Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Calling all Expats!!!

I need your help!!
As most of you know i am working towards grad assistant
for Paris next spring with my school...
I've been in recruiting mode for the last 2 weeks
and as the wheels are turning i'm getting more and more great ideas
on how to show my school that England and Paris and EUROPE in general
are all places you should go for studying abroad!!
I've decided to make a short video to present to my entire student body...
That's like 6,000 students!!!!!
What i need from all of my little expat friends is this...
A short video clip of you in your part of the world!
You can stand in a field, or in front of the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben 
or in front of whatever makes your part of the world unique!!
I really need UK and France shots but i'll honestly take whatever you give me!!!

And THEN i need you to say these words to the camera as enthusiastically as possible...
"{You could live HERE!!}"
Maybe do some extravagant arm motions when you say here...
and it doesn't need to be any longer than about 15 seconds..
So since you are fortunate enough to live in an amazing part of the world
I'm hoping, praying, begging for you to share a little blip with me
so i can share it with my peers in hopes that it inspires them
to go off into this big, beautiful world and explore it for themselves!!
If you're interested in helping me please e-mail me at
And please make the subject line read "Expat Video"
So while you're on your next walk through your beautiful foreign city
take a quick moment to document it and send it to me!!
I will love you FOREVER & i'll highlight you in the blog post when i post it!!!!!
 I will post the video in it's entirety once i've finished it!!
Thanks to everyone willing to help me with this!!

ps...if you're not an expat but you're actually from these wonderful places
then i would LOVE footage from you as well!!!
Anything and Everything HELPS :)



  1. My husband and I both went to Harding. We will def help you out.

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

    1. Ahh awesome, thank you so so much Bonnie!!!! :)

    2. Okay so I took a video today in front of the Roman Baths, but I want my husband to get something too. I'll try to get it to you asap. Do you need it by the weekend?

    3. That's AMAZING thank you do much for helping, I have about a week before I start making the video so you've got plenty of time :)