Monday, January 20, 2014

Trip Planning | Top 5

Trip planning is in full swing.
We're really just waiting for Tom to get a few days
off in a row so we can head off.

We will get ahold of Tom's work schedule
and if it's good we will buy our flights and book a place to stay.
So we have up until then to figure out where to go.

It's quite complicated choosing where to go on a short holiday.
Especially when Europe is at our fingertips.

We could go anywhere.
The world is our oyster...
or Europe is anyways ;)

here's a few of my top picks.
I've listed a few countries and one city.
I LOVE the idea of going to some of these 
countries but i haven't pinned down a specific city.

And then Prague has always looked so beautiful.
I would be happy going there as well...

Norway would be absolutely gorgeous
especially during the winter months...
But with winter comes the cold,
and i think Norway might put an English winter to shame...

I've always wanted to go to Germany.
I think it's a gorgeous country.
Tom's been here so this one will 
probably be somewhere we will go in the future.

Portugal looks magical.
I haven't looked into Portugal too much
but i feel like it would be such a romantical place
to explore with Tom.

Prague looks dreamy.
It's the only city i've really picked out specifically
that i would really like to go visit.

Italy has been the most serious of inquiries.
I don't feel like you can go wrong with Italy.
We're looking into Florence and the surrounding areas.
I mean what girl would say no to exploring tuscany with her stud crumpet??
Not this girl ;)

- The plan -

Tom's parents gave us a little weekend holiday for Christmas.
All we have to do is pick the destination.
Which is proving to be difficult with all of the options.

What do you think of my picks?



  1. Hi Emily!
    So happy for you!! I'm Portuguese and I live in Porto.
    Let me know if you have any questions about the country or city :)

  2. I free traveled to Prague! For us, we thought it was just one of those cities everyone went to, so we should too. It ended up being one of our absolute favorite places! I LOVED Prague! Definitely try and go :)

    1. I wish we would have ventured out a bit more when we free traveled. I'm glad you loved it, i'm really going to spend some more time looking into it now :)

  3. Obviously I am biased about visiting Germany but since it's unbelievable cold here and not really pretty right now I would probably safe it for spring/summer. Right now I would flee to Italy or Portugal to get some sunshine in and escape the cold ;-) I've never been to Portugal but you can definitely not go wrong with Italy. Tuscany is like paradise on earth :)
    Can't wait to hear where you end up going!

    1. haha yea, when i listed these off to Tom i think he was mostly interested in Prague, Italy and Portugal for the warmth factor ;) I think Florence is still number one :) :)

  4. Florence is amazing and Naples. Rome, and Pompeii :)

  5. Oh Peter and I ran a half-marathon there! Such a lovely city. We wandered the streets and found the best view of the town and the river...the place has magic in it. And you can do it in three days too.