Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We get kicked out of Museums...

Yesterday was lovely.
We left the house around 1
and headed into to town for some
lunch and a little stop at a  museum.

For lunch we went to Byron.
Which is seriously so delicious!!
The first time we attempted going to Byron
we couldn't open the door and so we
just ran away awkwardly.

This time we let someone come out 
before we went in so we could watch
how they did it...

Basically we're big dorks.

Once we got inside and were seated

we both felt very good about our decision.

 My burger and his salad.
When our waiter came over
he tried to give Tom the burger..
It made me giggle.

We finished the meal with a delicious
cookies n cream shake.

I'm basically a shake connoisseur and
this shake was absolutely amazing!!!!!!

Thanks to one of my blog peeps for that tip ;)

After a delicious lunch we headed over to the Museum of Liverpool.

Now we've been to about 4 museums in Liverpool.
They're all free so why not?

We've been asked to leave while visiting two of them.
Not for the reason you might be thinking ;)

We always show up at the museums right before they close.
We might get an hour in before an employee is shuffling us out the door.

But since they're free we can always go back for more.
And maybe even show up earlier ;)

We explored Liverpool a little bit too.
I think every time we go to town we do some exploring.
Or I explore and Tom just humors me ;)

This town quickly became one of my favorites
when i started talking to Tom.

And that still holds true now that i'm
getting a chance to live here.

Liverpool is beautiful!!

I hope you're having a good Wednesday.
We're off to Edinburgh tonight.
And i still haven't packed anything...


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  1. I love Edinburgh! I recommend going to Deacon Brodies on the Royal Mile if you want a delicious pub meal (try haggis if you haven't before!) Also, Loopy Lornas in Morningside has the best cakes and scones. Hope you have fun! My long distance boyfriend is Scottish by the way, hence the enthusiasm for Scotland :)