Thursday, January 30, 2014

Edinburgh | Day One

At 7:42 we departed from Liverpool 
via a little train that would take us towards
Edinburgh, Scotland.

After switching trains we had a nice, comfy
three hour journey in front of us.

The train journey didn't take long and it was pretty empty the whole way.
Which was nice because it meant we could spread out
and get real lazy while reading our books ;)

When we got to Edinburgh it didn't take us long to find where we were staying.
And once we got there i remembered that on the reservation
I wrote in the comment section that "if it was at all possible
I would like to have chocolates waiting on my bed" ;)
I just thought it was funny...
I didn't think they'd actually do it.

But i was wrong and it was awesome!!

We woke up this morning ready to get out and explore.
Edinburgh is such a gorgeous city, full of history and amazing charm.

We hit up a Starbucks pretty quick so Tom could get some coffee.
Then before too long it was time for our tour.

We booked a tour for "The Real Mary King's Close".
It was pretty awesome.

A close is like a long Alleyway.
And Mary King's Close is from around the 1300's.

Most of the Closes from that time period have been covered
with the newer buildings that are here today.

But Mary King's was kept as is
and turned into a tour business.

So we got to walk down an actual road 
from the 1300's and we got to see some of the
rooms from about 300 years ago.

It was crazy cool...

The only part i didn't like was when our tour guide
took us into this room and turned the light off and then
this tape started playing and it was a ghost story.

I don't do ghost stories.

I was a few ghostly moans away from
peeing my pants.

After the tour we got lunch at a nice pub.
It was great, they had an entire meal that was just mac n cheese.
Tom got that one...and i got a salad and chips.

Our lunch experience was great except for the guy sitting behind us.
He wouldn't stop talking about himself to his friend.

I felt bad for his friend, who was Irish.
This guy was from Norway we think.

He talked about all of his travels and he does TED talks.
Which at first i thought was cool but then he just got annoying.
He even showed his friend from Ireland his Iphone and talked to him
about the cloud concept as if he had created it.

But the food was amazing.

After lunch we headed to this Dormant Volcano where Arthurs Seat is located.
We had this plan to hike up to it until we realized how high it was.
And steep...and scary...and i have baby lungs...

So we went on up but chose to continue up the smaller hill rather than die on the larger one.
It was so so fun, i love doing adventurous things with Tom.

We made it to the top of our Volcano hill and then decided to go a little higher,
we got some good pictures of....ourselves ;)

It was absolutely gorgeous up there.
Scotland, like England is rather gloomy.
But I think it's beautiful in rain or shine.

It was such a wonderful day.
I love it here and I can't believe we 
are leaving tomorrow night :(

It wasn't a long trip but it's just perfect
for the time we had off.

Tomorrow we're hitting up some castles.
Edinburgh and Hollyrood.

I love castles :)

Will update day 2 on Saturday.
Hope you're all having a great week!!


  1. Your trip looks fantastic. Have a good time! I'm putting this place on places I'd like to visit.

  2. Edinburgh looks like so much fun! It's definitely on my bucket list. So happy you finally got to go on your first trip and are enjoying yourself so much!