oh I totally always dreaded when my sorority wanted us to go make announcements at the fraternity houses. Some girls were more than willing where I was like ahhh heell nooooo. I'm a Texas girl with my heart, and well, physical self currently, in Europe and your newest follower!

    1. haha i know right, like that's some serious public speaking that i am just not really ready for ;) Texas gal living in europe, well i think we will get a long nicely as that's how i want my life to go haha ;)