Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We're Engaged!!!

I got home last night after a wonderful, amazing, life changing week in Jamaica.
The trip itself was to celebrate Tom's Sister and new Brother in law, they got married last wednesday in a stunning wedding overlooking our incredible resort in Negril.

The wedding wasn't the only super romantic occasion that went down in Jamaica. I mean it's the perfect setting for a proposal as well. That's right, a proposal!! On Saturday night April 16th Tom decided to pop THE question!

I kind of thought it might happen while we were in Jamaica but I wasn't sure. Tom has been pretty secretive and mum on the whole thing...So I wasn't expecting it at all and it was incredible. 

He left the ring with his parents so apparently he had to do a little running around to get his hands on it. I was at his side most of the day so he struggled to get away from me long enough to grab it. After escaping me for about 10 minutes after dinner he finally got it. I however wasn't aware that he was going after the ring and was a teeny bit upset that he left me awkwardly standing by a staircase for so long. When he walked off it felt like he was gone for an eternity...we've been apart for 8 months...I was a little clingy...I'm not even sorry about it! ;)

I remember asking him what he was doing up there? Did he sit down and have dinner with his family without me? It was like 10 minutes, where were yoouuu??? As I was saying this he was walking me down to the beach where he whipped out a little box and said he was sorry but he was getting something important...then he said Will You Marry Me...and I jumped around and hugged him and kissed him and didn't say anything...and he asked well will you?? And I think i shouted yes ;) and i bounced around the beach for a few minutes after he slid the pretty ring on my finger.

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. It was perfect, It was a surprise, it was a dream come true...

I called my mom and dad first and told them, then I was able to facetime my sister and brother in law, then I called my brother and my pawpaw, tish and my granny! I texted a few people then posted it all over social media!! I'm so happy that we're finally here, finishing up this long distance business!! 

Oh and the ring, she's a beauty!!!

The ring is beautiful, it fits me to a T! I love every part of it and i'm so excited to wear it forever!!!

So now we're officially engaged by cultural standards ;) We've been "engaged" for a while now. We knew we were getting married we knew Tom was moving to Texas...We just hadn't really had a good chance to do the whole ring thing! But now we have and it feels great! 

Now it's time to plan a wedding!!

So many wonderful things are happening right now and i know more exciting times are ahead!!! 

Eep! It's all happening!!

Now lets get this freaking visa finished up!! If anyone has a direct line to the interviewers office hand it over because this wait for an interview appointment has been the worst!!

Crossing our fingers it happens soon so we can get him over here!!! 

Now...which pizzeria is going to cater our wedding??? ;)

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