Monday, January 13, 2014

Back to school, wait....

So i guess they weren't kidding when 
they said they were going to keep school running
even though i wasn't there...

I'm not really that self centered ;)
But it does seem surreal that my Alma Mater {that's weird too}
is starting school today after their Christmas Break...
And i won't be there.

It hasn't really sunk in until now..
that i'm graduated and done with school.
Or at least done with undergrad.

I still miss all my people.
My student friends and faculty friends
and the people that i'd much rather call family.

It's strange, and a bit scary not to be back.
But i'm happy with where i am ;)

And i know i'll be back there shortly since
my little bro will be attending the same school in the fall.

Can't wait to see how he handles it...
Goth child number 2?? I hope not...

I'm still in England...with Tom...not leaving anytime soon...
and so's been incredible, which is pretty obvious.

We haven't done much of anything over the weekend,
that's due to the fact that Tom still has to work.

He got a pretty crummy work schedule for the weekend,
he worked most of Saturday and Sunday.
womp .. womp

But he's off at one today and he's off tomorrow
so you'll be seeing more of us in the next two days :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful monday...lolz
And i hope everyone has a great first day back at school!!


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  1. Have fun this afternoon with Tom! See you on Instagram? x