Friday, January 24, 2014

Q&A - How am I doing what i'm doing??

A few months ago i was reading about 10 expat blogs a day,
wishing, hoping and dreaming that i could join them on their adventures.

Thinking to myself how cool it was for those lucky few
to have such an amazing opportunity to live 
in another country as an expat.

So you can imagine how i was feeling
once Tom and I secured our plans to have 
me living in England for 5 months.
I'm now an Expat, Hollaaa!!

Dreams really to come true.

I've been asked a few questions
over the past few weeks about how i'm doing all of this.
and a comment i got yesterday reminded me that what i'm doing
is a bit different and well, to put it simply, kind of amazing.

Let me just explain HOW i'm doing this...for 5 months.

First of all it doesn't hurt that i'm dating a British guy.
That's pretty self explanatory.

Now, every country has different rules for staying in said country.
For example; you can stay in most european countries for up to 90 days.
You need some kind of VISA to stay longer than that.

The UK's rules are a bit different.
You can stay up to 6 months as a general visitor.
You are staying as a tourist.
No Visa required.

And that is 6 months within a year.
Once you've stayed the maximum of 6 months
you can't stay in the UK again without a VISA
until the following year.

*So that means after i leave in June I can only
spend one more month in England until next January.
Unless I got a visa.
womp womp

You also need a permanent address
if you plan on staying for an extended period of time.

Which brings me to my next point.
Where I'm living during my stay.

I'm pretty lucky because Tom's family is hosting me
while i stay here in Liverpool.

I live, eat and sleep in their house.
They've basically taken me in as one of their own.

I lucked out on this one because if i didn't have a place to call home
and was having to pay for a hotel or hostel on a nightly basis
then i would not be here for as long as I am.
I'd be here for like a week ;)

So that being said...
I wouldn't have been able to do this
without Tom's family letting me stay with them.

Next question...
Do I work?

If i worked i would have to have a visa.
I am just a tourist.
I have no job, no income.

How am i able to survive?
Well the free place to stay isn't bad ;)
And they feed me too which is really nice.

I saved about $2,200 before I came.
Yes i know, that's really not that much.
I also have a boyfriend who likes to go halfsies
with me on things like going to the movies
or out to dinner etc.

My parents are also keeping tabs on me
and making sure i have enough to last me.
They give me a little allowance every two weeks
to keep things moving along :)
They are really nice ;)

So I have a free place to stay, i'm fed and i don't have a job.
So what exactly do i do with my time?

Well it changes on a daily basis.
When Tom isn't working we normally will go 
out and do something.

We might go to town,
go bowling, go out for lunch
or to a movie.

Or we might just stay home 
and just hangout.

We try to make the most of his days off
so we will normally go somewhere.

For example, next week Tom has a few days off in a row.
We're planning a little trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

On the days that Tom is working
I am either baby sitting his Niece while her
parents are working or i'm just hanging out with Toms family
or i'm in town beebopping around on my own until he gets off.

That's basically it.
We're actually pretty boring
unless Tom gets a few days off
and then we go on adventures ;)

So i'll wrap this up with the final question.
Do i have friends over here?

Well the only people i personally know that live here in England
would be Tom and his family and a family of three,
Lauren, Tyler and Viola Knight.

Lauren was my french teacher/study abroad coordinator
back in the spring of 2012.

She lives with her little family in Notting Hill.

I didn't come here with loads of friends
or many connections.

I just came here for this guy named Tom
and for the adventures that we're destined to take together ;)

That's all there is to know
until more questions come up.
I love acting like a know it all about
things like being an expat...mostly because i know i'm not
anywhere close to knowing it all ;)

I hope that gave you all a little more insight
into what i'm doing over here.

Basically being lazy...and eating ;)
yikes that was a long post...

Have a wonderful weekend.
Tom is off so there will be some 
adventuring taking place!!

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  1. What does Tom do for work? What is your plan when you return to the States? Will Tom come to live with you for 6 months?

    1. Tom has a good little job in town, i won't go into details since i don't want to put his personal job on the net for everyone to see ;). I'll be looking for a job when i get home. The next time i'll be back with Tom will be in August when we go to the Dominican on Holiday. Then we will play it by ear as to whether he comes back to Texas after that ;) Depending on jobs and such. :)

  2. Woohoo! I make the list!! :) Of course, if you ever need us- we aren't too far away. xo

    1. Of course you do :) and trust me, I'll need you lots when you get settled in Paris ;) haha