Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Color Run 2013

I am so excited about a few things happening over the next two weeks.
First of all i get to go home next weekend which is always nice
It's always great to get home and see everyone.
Secondly i will be participating in my second Color Run
I am so pumped!! 

It's pretty much the funnest {is that a word?} race you will ever run..
or in my case walk/skip/crawl/roll around on the colorful ground like a 5 year old...
It's amazzzinnngggggg!!!!!

The last time i did the color run was last October...i think..
We left school around 5 in the morning so we could pick up our race packets before 8 am
Who knew running around memphis getting color thrown at you could be so much fun!!!
I loved it so much that i've signed up for another one in Texas next weekend.
This time i'll get to do it and then go hug up on my clean family afterwards..mwahaha

Here's their legitimate "Color Run" Video :) 

If you have a chance to run the color run i would HIGHLY recommend it!!!
You don't have to be an avid runner..i mean hello i'm doing it and i only run if there's food involved...
they give you snacks ok....
sheesh now you know ;)


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  1. I would love to do a colour run! Looks amazing.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose