Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Oh hey guess what??
Only 76 more days till Tom-Tom is here!!
 Whoa..76 days
76 days
did i already say 76 days???

I can remember when we were counting down from like 130 days
so 76 days is pretty exciting!!
I mean i'm single handedly bringing a British guy to Texas...Who does that??
well..apparently I do that ;)

Oh are we pulling the same face?? That's strange...that never happens...{sarcasm} ;)

I'm so excited about our plans while he's here!!
I'm sure you all want to know what we will be up to.
I don't like to just give things away so i've decided to give you hints.
So the plan over the next few weeks is to randomly throw hints at this...
Hint#1 - It's Grand.

I know, don't you wish i'd just spill the beans.
You'll all know soon in 80 days mwahaha!!
I'm excited!

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