Thursday, January 23, 2014

Health | Fitness

I'm not skinny and skinny is not my goal.
I actually hate that word.

It tends to be a disastrous word to girls who
are trying to reach a level of photoshop perfection
that is nearly impossible to reach.

I do like the word healthy.
Healthy is a pretty word that makes
you feel good about yourself.

I'm not healthy and healthy is my goal.

I'm not going to lie and tell you i eat healthy foods
and i exercise daily because I don't.

I like frosted flakes and buttered toast for breakfast.
A nice grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.
And some good ole mac n cheese and chicken for dinner.
You might think i'm 10 but i'm actually 23 ;)

Tom and I are back on My Fitness Pal the App.
We weighed ourselves yesterday and Oy!
I was around what i thought i'd weigh.
I wasn't really surprised by it.
But it still made me sad.

How can a number on a scale do that to you?
I mean you go from hopeful to holy cow how did i get here?

I'm not fat.
I don't like that word either.

I'm curvy...
I have a belly, a cute one...
but not cute enough to keep.

I'm also blessed on the voluptuous side of life..
you girls will know what i mean.
And i still have a lot of muscle
| mainly in my legs |
from my sportier days.

So thankfully it's not all fat.
But there is some of that.
And i'd like to make a change.

Tom and I have started this week off
by being more active.

We've been to the park for some football/soccer.
Tom is really good with a football/soccer ball ;)
And i played soccer from 5 to 18 years old.

It's nice to have a sport in common
because that's a much better way to work out
instead of just going to the gym all the time.

If only working out was the only thing you had to do.
Eating better is my main challenge.

We went and saw the Hobbit last night.
It was really really good.
And we ate our weight in popcorn and sweets.
And it was all really magical until
the movies over and you instantly regret
all of the bad food you've just consumed.

After we got home Tom made us some soup.
I think i would rather have smuggled soup into the movies
instead of eating all of that popcorn ;)

This blog post...was too long...
my apologies ;)

All i'm saying is...
let's get healthy.

I always talk about it but i never do it.
So i'm making a pledge to myself right now
on this blog for the world to see.

I, Emily, will make it a point in my daily life
to think about the choices i'm making regarding food.
I will maximize my free time and be active instead of lazy.
And i will love myself and my body more because I
know that i am doing good things for my mind and body
by eating better and taking care of my self.
The End.


  1. Good luck!! I actually just talked about this the other day on my blog and I'm starting this cross fit challenge that can all be done at home with no equipment! Loosing weight is hard, but I just want to be healthy again! :)

    Amanda // Happily Ever After

  2. Could you do a post on your average life with Tom? Like, where you sleep, where you live, what you do, do you work, have friends in Englnad ... ? I find your story sooo fascinating!! :)