Sunday, March 24, 2013

{Letters and looking back}

After taking tests i like to be rewarded,
it's almost like getting a shot, you automatically assume you're getting ice cream afterwards.
On Friday i went in to take my English CLEP exam that i've been putting off for like...3 years

It was hard, nasty, cruel and pretty much annoying,
so when i got out of the test i was looking for a little pick me up..
I went to check my mail and i found a nice little letter from a boy in England!!
This was just what i needed, a nice little note from Tom :)

Don't be fooled, in the photo below it does not state "I love Liverpoo"
It actually says "I love Liverpool"
Confusing i know...

What has really been great about this experience with Tom is if i want to look back
and see how far we've come i can do it in a few different ways...

For example, I could read his first letter and compare it to his last one...
I could read our first emails and compare them to where we are now...

I can look at how long our first Skype date was...

and compare it to the one we've just had a few days ago...

I got curious after looking at all of the time we've spent skyping
and so i did a little math, we've officially skyped around 77 hours in total...

{A few of my favorite things about Tom}

He always sends me a good morning & goodnight text

He makes the funniest faces when we Skype...but that's because he's copying my face

He is incredibly supportive at all times, he knows exactly how to cheer me up

I love the way he says "alright" after i've zinged him, It's all in the accent ;)

I love that we can make cat jokes together

I love that he's excited to meet my family because that will bring him closer to knowing me

I love that he wants to be best friends with my Dad and Brother

I love that we can talk for 5 hours about nothing but still laugh the entire time

I love how excited he is to become a cowboy and get a taste of Texas traditions

I love that i am so close to him and he doesn't even have to be here...
It gives me so much hope for when he gets here in June :)

I am seriously such a lucky girl!!



  1. Your long distance relationship is so cute. What did we do before Skype? ;)

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  2. Oh man, without skype i don't know what we'd do haha I am so thankful for it!