Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cat head on a Tom body!

Two AMAZING things just happened!!

The first amazing thing is...
Remember the other day when i blogged about how frustrated we were
that we didn't get into the apartments we wanted???
Well...that waiting list was shorter than we thought and WE.ARE.IN!
Now i kind of feel like a bratty child who got my way...but i'm ok with that ;)

Did i mention there is a starbucks already in the apartment complex
AND possibly a Panara coming soon...not completely sure about Panara but a girl can dream!!
The second amazing thing that happened yesterday came from Thomas.
We skyped as was wednesday and it lasted almost 5 hours :)
But before we skyped Tom sent me a selfie,
yea take a look, It's hilarious!!!
His selfie photo fits perfectly to his body in another photo!!
This has spawned more selfie pictures to see how crazy we can make Tom's body look!!
The second picture is Tom's cat Barney...we are taking this to new CAT levels!!!

Also how sweet is it that he was so excited to see meeeeee :)
Girly sigh!!!

 p.s. I'm going home today, Yippee for Fam time :)
Y'all have a great Thursday!!!


  1. Wow! They must have really built up the campus since I was last back there. Those look amazing! Congrats on getting the place you girls wanted and great prank!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. Yea, these are all new which is so nice!! Thanks, we were so worried we'd be stuck in a dorm again haha glad it didn't happen ;)

  2. Woah love the picture! I hope you get the Panera! I work at one in IL, and it's pretty legit!

    1. Oh man i love panera so much, i really hope we get one, it would make my last semester so much better ;)