Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools

It has been a busy busy week...and it's only Tuesday!
First of all i registered for my FINAL semester in College.
Whoa..where did the time go??
4 years ago i was a gothic, depressed, lonely freshman.
Now i'm graduating, Hallelujah!!!

The only problem was, we ran into a small issue with housing. 
The Apartments we wanted were already full by the time we had our housing appointments!
How does that happen?? 
I'm basically going to be a 23 year old 5th year senior still living in a dorm.
There's an upside, we're on the top of the waiting list so cross your fingers we get in!!!

^^^^ THIS, led to an April Fools Prank...a really mean funny prank :)
Jess our suite mate had her housing meeting first, 
so she went and talked to the lady and got all three of us 
into one of the upper clansmen dorm/apartments.
By the time she came back it was time for Sam and myself to go to our meeting,
just to tell the lady we agree with what Jess chose.

Now at this point we're all riled up because we're so upset we didn't get into the apartments.
So we were stomping around, threatening to break frisbee players frisbees 
and also threatening to push over skateboarders...We are pretty crazy!!
Since we were already in an evil mindset it was easy to come up with this prank.
While walking over i tell Sam that we should prank Jess
by telling her that the two of us got into the new apartments but there wasn't enough room for her.


We went to our meeting, agreed to what Jess had already done.
Then we went back to the dorm room, we walked in and the first thing Sam said was
"this is really awkward"
You could already see panic on Jess' face.
As Sam explained what had happened, she just looked like she had lost everything.
It was heartbreaking and hilarious all at the same time...
I finally called it and we yelled April Fools and all was well.
I'm just impressed that Sam and I even came close to 
fooling her because we were giggling the whole time!!
It was hilarious!

Jess is on the left, Sam is in the middle and I am on the right.

Hope you are all having a great week!!

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