Friday, March 29, 2013

Once you can't go back...

The other day, while i was skyping with tom, something happened.
I reached over on my desk and grabbed a baseball cap,
turned it sideways on my head,
and rapped ice ice baby!!

It was one of those moments where i needed Tom to see the real me!
So i let loose and gave him a gift he'll never forget.
The gift of vanilla ice rapping!!
I am so cool!

One might be ashamed, or embarrassed to rap vanilla ice,
but to them i say nay, do not be ashamed.
Rap that VI with pride my friends!!

Tom was pretty impressed to say the least.
I think i've officially inspired him to learn the lyrics.

This is one of my most favorite things about Tom.
I can act a fool in front of him, and he just sits back and takes it all in...
and then proceeds to tell me i'm the coolest, most amazing girl in the world!
I've got me a silly guy
It's oh so exciting!!
{82 days}


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