Monday, December 30, 2013

I want a house

I want a house.
You know how some people get baby fever..
well i have house fever, i've got it real real bad..

Thing is, i can't afford a house..
i can't afford much of anything at the moment..
but money can't stop these house dreams..

And as New Years approaches
it makes me want a house even more.

Does it sounds like I don't live in a house??
Because i do, live in a house.
My parents house.
Not my house.

Back to New Years.
Why do i want a house so badly?
Well first of all it's the thrill of the hunt.
I can't wait to go house hunting and find that little charmer
with the exposed brick walls and the beams, oh the beams...

Basically this just like this pretty...

And once we're all moved into this little fairytale house
i want to throw parties...lots of parties.
I've never been a party person.
But i feel like i'd be a really good hostess.

There will be lots of snacks, confetti and balloons involved.
I know i'll hate vacuuming after, but it would be too magical to pass up.

New Years is the perfect party time.
And i'm seeing so many pretty party ideas
and it makes my house ovaries yearn for my own place.
Ok, i admit it, that was a weird statement ;)

But i can't help it.
New Years just makes your
heart jump for joy.

New chances, some changes 
and time to reflect on the past year
and dream of the year ahead.

It's just perfect!!

And if i'm being honest...
I just want to throw confetti all over the place
wear a sparkly dress and kiss my Tom Tom at midnight...

Is that too much to ask for??
I don't think so ;)

I'll have my little dream house one day
and i'll invite you all over to all of my parties.
Promise ;)


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