Sunday, March 3, 2013

surprise saturday Skype date!!

Skype date days are always on wednesdays because it's the day 
he get's out of work early and the day i don't have to work... 
but recently we've been getting to Skype wednesday's and saturdays!!!

Yea so this is turning into a two times a week "thing"
and i couldn't be happier about it!!!
I mean look at that face, it's something i could see everyday if it was possible!!

We spent this Skype date talking about the ghost that's in my apartment...
you see, my hairdryer was 10 feet from me and it turned on by itself the other day...
BY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!
Hello paranormal activity...
ok so maybe i hadn't completely turned it off that morning
like the little button wasn't pushed completely over........
I still blame the ghost...It's more dramatic!!

We also talked a little bit about what we're doing while he's here this summer,
as most of you know he's here for 3 weeks!!!!
I wish i could give more details on everything we are doing, 
but i kind of want to keep it a secret till that time comes.
Let me just tell you...what we are doing is CRAZY and EXCITING!!!
If you guess right in the comments i'll tell you if you're right or wrong ;)

So yea...we had a nice two and a half hour Skype date :)
this is like our 15th or 16th Skype date...which we consider to be real dates
as we're normally eating or drinking something while they are happening!!!

It's all very romantical ;)
have a great Sunday everyone!!!



  1. I love reading about you two! Some 23 before 23 items, perhaps? :) Can't wait to read about the adventures and see a pic of you two together in real life!!!

    1. Thanks Ashley :) an yes it is one specific 23 before 23 subject ;) we are actually most excited to get a real picture together haha that's like the first thing we will do ;)

  2. I love your little love story! It's very romantic and I wish you two the very best! I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring blogger award because you are inspiring to me. It's very brave of you to put this part of your life out for the public to view. Thank you for being an inspiration! (You can check out the nomination post by clicking here)

    1. Aww thanks Jen this is so awesome, i am definitely going to look into this :-D