Monday, March 25, 2013

Road TRip {Western USA}

For as long as i can remember i've had a little travel bug.
It really only crept up during the summer time when the air was warm and the sky was blue.
Then i took a little trip to a place called Paris.
My travel bug grew!!

Now traveling is all i want to do!
I talk with Tom all the time about getting a job with the travel channel.
You know an American and a Brit traveling the world together, who wouldn't want to see that show??
Everyone would want to see it...that's right...everyone!!!

Well until i get this travel channel gig i think i'll try and
travel as much as possible on my own dime..
if only it actually cost a dime...sighh

As much as i love Europe and plan to go back within the next year,
i really want to see what's in my own backyard...what America has to offer!!
So i've come up with a nice little {BIG} road trip!!

{Here's a quick synopsis}
Leave Texas
drive through New Mexico
see the Grand Canyon in Arizona
Drive to Cali
see beaches
see big sur
see San Francisco
drive through Idaho
Drive into to Montana
see Yellowstone
Drive to South Dakota
see mount rushmore
Drive south through Colorado
see more mountains
& head back to Texas

Sounds easy right?? I mean it's ONLY like 6,000 miles in a car...
you may see 6,000 miles...but i see adventure ;)
Have a great monday!!


  1. I may be biased but I love the west coast (mostly because I grew up there and still live there...). I think it sounds like a beautiful adventure!

    1. I'm pretty excited about it, I love the west coast too, so it really should be so fun! :)

  2. I think you should take a side trip to the great, freezing city of Chicago! That does sound like a fun trip though!

    1. haha i plan on heading to Chicago one day, i've always wanted to visit there! :)

  3. I just drove from North Dakota to Idaho...if you need some ideas along the way, I'm your girl. :)

    1. Awesome, i'll deff keep you in mind girl :)

  4. you should drive from AZ to San Diego and eat the food there and the. Do the coast drive up Cali and stop in Monterey before getting to San Fran. I def reccomend it!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. Ohh great idea, I know the plan is to drive up the coast when we're there but i haven't heard much about Monterey so i'm going to go look that up now ;)